11 comments on “Shane Tormes: Bali-bound for Miss Global 2022

  1. With that gown, I thought she is joining Ms. Global Cotton. Lol. What fashion statement is that?

    World Peace.

    • Suddenly reminded of the Filipina Maid if Cotton, last one was Bambi Arambulo 😂🤓💐

      • Bambi Arambulo…..wow.. blast from the past. Is she the one of “towering height” lady vs. “mahirap ma achieve ang golden tan” girl of the original Temptation Island movie? Lol.

        World Peace.

  2. Very pretty
    Poor styling ( the hair and make up ) was the reason she did not advance past the first cut during her 2 attempts at Binibini
    Just like Sam B. And based on above writing , grammar is not her best suit . Pero malakas look ni Shane . I believe she can prevail at Q and A.l if gets that far

  3. I really really hope she wins… a major major redemption for Shane !!!

    I am still very very sad about Ruffa Nava and the Internacional Cafe devastation due to this omicron

  4. So, Philippines will skip the virtual…

    And Hiyas ng Pilipinas will take the 2023 edition? Kasi, next month pa Finale nila.

    Well, in any case congratulations once more to Shane! All the very best. Break a leg.

  5. Good luck Shane! You deserve the opportunity of representing our country in a global pageant.

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