7 comments on “Dorothy and Zeneth: Iloilo City and Isabela Represent!

  1. I am a full blooded Ilongga but sorry, waley talaga ang candidate namin. Typical maputi lang pero hindi kagandahan. Major downgrade from Rabiya and Karren Laurie. Wala na gid sang iban?

    • @ MissPluto La Paz (that was Dorothy’s sash, wasn’t it?) was actually one of the better ones this year at Miss Iloilo. But generally, this (2021) batch is facially weaker than that 2019 of Rabiya, Karen Laurrie, Ann Palmares, etc.

      The 2nd Runner-up (to Kesha’s 1st Runner-up), I don’t know her name. How good was she? Can she, on her won, try either Mutya or MPE? I say these two because the org apparently has no license for them. Only Binibini, World, & Universe.

    • Damo sang gwapa sa Iloilo City kag Province. Ang problema kadamuan kulang gid sa height kag indi ka sabat sang budlay nga question in English. Ahay ah…

      • @ paul Kim Crizaldo was/is a Mercator model, so she can’t be too ‘not tall’.

        Thea Cenarosa of ‘Pototan, Iloilo’ (BBP batch 2020~2021) who pulled out for over-aging (turned 31) was ~6′, according to a dedicated post (here) before.

        (Since Miss Global is up to 35 if I’m right, I wonder if Thea can succeed Shane. KF, din, ata siya.)

        Antique is on the same island (Panay). And last year, they served the allegedly ‘true 5’10″‘ Noy Campos at MUP.

        But yes generally, our genetic profile as a nation doesn’t code ‘tall’. It is what is.

  2. The worst comment or reaction in this blog is if there is no reaction at all. So let me,

    Let’s just be kind and say to these girls, “don’t quit your day jobs”.

    World Peace.

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