25 comments on “Francheska Alexine Dadivas: Call her Pupa for short

  1. I love her rawness and her candidness with her answer! Not rehearsed or calculated. simple beauty but very memorable.

  2. Anong height nya?.. She may not be that tall..otherwise, sinasali yung height nya sa Info.
    Whether we like it or not, ..ang height nagma- matter din!
    If she is 5’4″ to 5’6″..that’s OKAY!!… that would be another level if she’s 5’9″ to 6ft… just saying.
    Pag si Michelle Dee ba ay naging kasing tangkad ni Wynwyn Marquez,
    .would that matter in MUP?

  3. Ang ganda naman this girl ha. Same ang view ko sa mga opinyon nyo dahil talagang maganda ang vavaing itoh. Natural ang ganda nya. Magtraining lang ito ng maayos swak na swak na sa MUP. Pero kung hindi sya gaanong prepared, make her initial entry in MUPh her sweet kiss of pageantry. Yung tipong pag sumali sya ulit eh talagang kanyang kanya ang korona. This time kasi mas mukhang palavarn na si Pauline at talagang aangkinin na ang MUPh crown. Patayan sila ni Michelle Dee. He he he.

  4. This is the face of the Filipina that I wish to see wearing a major international beauty title for the Philippines– Malay archetype, sweet, unassuming, determined… It’s just a casual short video talk that I saw and her inner beauty already shone. Even without knowing her personal, academic or professional background, nor her community involvements, the short video clip already resonated a confidently beautiful young woman. Interestingly, her name Pupa, refers to the development stage of an insect towards adulthood. I hope her training is geared not only to fit the template of the major international beauty titles, but to add value to their brands. In other words, I hope for her development into a multi-dimensional beauty that we all can draw inspiration and aspiration from.

      • @AWL, hello! Now we are on the same page– again. But even if on rare occasions that we disagree, it’s always good to note that the respect, civility and intellectual honesty remains. Nothing personal, everything purely issue-oriented. I just wish other commenters in this blog are the same.

      • @Scorg hi dear! I reckon that our disagreements were professionally handled and more of intelligible discussions.

        Sometimes, if a commenter raises an interesting point of view which is contrary to mine, I challenge it for me to dig deeper what’s behind the point.

        Still, I find your comments here full of sense even if unpopular to some. Ingat ka lagi, dear.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL, arguing with you on some issues is intellectually satisfying! Sometimes I wish there are more issues where we have divergent points of view, but it seems we agree on most pageantry-related topics. Your observation is correct on the “unpopularity” of some of my comments to some people who I consider to be negatrons, trolls and other mutants in some dark crypts of this blog site. I guess it comes with the territory. If in my real world of corporate business, rude, disrespectful, and slanderous remarks would instantaneously merit a howl “You’re fired!”, I can’t do that in this surreal blog environment. I won’t even dignify them with a reply. In my desire to contribute insights for pageantry development from the perspective of my professional discipline, I am already pleased if I get a handful of thumbs up from progressive people like you, even if there are many thumbs downs from reactionary old school commenters who are still stuck to centuries-old concepts of beauty.

      • @Scorg, sometimes talaga we have to agree to disagree. That’s the beauty of democracy. At least we are guaranteed of our freedom to voice out our views on certain issues no matter how unpopular they are to others. We just have to be reminded of the old dicta: “to each their own” and “we cannot please everybody.”

        I believe that you are not what you are here than when you are in the corporate world. This blog is just our outlet in making relevance in the pageant world. My workmates do not even know that I am a pageant enthusiast! I would just love to express my views here than keep them within me.

        That’s all.

    • Oh my! Fresh face indeed and she had me at hello!! She is natural, relaxed, and beautiful without even trying. She is wrticulate and has her own train of thought! I also don’t know her but she should be watched out!!

  5. Fresh and angelic face!

    But I prefer to see her as Miss International rather than Miss Universe!

  6. Pupa looks more natural and relatable than
    Dee and A&Q’s mixed beauties.

    I love her beauty. ❤️

    Just saying.

  7. Francheska’s beauty sparkles. She isn’t fully made up there and yet her gorgeousness is overflowing. Gosh!

    This is the kind of Filipina beauty I have been waiting to grace the MUP stage. Gosh (again). Nagagandahan talaga ako sa kanya. She even looks lean and long, and that swan neck is darn (super love it). She speaks well, too.

    When I was intrigued about this effortlessly beautiful girl’s Kumu video, I immediately searched about her. And yes, she is a good indie singer who already appeared for Wish bus. Ang galing n’ya ha!

    Tito Norms, is she related to the incumbent mayor of Roxas City? If she ever gets picked by the MUP panelists sana may pageant camp na mag-train sa kanya. Good luck, girl! For now, you and Pauline Amelinckx are my favorites for the MUP crown because you both look unaltered and stunning.

    That’s all.

    • Pupa is currently being handled by an independent team of glam professionals from Roxas City. I really hope she gets the training here in Manila.

      • Awww! I hope her local pageant team reconsiders seeking Manila pageant camps’ expertise. It’s not that I underestimate their capability to pull off a winning tutelage, but the mentorship horizon of the Manila pageant camps do wonder.

        That’s all.

      • @ Norman ‘Thy (5-letter word to mean ‘substances’) are fast’!

        (Mercutio in the film, ‘Romeo & Juliet’, starring Leonardio Di Caprio & Claire Danes)

    • She’s young, fresh and simply gorgeous! Much more if she’s made and styled! I like her!

      • @Adrienne, I agree with you. In fact, I can see a Miriam Quiambao vibe on her. I just stalked her FB, gosh, her pictures made me smile all the time as I was browsing them. She’s a visual artist.

        That’s all.

    • Dear Ana,

      For some weird reasons, like last year with Bea, I guess we have kinda same standards in choosing.

      So far, Pauline and Pupa caught my attention.

      Athough I also find Kat Llegado beautiful, I am not yet convinced with her comm skills (that is Pauline’s strongest advantage over the other hyped candidates.) 😅

      • Fist bump, @K!

        I am a fan of effortless and unassuming beauty, simply because there is more inside them that radiates outside.

        As for Pauline, her total package gives her an edge over other beauties. I-work out na lang n’ya ng seryoso ang body n’ya. ‘Yun na lang ang problema kasi nagmumukha s’yang short talaga.

        Si Katrina Llegado naman, maganda s’ya but I have yet to hear her speak.

        That’s all.

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