9 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2022: Jumping the gun on the rest

  1. Miss Multinational is missing. Has it been dropped?
    There is pageant to be held in 2022 and their 2018 queen is the longest reigning Miss Multinational queen, only second to Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years, much longer than Toni Ann’s 3 years as Miss World queen.

      • @ Norman Tito, it wasn’t a bad run for us at Multinational! 🙂

        Sophia Senoron won the (2017) inaugural edition. The following year, Kimi Mugford made Top 5.

        After that, wala nang pageant. What happened? 😦

        Si Kimi, ayaw niya bumalik? Kahit sa Mutya, which I assume will retain the ‘Overseas Community’ sash. OR, for that matter, bata pa naman ‘ata, so if & when she’s available again why not MUP?

        TITO, SI TYRA GOLDMAN!!! YOU MUST ‘PREPARE’ FOR HER ‘RETURN’. She said she would be happy to try MWP in the future. PLEASE keep an eye out for her, po. Daghang salamat, ‘Noy!

  2. “Jumping the gun” means starting something before it is permissible, appropriate or advisable. I just hope and pray this bravado of looking for the “exceptionally empowered Filipina” for 2022, when when its MW franchisor is still locked in a bind with various pandemic-related and administrative controversies, will not result into a scenario similar to 2021’s several postponements and 7-hour crowning events.

  3. What a tacky photo that is.

    I thought I was seeing a wall filled with curtains, or a large bed swathed in satin bed sheets.

    Or I was looking at an aquarium of women in Myztique Bar, Quezon Avenue. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS ‘Ay, shala! Sa Quezon Ave. naglalagi si koya… Sa Paranaque City, nasubukan na?

      (Air Force 1)

      (Ako, kung saan-saan natangay ni Tadhana… Mandaluyong City, Taytay (Rizal), Orion (Bataan), even Davao City…)

      Though I must admit a tankful of female Apistogramma can be a quite pretty. Make sure to provide enough room, though.

      I recommend for your listening pleasure~pressure ‘Female of the Species’ by Space (British band).

  4. Now I know who Paton looks like – Valentina Figuera, Miss Grand International 2019 from Venezuela. 🙂

    Adam Genato in his vlog hinted that Arceo might compete after all… In bocca al lupo! Auguri!

    Which now casts into some doubt what purpose the the Multinational title serves. And it’s gone from the roster of pageant brand logos in the flyer. Rebortera is wasted. 😦

    With the age bracket stopping at 26, a number of pageant veterans are clearly out. Hopefully, BPCI will accommodate the shorter ones among them if only to get a shot at (The)Miss Globe.

    (Well actually, parang na-restore ‘yung max. age sa MW na ~27.)

    Hopefully, Tito, wala kang local pageant judging stint/awra/gig na babangga sa dates mentioned.

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