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  1. If one will just base it on the above photos, PWEDE. She reminds of Angel Aquino,

    The problem is she was fully made up in the photos, chosen from hundreds of shots probably. I need to see her in action. More difficult to lie in videos than in photos. And the way she moves and speaks.

    Conditional yes for me.

    World Peace.

  2. I’ll make this quick. That second photo is fire. Even at low-range resolution, I can digitally crop and superimpose her on a wide range of products to promote – be it swimwear, skin care, hair products, even liquor. She’s not even competing yet and I dare say compared to what I’ve seen so far, that photo composition alone can be an excellent prospective banner photo for her profile in the MU candidates’ webpage. I like this girl as she’s serving us “face” and appears effective in “projecting” just enough grit, sensuality, and femininity. I hope she is a good spokesperson too. If so, it will definitely be two thumbs up for me!

  3. As a law student, I’m betting she has good comm skills. Pasarela and styling can be improved, but thinking on your feet can’t.

  4. Very pretty
    But based on above pics, I donot think she has a bright future in pageantry …. Though maybe it’s just the styling above that needs improvement
    Fierce for me is overrated
    It’s always the one with the great natural smile and good comm skills that wins the pageant

    • As a law student I’m betting she has great comm skills. Pasarela and styling can be improved but thinking on your feet can’t. At 5 10 may laban to sa mga Latinas.

  5. I find it incongruous for Origin to field a candidate to go up against another of theirs – Nicole Borromeo of ‘Cebu City’ (?).

    So, if Lou will still be ‘Mandaue City’, Nicole will be ‘Province’? Like Apriel?

    Assuming she won’t make the residency cut-off for BBP… I’m neither getting World nor Supra, too.

    I got a Gwendolyne Ruais x Marilen Espino bigness. Are we talking Michelle Mclean – Amelia Vega – Wendy Fitzwilliam here? Is this a cause for concern? I can’t understand what I’m feeling…

    • Flor I love Marilen Espino since her Supermodel of the World-Philippines finals in 1988. She had a unique gown then – miniskirt with a huge ribbon & long train attached to side. I liked it a lot. But was so sad when she was not able to compete in MW in 1992. I wished she was chosen for MU to compete with “giants” such as Michelle McLean of Namibia and Misses Belgium and Venezuela. Sure Top 10 siya.

      • Chantal is really apt for MUP. Nicole better for MWP. Lou for Mutya Pilipinas or in different local pageants in the Philippines. Chinese looking girls like Lou are not really liked and favored in this country. She needs to repackage and rebrand herself.

      • @ paul Gud Sun AM.

        Kylie is Chinese-esque… Sophia Senoron, of course, we were just stunned as even we thought she went in (to Multinational) an underdog. What both possessed was a well thought-out OOTD schedule & a ‘my-greatest-competition-is-myself’ battle order.

        For that matter, the two Runners-up at the last edition of Miss Chinatown said they might consider Nationals again. Let me Google…

        Well, first of all, the queen was Cassandra Chan, the 2019 Binibini who was given her ballet solo at the Opening Number. She was ‘la bailera’ before Bella Ysmael entered the picture. From Negros. 🙂

        Camille Buenaventura & Annie Uson were 1st & 2nd Runners-up, respectively.

        May fin-neature din dati si Tito na former queen nila (from Mindanao) na baka puwede ring mag-Nationals. I forgot her name now… Around the same time the ‘eager beaver’ Annabelle McDonnell.

        (PS One of the Runner-up guys, Kevin Ty, starred in a beverage ad on TV. Tang ‘ata, the juice.)

      • Flor good morning. Bago ko lang nabasa ang tungkol sa Malagos chocolate. I think the distinct taste has something to do with the cacao variety and its environment (terwa ba?). Malagos chocolates are sourced from the Puentispina’s own farm in Calinan District (near the Phil. Eagle Center).

        Auro chocolates are sourced from farmers in Paquibato District, Davao City. Ito yung cocoa beans na nanalo sa France.

        Tigre Y Oliva chocolates are sourced from Davao del Sur (Sta. Maria, etc.)

        Theo & Philo has other sources in the Davao Region. Many of the big chocolate companies in NCR sourced their cocoa materials from a coop in San Isidro, Davao del Norte.

      • @ paul Good Sun AM.

        Thanks for the drop of ‘knowledge bombs’ (term ascribed to British tropical fish fancier George Farmer).

        It was amazing, that chocolate! The wine taste came in the MIDDLE. First was, of course, the all-too-familiar chocolate flavor. Then, the wine. It ended with the bitterness of the ‘dark, 72%’. 🙂

        The Eagle Center was a last-minute weekend side trip. On my first time in Davao City, a colleague & myself were bored on a Saturday as we awaited the Sunday ‘Buda’ bus to CDO City. He said he had always wished to see the place. I was fortunate at the time to have a contact in Davao City, a local, & after confirming that a chaperoned tour was OK (because apparently the only mode of public transport to the sanctuary~reservation is a rather steeply-priced tricycle ‘special’ trip), off we went.

        My special memory of the place was the chirping of crickets in the DAYTIME. And what may have been a ‘waling-waling’ growing naturally on the lower branch of one of the bigger trees there.

    • Complete package. I believe she will do well in Q and A being a natural born English speaker growing up in Hong Kong, Sydney and Frankfurt. All she needs is to engage her fans more and learn Tagalog.

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