11 comments on “Aces & Queens Bet #4: Vanessa Caro

  1. #Amelinckx – BPP or MWP
    #Picson – Bisag asa siya moapil in different parts of the Philippines.
    #Braza – MWP or MPE
    #Caro – MUP or MWP

    Maayong hapon Flor.

    • @ paul Good Sat PM, Dong. How will you spend Valentine’s?

      Possible your assignment for Caro (here) to MUP. She can be ‘Iloilo Province’ to Dorothy Gemillan’s ‘Iloilo City’. Cool! MUP 2022’s Kim Crizaldo to Rabiya Mateo of the 2020 edition. 🙂

      Linguist, you are proficient in Spanish! Check out the ‘letra’ (lyrics) to Pablo Alboran’s ‘Castillos de Arena’.

      ‘La distancia entre el cielo y el mar’ is ‘the distance between the sky & the sea’?

      ‘Piel encendida’ is SUNBURN?… As one would get if sunblock is not applied before going out?

      • 1. Sa balay lang Flor kay tigulang na. He, he, he…
        2. Bagay si Caro talaga sa MUP.
        3. Flor I am more of a polyglot. Hindi ako linguist kasi kulang na kulang ang units ko sa linguistics. At pasang awa lang ang grade ko sa Spanish 1. Hanggang Hola lang. LOL.

  2. the headshot remind me of Graciela Lehman into light version. if asking me where to send her. mwp it is. but if her dream is to walk in MUP stage then go!

  3. She is tall and well-proportioned. She would be one of the front runners if ever she joins MUP

  4. Very generous ang A&Q sa pag-reveal ng mga chicken nila this year. 🙂

    Bet #1 – Amelinckx
    Bet #2 – Piczon
    Bet #3 – Braza
    Bet #4 – Caro

    (Well, lima na kung tutuusin dahil nauna na si Betania talbotae, which from early indications is a bird of prey…)

    I would assign, for now, as such.

    1 – MWP
    2 – MUP (Again. She can be the successor of Abello for the GSM endorsement/calendar*.)
    3 & 4 – BBP

    * – I don’t understand why Mario Garcia opted to no longer continue with the ‘barangay Ginebra/one Ginebra nation’ partnership (don’t me! Si Hidylin Diaz ang model nila atm). ‘Ika nga ni @ Fabian Reyes, ‘Ginebra is classy’. 😦

    What we clearly see is his preference (bias?) for sponsors/partners in the virtual~digital realm, such as KUMU, SendWave, that NFT company from Singapore (?)… LAZADA to some extent… Is he bent on making MUP a ‘pageant-of-the-age’ by branding it with all things Internet, ‘cloud-y’, & ‘ecosystem’?

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