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  1. MUP’s “Phenomenal Women”, MWP’s newly-minted “Exceptionally Empowered Women”, MEP’s “Earth Warriors”— branding taglines indicative of a conscious initiative to tap the advocacy-driven brand preferences of the huge millenial and GenZ markets! Various researches worldwide confirm that these generational cohorts tend to channel their energies toward meaningful action— aligning spending and career choices with their values, increasing political involvement, and driving change on societal issues that matter most to them. Consequently, they expect institutions like businesses and governments to do more to help bring about their vision of a better future. The sooner businesses realize the reality that a big chunk of the market prefers brands that are aligned with their values, the earlier businesses can safeguard their market share. Pageant organizations as business entities should not be any different, else they slide down to extinction. Like it or not, advocacy-driven and advocacy-centric pageantry is here to stay.

  2. Holding national pageants during the first 6 months of the year gives ample time for our reps to prepare for international competetions

  3. This post was coming. 🙂

    ‘Etong akin, po. Compile ko na; some I’ve mentioned in previous posts as comment/reply.

    MPE – Anne de Mesa, Pat Babista, Kirsten Delavin (!), &… GWENDOLYNE FOURNIOL.

    BBP – The TALL ones from MUP & MWP 2021, Krizalleen Valencia & Noelyn Joy Mabuhay Campos and Danica Dhilla & Kim Alexis Babao, respectively.

    MUP – The Binibini’s of 2021 – Graciella Lehmann (YAASSS! Dive in, please!), Lovely Mercado, Gila Salvador, &… Lesley Anne Ticaro (at least let her finish her pageantry at MUP if she’s considering retirement, & she can take the ‘DavNor’ sash). This is on top of, OF COURSE, CC of Italy. KF, DO IT NOW!!!

    MWP – The beauties of Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen, Jasmine Omay & Jannarie Zarzoso. Riah Campos (or was that Ocampo?) & Mia Jane Salisbury of MPE 2021 (virtual). Maybe also Charissa Rama? I’ve said before how Riah looks like Adrianna Lima, the former top model from Brazil.

    ‘Yung taga-‘Tanay’ ng MUP (like a dusky Pinay Montagne) last year, at si Krista Singh, Bikini pls!

    • @Flor, I agree with your wish on Lesley Anne Ticaro to try MUP for her pageantry comeback. Provincial school teacher Lesley fits a pageant with a solid platform for advocacies that empowers grassroots communities. Her informal education initiative to the cultural minorities in the hinterlands of Mindanao is unique as it empowers our marginalized brothers with the basic rudiments to live “confidently beautiful” in the mainstream society.

    • (Cont.)

      Good morning, @ scorg. Lesley was among the four (4) Independents at BBP 2021 (the others being Lois Anne Badando, Honey Cartasano, & Gabrielle Basiano). If she is taken in now by KF or TCI, imagine the improvements we can expect. 🙂

      (Or, why not RL Lacanienta?)

      Sheila Manasis was ‘Tanay’ at MUP last year.

      Of course, we have discussed those with ‘unfinished business’ owing to sickness – Galeria Sorsogon & Ybonne Ortega (‘Davao City’) to SARS-CoV2 and Joanna Rabe (‘Zambales’) to dengue fever. It seems 2 of 3 might/will.

      Must not forget Honey Be Parrenas of ‘Sultan Kudarat’, who speaks eloquently~passionately.

      Would you like Darren Jane Genobisa to (also) give BBP another shot?

      Kamille Alyssa Pilarca Quinola of ‘Ilocos Sur’ could, perhaps, also try the Cubao tourney.

    • (Cont.1)

      Nicole Minano, WAIT MUNA. Kahit in 2~3 years pa ulit. We know that, to date, she’s with A&Q. I think she’s busy with her modelling, & nag-aaral pa rin. BBP, PLEASE.

      And for that matter, ‘yung mga nauna nang na-feature na models-of-the-moment like Nikki de Moura (is she with MACDO*) & Nicole Schmidt, next time na siguro.

      ‘Yung Rina Meier, daw, will first ‘try the waters’ in a Regional. (Source : Tita Lavinia)

      * – Models’ Association of Cagayan de Oro

      What I would like to see if anyone from show business will jump in this year. Like Wroblewitz last year. Would Franki Russell? Or Sanya Lopez?

    • (Cont.2)

      It may also be a good idea to ‘finish up’ the Miss Millennial alumnae. Nicole Borromeo is in. Annabelle McDonnell presumably… How about Eloisa Jaoud & Angela Robson (featured before)?

      MUP ‘Angeles City’ 2020 – Nicole Silvernale – could try either MWP or Miss Bikini Philippines, the current ND of which is no less than Roxanne Allison Baeyens. Announcement is up, too! 🙂

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