10 comments on “Get ready for another ‘Bella’ in pageantry

  1. Please clarify further because for me , someone who made it to “just top 75 last year” would be a big red flag. Was she not good enough to make it at least top 50? And we all know that in the selected Top 50 , many of them were just filler-beauties. So kahit pang filler, di sya umabot last year?

    However, the blogger further said “she only made it to top 75 because of existing commitments?”

    HA? Ano daw? So she voluntarily quit in the middle of the pageant because of existing commitments and not because she was NOT selected? Na parang kung di sya nag quit, she could have a been a front runner ba?

    But anyway, a no for me if she is aiming for the MUP crown. Not only because of her looks, but also because she might quit again because of existing commitments.

    World Peace.

  2. She looks like a combo of Betina Carlos & Maxine Medina… I think she has a huge potential… just need file off those fangs…

  3. Sandra Lemonon x Joanna Toledo vibe. 🙂

    The write-up in the smartphone ad (above) reads like the description of a dog breed – enjoyable, sporty, fun-loving, sociable.

    She ain’t a Shiba Inu, which is ‘aloof’…. (Guys, would you say MD is aloof? Kaya ‘pedantic’ daw?)

    No height stat is given, which may indicate she isn’t incredibly willowy because if you noticed when the lady is lofty the first thing they mention is her number in feet & inches. But all these commercial jobs mean she’s easy to work with & is telegenic~photogenic. Send to Angkol (2023)?

  4. Wry pretty !
    Still nobody beats Bella Y in terms of class and speaking ability .
    Ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 24, Philippines !!

      • @ paul You DO realize the implications of Ysabella Roxas-Ysmael joining Mutya Pilipinas.


        Do enlighten us on the political leanings of Mdme. Cory Quirino. Is she OK with the Roxases? If so, as you just said nothing less than the top crown – Asia-Pacific – will do.

      • I think wala namang problema kol. CC is very professional and is not “very political.” She is doing good with the Lopezes and the Aquinos. Bella also I think is not on the Roxas side. So no problem at all.

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