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  1. The photos alone;
    Stunning beauty? Yes!
    Height? Yes!
    Exotic aura? Yes!

    Upon viewing the video;
    Charisma/Communication skills? NO!!!
    It’s a little cringeworthy due to lack of sincerity, over acting, predictable and absolutely no spark.

    • Thank you, Hope, for the scorecard! Very honest and unbiased assessment.

      I received some thumbs down sa comments ko re: her video. Please understand that I am still personally rooting for her. Pedigree wise, she’s still the candidate to beat! My god, she’s Miss World after all! I want her to win just for the fact that I want to see how Melanie is going to react, plus she deserves it (it’s hers to lose). I’m sure aagaw eksena si Madir, and she’ll probably be comical, animated, and maybe a bit obscene (?)!

      But please, heed our calls! Her video was plain boring! Ngayon pa lang, miles ahead na si Julia, Vanessa, Annabelle, and even Jedidah (a bit much but so engaging!). Vanessa Caro surprised me. She made me watch and listen to her. Michelle, was indeed, cringeworthy. And nasayangan aq sa hair nya. I’m hoping that she can still be versatile and a chameleon, given the short hair.

  2. It’s not coming from the heart. Parang nagbabasa lang sa idiot board. Pang Supermodel siya, not for MUP.

    • Agree @Serge. This MUPh is hers to lose; even other pageant bloggers couldn’t thinknof another girl to beat but just her.

      By the way, I am sad that Pauline rejoined MUPh when she can have more potential on MWP side, alas, we will just cheer for her. My similar sentimemt to LouDoms too as she can just move to BBP side 🙃

      If Kathleen Paton finishes her stint at Eco Int’l, I hope that she considers joining BBP for MI plum or MUPh perhaps?

  3. Sa totoo lang ang ganda niya! Gandang hindi mo puede isnabin!

    Her features is the atypical Asian na matangos ang ilong na hindi mo rin puede ihilera sa mga Eurasians of Russia! Kaya unique!

    Judging from her Head2Head Challenge sa Miss World, maganda siya makipagusap!

    Namana rin niya yung pag-ngiwi-ngiwi at pag-irap-irap ng Nanay niya sa rampahan,

    I just find her “too formal” if not “too classy” such that ang magiging impression na ng madla if not the universe eh hirap mong abutin and kapag ganun ang naging impression is mahirap ka makakuha ng fan base!

  4. Michelle Dee

    2022, 26 years old – Miss Universe Philippines (Mukhang aabot ng top 5)
    2023, 27 years old – Binibining Pilipinas (Bb. Pilipinas-Globe ayon kay Jonalyn)
    2024, 28 years old – Miss Philippines Earth (Malakas ang chance na makuha ang MPE title)

    So marami pang options sa pageant world.

  5. Her body proportions, her height — WOW.

    Her declamation style of speaking — NO.

    Girl needs to chill, relax when talking, adopt a more conversational style of communicating.

  6. Michelle Dee is for Binibing Pilipinas…pero kung sa MUP siya sumali then go ahead. Double-check din ang birth chart kung nakaalign ba ang mga stars and planets para kung sakali maredirect siya sa mas nababagay na national pageant. Pang Bb talaga siya…ibigay niyo na kay Pauline ang MUPh2021! Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone!!! ❤

      • Jonalyn pag matalo si Michelle Dee sa MUP this year, join siya sa BPP next year. Kung hindi siya manalo ng isa among the 4 to 5 titles offered by SMA, then sali siya sa MPE in 2024. Marami pa siyang options. He, he, he… Thanks my dear. Maayong hapon sa imo.

      • Maniwala kayo sa “vibrations” ni Jonalyn na si Michelle Dee pang Binibining Pilipinas. Sigurado siyang mananalo ng title dito sa BPP – Bb. Pilipinas-Globe. Ito ang nararamdaman ni Jonalyn para kay Michelle Dee.

        TCI handlers please consider this recommendation seriously.

    • @ Paul- Good afternoon sis! How are you? Tama ka sis. Pwede naman talaga subukan ni Michelle ang lahat ng national pageants. Maganda, matalino, at may kakaibang karisma itong si Michelle. In the end, irredirect naman siya ng kapalaran kung mas saang pageant siya nababagay. Surely, maririnig natin ulit ang linyang, “Michelle Daniela Dee, PHILIPPINES!!!” Have a wonderful Wednesday sis Paul! ❤

  7. Michelle really deserves accolades w maintaining that body. She knows that she will bulk up if she binge eat. Tapos 5’10 pa Sya so ang ganda Ng body proportions. Like this girl, love her mom

    Wait does this mean she will be joining w her cousin julia saubier(melanie niece)? Or julia will go mwp

  8. She definitely has the potential…
    But I really have to nitpick.. I suggest invisalign…
    I’m not a fan of the flat bob-cut hair…
    She needs a big-haired brunette Farrah Fawcett wig.
    She needs to grow her social-media and be more engaging… A youtube channel & tiktok perhaps?

  9. If Katrina Llegado and Michelle Dy came from the same camp, then how serious did Katrina really believe that she can in fact outshine Michelle for the MUP 2022 crown … Michelle is at least a couple of notches above her …

  10. Agree with most comments here. I really liked her look BEFORE this..this..this…whatever this is. I can smell the hands of Mama Renee Salud all over. Not only the hands, but even in the face, the haircut, and the skin color. Lol. It’s Renee Salud projecting on Michelle. Not good at all. Enough of aging old-school gays (Mama Renee) and aging, frustrated mother of wannabe queens (Desiree V) dipping their hands on something they obviously are messing with.

    AND OMG, SHE SOUNDS SO FAKE. This reminds me so much of the Rabiya Mateo declamation style of speaking ek ek. Believe me, people can smell fake from miles away. Too rehearsed. Too memorized. Too pa project. And the squint, squint fierce project? laughable.

    Bring back the Michelle we used to love. I hope she will not be another case of too many cooks spoiling the sinigang.

    Hashtags #SaveMichelle. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • True, wala aqng problema sa kanya. I mean, look at her sa top pic (without the Liz Uy head)! The body is to die for, legs (and arms) for days, and the shoulders! But I liked her BEFORE!

      Missing yung spontaneity nya, that her mother possesses (maski na comical sometimes). I’m sure she’s trying to stay away from her shadow but it’s just presenting an aura that’s awkward and rehearsed. And stop the squinting! Omg…

  11. put the sash on her ! … not the Makati City sash BUT THE PHILIPPINES sash !!!

  12. Her speech sounded so rehearsed, and the intonation was as if she’s in a high school declamation contest.
    Medyo pretentious tuloy ang dating and I’m being constructively critical.
    Best of luck to her.

  13. Well she’s in it to win it. Too many girls vying for one crown. I just hope she will not be the Kat Dimaranan of this batch – the one expected by many to win it all, but settled as a runner-up. Amelincx will give her a tough fight.

  14. From the video, NO. Walang conviction, parang nagbabasa lang. And then may pasquint squint every now and then. Wala aqng nakikitang naturalness from her. The new hairstyle also didn’t help her.

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