16 comments on “Someone’s ready for her SASHIng

  1. OMG. I misread the title of this post . I thought it said “SAMSON’s ready for her Sashing”. Lol.

    She’s an Amazon. Parang si Samson nga. Exciting to have a different body type from the usual pageant patties. And look at her boobs. These is how naturally gifted boobs should look like (take note plastic surgeons of Rabiya).

    However, I still believe in face value and unfortunately, hers does not do it for me.

    World Peace.

  2. Bothered me sa ilong. She should take good care of her angle. Hire better photographers. But it is a yes for me.

  3. Oh, WOW. ‘Pageant of her choosing’, daw. I say… MPE! GOOD FOLLOW-UP TO NAELAH.


    Lucarno is in the Italian part of Schweiz. I was sort of there,… Lugano, actually. Chella ‘Falconeri’.


    I’ll unload two OT’s here, Tito. Kasi, tinatamad na akong balikan pa ‘yung pertinent (past) posts.

    1. I mentioned in the Pageantry Norms post on the Miss Iloilo winners – Universe, Binibini, & World – that perhaps a catchy~memorable tune similar to ‘Magandang Dilag’ may help to get more attention for Regional pageants but in their vernacular. As an example, I said Eurovision fans say Italy is so good but never wins because they don’t sing in English. Well, apparently huling-huli na ako sa balita. Lolz! And by virtue of that win, Torino (Turin) will host this year’s edition.

    2. All the best with the feature on the lovely couple not long from now. This will mark the second time they will guest on the show. I recall Kirk taking over the discussion after you disappeared for a good measure of time – what happened? Guy moderated the forum (Century Tuna Superbods 2020 contestants episode), saying, “well, we seem to have lost our host…”. He’s such a trouper!

    ‘Chiesa’ means ‘church’. Kaya pala…. Oh, darn! 😦

    (Parang si Charlotte Church, the Welsh pop~operatic vocalist.)

    • ‘te Flor, I’m just wondering…..

      May oras ka pa bang maligo, o magtoothbrush kaya? hihihihihi!

      You’re all over Norman’s blog! Everytime I open the comments section, hindi nawawala ang mga pralala mo.

      Don’t get me wrong, I admire you; it is quite obvious that you are a well-learned person, the wealth of your pageant info is topnotch, though minsan kawindang windang nga lang ang mga segue. hihihihi!

      But what a memory! Unli ba ang bytes ng imong utak?

      Niwey, go lang. Basta wag lang kalilimutan bigyan din ng oras ang sarili at……ang lovelife, huh?

      • @ Kiri Te Kanawa ‘Falconeri’ was an actual store in Lugano. Thanks to Norman’s Blog, what were seemingly trivial things & moments as I zipped through existence acquired relevance. Auguri! 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        Love life currently involves contemporaneously managing the four winds of all four directions.

        Three Shi-Tzu’s & an African love bird, to be exact.

        Zacharias begins the day in the East, with the morning bowel movement routine.

        South belongs to Sebastien*, who makes it a point to religiously guard the Main Entrance there.

        North-facing is Rio, from which he surveys the vast floodplains, the fowl & beast that traverse it.

        By default, Maximus gets West. Like end of day, he is the most laid-back in the bunch.

        By deftly blending~brewing combinations thereof, I summon/command/bid both breeze & shower.

        (* – Check out the French DJ, Sebastien Tellier.)

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