10 comments on “Fresh faces from the Visayas for Miss Universe Philippines 2022

  1. MUP First Pick – Top 3: Vanessa Caro, 24, 5’9″; Julia Saubier, 27, 5’11”; and Chantal Schmidt, 20, 5’10”. All from Aces & Queens.

    Vanessa Caro is the MOST promising among the Visayan delegates. She has a very strong chance of winning MUP this year.

  2. Watching and listening to the girl’s video in the bottom makes me think that she is… Tita Lavinia aka Laila!!!

    That’s all.

  3. I would rather them to be real by saying they joined because its a stepping stone to greater things. Anyway, all three are amazing and i wish them luck

    • Cool Brew, Vanessa of Iloilo and Chantal of Cebu are very, very strong contenders. Mukhang another Visayan ang mananalo this year kung hindi si Julia or Michelle ang papalarin.

  4. These ladies are amazing. Hope to see them in Miss Universe Philippines stage. The best of luck ladies.

  5. I like Sashi.
    She speaks spontaneously and doesn’t sound pretentious.
    The other lady, Vanessa, also speaks well, though she sounded and came across as a little bit “uptight.”
    Good luck to all of them.

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