15 comments on “Diana Mackey: Is this the right time?

  1. Better if she joins MWP. Mas malaki ang chance na makauuwi siya ng korona. How old na ba siya? 26 years old na ang ceiling age sa MWP this year.

  2. This is what is difficult when judging photos alone. Based on those two photos alone (which can be photoshopped and filtered to death, and chosen from her 100 photos), she is beautiful. Ms. Paraguay, statue?

    But as Ms. Paraguay all taught us, “Thank you” is “Aguyge” in Paraguay. I hope she will not end up as an Aguyge Girl.

    World Peace.

  3. Ariella was a Ty girl at MPE
    Venus was almost a TY girl there too
    Shandi Fennesi was a TY girl at Miss America but Almost won MU
    Olivia Jordan almost did not make the first cut at MW

    So Diana Mackey is not a lost cause . She could win MUP if luck’s in her side this yr

  4. beautiful looks but she does not appear as statuesque and tall on camera …

  5. Wow. If she’s got substance and good character, she has the crown to lose. I hope she’s at least 5’7″.

  6. Masikip at mahigpit ang labanan sa MUP once again. Ang daming nasasayang na contenders. The past two editions and winners are a bit disappointing. I just hope they choose the (most) rightful winner this year. Kanang walay pabor2x.

  7. Tito, for some reason I’m not feeling the ‘Nueva Ecija’ sash this time around.

    Can she get an AP for an NCR sash?

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