7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Valentine’s Day Episode

  1. OMG. What the …happened to her lips?

    These ladies and their handlers need to learn the value of temperance / moderation. I have no objections about enhancements, but if it will make your lips look a suso or nakagat ng maraming langam, naman. Wala bang nag a ad advise sa mga eto? Haaay. Not fetching at all.

    World Peace.

    • You’re in the wrong blog, kung ganun. Dun ka sa kabila… WordPress din nagpapatakbo dun, at yung ilang mga taga-rito, andun din kaya join na!

      Dun, baliktad. Pag maliit o flat or hindi pronounced, patay ka. Kaya lahat ng puwedeng paraan para umumbok, gagawin. Pati filter.

      World War.

      (PS Unless you have solid proof that these lovely ladies indeed got enhancements, don’t make fun. How would you feel if people made fun of any facial feature of yours? Or, is that it? Poor soul.)

      • Dear Flower,

        I don’t know what blog you are talking about. It seems you are a regular reader of that blog for you to know their topics. Lol.

        Anyone who is not blind or in denial (like you) can see that those are enhanced, err correction, not enhanced since “enhanced” means “improved”. Those are botched lips. Very bad. And yes, I am making fun of it. LOL. LOL. Ang Pangit. Pramis.

        World Peace.

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