11 comments on “Gabrielle Basiano: Twice a Binibini?

  1. Gorgeous… I hope her camp trainned her well as a spokesperson.. Gymgym din para palaki ng bubble butt… She could be our next Miss International!

  2. Sana nag practice na ng husto sa QA. Speak in your local language girl. May laban ka. Ano ba camp nya….Doon kayo mag focus kay girl

    • @ Garga You want Gabby to answer in… Waray?

      RL’s Angels already issued a statement to that effect last year, “.. we already know (her) areas to focus on… (similar)”.

  3. I wanted her to compete in the MUP2022 but okay, that’s ok … try to win a Bb crown first and gain international experience … and then , compete in the MUP … she is young , she has enough time…

    So the top tier in Bb so far are Mendoza and Basiano and Amelincx …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Gabby already has international competition experience. She was 1st RU at Friendship International.

      If I’m not mistaken, ‘yung nanalo du’n (a European) went to either Intercon or Globe (both of which, of course, were handily won by Philippines last year). If I’m right…

  4. Yes, very beautiful. After Hannah Arnold, siya ang susunod sa MI. Jingttiterz naman mga shupitballers naten na Inonesians.

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