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  1. Julia is gonna be the Ayn Bernos this year; eloquent but facially weak.
    I like Michelle Dee and Katrina Llegado for now.

  2. I’ll go out on the limb again by saying, pretty but NOT for MUP.

    Improvement in the face especially the teeth might help Julia Saber-tooth.

    World Peace.

    • I agree! I hope MUP already has invisible braces sponsor for all contestants or at least the front-runners.. particularly Julia, Michelle & Katrina..

  3. @ Chezka May ‘ere’ ‘tong si Julia, eh. Kaya siguro niligwak sa BBP. Masyadong bilib sa sarili. In contrast, si Patch (very ingenue at her Nationals debut) at even si Sam Lo (‘siga’ image), wagi.

    @ jaretwrightlover Dapat kasi, strict ang MUPO sa Casting Challenge. No make-up AT ALL.

    • Ay sori po @edible flower. I am not referring to Julia as ligwak ganern. If you are new in this blog, FABebe is Fabian Reyes, the ever bitchinang chimpanzee who feels like this blog is hers.

  4. I think if she’s styled like Irene Esser with big hair & great make-up… She could actually represent the Philippines and make us proud. Miss Universe is not just looking for a model, they are mainly looking for a spokesperson.. Her Multi-cultural background would be a huge advantage. And her having a foothold in China is another winnable factor since MUorg has been targeting sponsorship from China all these years… A smart girl who speaks mandarin would definitely make the headlines.

  5. Hindi ko siya feel. It’s not about her physical beauty, she just seems like…not…relatable. Does she even know how to speak one native language?

    • @Butch Queen

      Girl is a polyglot… I’m not sure if studied any other language but she does speak & understand Tagalog aside from English, French, Mandarin and possibly Bicolano & Arabic….

  6. For her rudeness, bravura and swell headedness, ligwak ganern sa taf 3 si FABebe. El Tocuyo awardee ang lola mong masyoho

  7. It is good that some people here observe political correctness whenever they express opinions on physical beauty.

  8. She’s well-spoken and tall.
    Her beauty is polarizing though.
    She has to have a good stylist.
    Best of luck on her pageant dreams.

  9. OMG, WOW!!!
    Sounds like it’s gona be a bloodbath this year!!
    She really did her homework!🥰
    She has proven that she is a true testament na:
    Now that is how you make people root for you!
    Michele Marquez Dee is so much prettier but Julia could potentialy bulldoze Michele’s chances of winning the Top crown.. 😬 So EGGZOITED!!!!😍😍😍

      • @ fabian yes Michelle dee is prettier. I only appreciate julia dahil kamukha nya somehow si aniporn ms thailnd pia time

      • MUP should have a facial beauty competition au naturale , without make up , just like what they do in ME , … then we will really know who are the most facially beautiful candidates among them …

  10. Nung nanalo si Pia sa MU, tinanong si Jonas kung ano tip niya para manalo, sagot niya,


    Catriona chose the Miss World crown but got terribly disappointed with the result so she chose a different path!

    Karen initially want the MU crown but later assess it was not for her so again she chose a different path!

    So, ang pagsali sa beauty pageant eh hindi dahil hindi ka nanalo sa isang pageant lilipat ka sa kabilang bakod! Hindi yan trial and error! Full commitment ang kailangan mo diyan and not just meeting the minimum or common requirement!

    Kaya huwag niyo ipagduldulan na si ganito dapat sumali muna sa ganito tapos lumipat na lang sa ganito! Kung ang isang babae eh sasali sa isang “national pageant” dapat alam na niya kung ano yung mission or advocacy nung pageant and assess kung kaya niyan i-deliver yung expectation nung organization!

    • Ang kapalaran ni Pia ay hindi kapalaran ng lahat. Kaya nga may disclaimer na in the end sila pa din ang magpapasya. Kung di naging matagumpay sa isang pageant eh di lipat lang…ganon po yon.

      • Korek Jonalyn! Thanks.


        1. Toni Hipolito 3 beses sa Bb. Pilipinas. Tatlong beses din siyang natalo. Had she joined other pageants such as MPE or Mutya ng Pilipinas, mukhang magkatitulo pa siya.

        2. Karla Henry (Hipolito’s Batchmate) lost as well in Bb. Pilipinas, but joined later in MPE and she won the title. Nanalo pa siyang Miss Earth.

        3. Semifinalist lang si Gwendoline Ruais sa Bb. Pilipinas. A year later she joined MWP and won. Muntikan nang maging MW nang tanghaling 1st Princess.

        4. Karen Ibasco (of course) lost in Bb. Pilipinas. Years later she joined MPE, got the title and (can you just imagine) bagged the Miss Earth crown.

        5. Christelle Abello twice natalo sa MUP. On the other hand, Tracy Maureen Perez (Abello’s batchmate) jumped to MWP and won the biggest title. She is very promising in this year’s MW competition.

      • Lesson: Huwag masyadong ipagpipilitan ang sarili sa iisang pageant. Open yourselves to other possibilities and chances in life.

        Thanks. Magandang gabi sa iyo Jonalyn.

  11. For JULIA naman sana nagimprove na ang pasarela mo.

    For styling sana yung fresh……

    Hindi lang basta credential you need to check all areas gurl.

    • Don’t worry Garga. Julia has already started her pageant training (pasarela and styling) with the A@Q Team.

  12. Itong si Pauline ang tigas ng ulo. Peg nya ang MW. I mean ayaw ko sya masayang kasi she will definitely do well in Miss World stage she has that spark like Miss Peru, Miss India, Miss Turkey who won MIss World may ganun syang spark.

    But kung gusto nya talaga MU…..i really feel, Julia or Michelle can easily snatch the crown.

    For Julia, infairnes she looks fresh….Sana ma oriental ang packaging

    • You are right Garga. Pauline will turn 26 in August. The MWP organization has lowered the ceiling age to 26 for this year’s edition. We do not know if MUP will raise the age limit (again) to 28 next year. SO Pauline SHOULD GRAB (probably) the LAST chance to join MWP.

      I just HOPE members from her team are reading the comments here.

      • Diba sana strategic.Pauline and to her handler be REALISTIC…..pero we are just giving you an advice minsan, kailangan natin harapin ang KATOTOHANAN. I am not you don’t have chance, am saying you are an embodiment of what usually JULIA pic, plus you are a communicator pa.

  13. Julia Saubier is a girl with a lot of substance. Her achievements in life make her outstanding and are the things you would be proud to hear in Miss Universe.

    I am actually excited about her supposed entry in MUP and at the same time bothered at how she shrugged off the constructive criticisms pageant fans raised. Instead, she took it with pinch of salt and comes back the old she three years ago. Nothing improves physically.

    While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, popular view matters. Simply put, she is beautiful but not outstanding. Thusly, MUP is not the right pageant for her. I reckon.

    That’s all.

  14. Michelle and Julia are relatives, right? Cousins ata. Si Melanie Marquez at Rene Salud ang mentors ni Julia sa BbP. Baka they want to focus on Michelle kaya A&Q na si Julia, which is better for Julia.

  15. Julia, ineng sa Miss World Philippines ka sumali, pls. Sayang kasi…kaya sige na…backout ka na sa MUP then sa MWP go. ❤

    • Jonalyn my dear, Julia Saubier is 27 years old. She is not anymore eligible for MWP because it has lowered the age limit to 26 years old. Pwede pa siya sa BPP and MPE until next year.

      • Ahhh ganon ba sis. Baka naman may iba pang crown sa MWP na pwede sa kanya. Pero sige ipush na lang yung MUP then BBP pag wala talaga then MPE. Have a great Thursday sis!!! ❤

      • Para sa lahat ng titles ng MWP including the Miss Supranational. Sabi sa kanilang announcement – 17 to 26 years old only. Thanks.

    • Indeed, you are right Sjeffie. She is very much deserving to win just like Janine Tugonon (similar features and credentials). Thanks.

  16. If Julia herself and Julia’s camp decided to compete in the MWP2022 , then I would have said give her the Miss World Philippines 2022 sash already … and it could have been possible that Pinas pull off a double victory in 2022 in both MU (Dy) and MW (Saubier) … some things just don’t work out and simply out of our control …

      • that’s unfortunate for her …

        Michelle Dee is the very top tier in this group , she is strong in all categories

  17. If Julia can improve her pasarela, she, along with Michelle Dee and Pauline Amelinx, will be the girls to beat in this year’s MUP

      • MUP Top 5: Vanessa Caro, Julia Saubier, Michelle Dee, Chantal Schmidt, and Pauline Amelickx.

      • Julia has started her pageant training with A@Q. And it seems she is very serious with the preparations. We wish good luck because she deserves the title.

  18. I liked her styling in the video. I think she’ll do well as long as her attitude, pasarela and styling remain on-point.

    Michelle Dee is currently the front runner based on her experience and upbringing.

    I like the idea of pitting these 2 as both are representative of a more oriental and classic Asian beauty.

  19. Julia will break stereotypes. I was rooting for her then and I am rooting for her now!

    The fact that she joined A&Q means that she’s acknowledging what she lacks and is willing to make some compromises with the politics of pageantry.

  20. So far…

    Julia Saubier has one more year in pageantry. She is now 27 years old. She can still join BPP (again) MUP & MPE until next year. I hope Julia will do well in this year’s MUP.

    Pauline Amelinckx is turning 26 this August. SHE SHOULD HAVE PRIORITIZED JOINING Miss World Philippines this year because its ceiling age is now 26. But she is still eligible for BPP and MPE in the next two years.

    Michelle Dee can still join BPP and MPE until 2024. Same scenario for Lou Piczon

    Katrina Llegado is 24 years old. So she has four more years to enlist in BPP, MPE & MUP.

    Sashi Schiesa is already 26 years old. Just like Pauline, she should have entered MWP this year.

    Diana Mackey is 24 years old. She has two more years for MWP and 4 more years for BPP. The same case for Ivylou Borbon.

    • Latest: Diana Mackey decided to join Binibini this year according to social media reports. One of them is from Adam Genato. It’s a wise decision for Diana. Good luck!

    • Indeed Ramon. Thanks. Good morning to you.

      So far my MUP top 3: Julia Saubier, 27, 5’11”; Chantal Schmidt, 20, 5’10”; and Vanessa Caro, 24, 5’9″. These three A&Q girls are the most promising. They are very tall (but with different facial features), with excellent academic credentials, and effective communicators.

    • Hindi na siya pwede sa MWP age wise. Pwede pa siyang bumalik sa Binibining Pilipinas until next year. She can also still join MPE until 2023. Julia is 27 years old.

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