9 comments on “Jedidah Korinihona: Return of the Jedi

  1. to be honest “nope”, her body proportion during SS last yr’s mup was lacking… kulang sa vitsen😄
    although if for experience, go!

  2. To be stand out from the crowd immediately, there are three hairstyle gimmicks available:

    The wild, untamed hair (see above).
    The pixie hair (Ms Singapore, Ms Vietnam).
    The buzz, military cut (Ala Ms. South Africa, Ala Grace Jones).

    Jedidh has an interesting face, but not for MU. Miss Earth, possibly.

    At her best, she reminds of G. Toengi. At her fattest, Jinky Oda. Lol. (Yes, I am committing a charlotte by assuming most black women look alike).

    World Peace.

  3. Very pretty, But based on last edition , she would need to work out and lose some pounds to be competitive . Also fans would appreciate a more original styling .

  4. Gusto ko sya! It is about time that we send this beauty type. Not necessarily for ME. Her Filipina vibes will be apparent when she competes internationally. Mag train ka ng husto ha?

  5. An environment-themed pageant, whether Earth, Eco-International, or Environment International.

    Not because of the island girl vibe. Simply because I think neither MWP nor MPE has ever had a Pacific Islander (look) peg. I just want to see how that fares.

    (Katheryn Tan-Guipetacio had frizzy hair, too. But, the over-all image is quite Caucasian.)

    That being said, I don’t know that BBP has ever had a frizzy-haired candidate.

    Not MUP again. We already have three repeaters as it is – Piczon & presumably Galleria and Rabe. And all A&Q, too, right? Amelinckx, I agree with Tito will either go to MWP or BBP.

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