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  1. I already have my no. 1 and her court

    MUP2022 Dee (or Dy)

    her court:

    • @ jaretwrightlover Mackey, according to Mario Dumaual’s (channel 2) report, is eyeing BBP.

      (Some sort of show business project is being readied for Saubier. This is apparently the REAL reason she came back/tried again. Presumably, a minimum Runner-up finish is the prerequisite.)

  2. Lou PICZON (and her make up artist and stylist) SHOULD LEARN from YT vlogger Wappa Moda on HOW to TRANSFORM her face (to be far more beautiful). Watch her vlogs on make up transformation on YT. Suggestion/recommendation lang po at huwag magalit. He, he, he…

  3. No for me. These are pretty ladies no doubt. But pretty as in your pretty college classmate or the neighborhood crush.

    But national beauties representing the Philippines? No. The facial / bone structure of Pauline is off. She doesn’t have a chin. Her face can best described as cute. Dont get me started on her not so toned body.

    The other girl, (i dont know her), just look at her frozen video shot: She looks like a comedianne in the mold of Beverly Salviejo.

    World Peace.

  4. Pauline is the type of girl one can hardly ignore. Effortlessly beautiful and classic. She has that Hollywood glam which, if showcased on the MU stage, would easily standout. Just give her proper training on hair and make up, as well as remarkable pasarela, then voila… MU Crown!

    All Pauline needs to do now is tone a li’l bit. I know her body type is for petite girls (her upper torso is the same as The Elizabeth Taylor’s), thus, she needs a gym and diet coach who can help her loose weight.

    That’s all.

    • Or to be beaten by Vanessa, Julia, Michelle, Chantal, and many others.

      Good morning Serge. Huwag magalit sa comment. He, he, he…

  5. I am not sure what A&Q are thinking. Pauline should have been sent to MWP and Lou to BBP.

    I think they are wasting their time. But then they made the decision.

    • Korek na korek. STRATEGIZE. Diana Mackey made the right decision of joining Binibini rather than MUP. Higher chances of winning one of the BPP titles.

  6. Pauline has a higher chance to claim the MUP title. Cannot say the same for Lou. She should’ve just chosen BBP

    • Pauline? With Vanessa, Julia, Michelle, & Chantal in the competition, baka aabot ulit siya ng top 5.



    1. Toni Hipolito 3 beses na sumali sa Bb. Pilipinas. Tatlong beses din siyang natalo. Had she joined other pageants such as MPE or Mutya ng Pilipinas, mukhang magkatitulo pa siya.

    2. Karla Henry (Hipolito’s Batchmate) lost as well in Bb. Pilipinas, but joined later in MPE and won the title. Nanalo pa siyang Miss Earth.

    3. Semifinalist lang si Gwendoline Ruais sa Bb. Pilipinas. A year later she joined MWP and won. Muntikan nang maging Miss World nang tanghaling 1st Princess.

    4. Karen Ibasco (of course) lost in Bb. Pilipinas. Years later she joined MPE, got the title and (can you just imagine) bagged the Miss Earth crown.

    5. Christelle Abello twice natalo sa MUP. On the other hand, Tracy Maureen Perez (Abello’s batchmate) jumped to MWP and won the biggest title. She is very promising in this year’s MW competition.

    Lesson: Huwag masyadong ipagpipilitan ang sarili sa ISANG national pageant lang.

    • Three Words: Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

      Maybe their sights area really just focused on getting the MU crown and nothing else. If that is really their dream, who are we then to discourage them from going for it?

      • Paano kung matulad kay Toni Hipolito at iba pa na sali nang sali sa isang national pageant at palaging talo. Hindi lahat ng babae pareho ng suwerte kay Pia Wurtzbach. Mas marami ang minalas. He, he, he…

      • You are right, Paul. Not everyone is a Pia Wurtzbach. Pero lahat naman pwedeng magkaroon ng pangarap. If it is their ultimate goal and dream then I do not see any problem with them trying it out again (and again so long as contest rules permit) at MUP. We are but mere spectators in the pageant world, pwede lang tayo magbigay ng opinion, but in the end it is still the girl who knows what’s best for her. Bakit pipiliing sumali ng BBP/MWP if ang tunay na laman ng puso nila ay makatuntong ng Miss Universe stage?

      • If it is OKAY for them to lose again, then go. So talo lang nang talo, sige lang. He, he, he…

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