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  1. Andaming satsat mga baklang palengkera dito..malayo namang mas classy, maganda, at matalino siya kesa don sa current winner!!

    • @ Raffy Hello, po. Are you from TCI? 🙂

      Well, demolishing Tracy doesn’t necessarily~directly improve Michelle’s chances at whichever pageant she wishes to join next…

      But Ms. Dy should easily prevail, given her (these) qualities – class, beauty, & smarts. Paz!

      (No need for you to worry about Ms. Perez. She’s not your responsibility. It’s her problem, not yours.)

      • Tumpak Flor Tula. Salamat day.

        The team members or handlers of Michelle Dee should take into (serious) considerations the comments here on how to develop her personality and improve her packaging/branding FIT for MUP and MU, respectively.

  2. Most if not all of the commenters here agree that her personality is not apt for MUP. She has better chances in BPP. I just hope her handlers are reading the comments in this blog site. Thanks.


  4. I agree with most of the comments here.

    There is no doubt about her beauty, height and experience. The fact that she is also a morena / Philippine beauty (as opposed to Caucasian looking) will make some commenters here very happy. On paper, she is indeed an ideal MU candidate,


    The hardest thing to fake is the natural disposition of a candidate. You can not just change an introvert to an extrovert. It will show. Fakeness will show, no matter what. And it is not fair to the candidate.

    Bea Gomez was one of the lucky ones who was allowed to be who she was, and the handlers were even able to harness her being mild (ie . Not fierce enough) and still land a good placement.

    Rabiya Mateo was forced to be who she was not. And we can all smell the fakery. From teeth, to boobs to actuations. She was a girl dressed in a gown. And sure enough, she did not place very well.

    Now with Michelle. Going by with the past recent MU winners, there seems to be a template for winners; exuberant, articulate and “not modelesque”. (But Iris M, was kinda laid back, isn’t she?). In that sense, Michelle does not fit the MU winner template.

    I am sure MU organizers are aware of these considerations and I wish them wisdom to weigh everything fairly.

    World Peace.

  5. She is a high-caliber candidate. But she is giving a model vibe all the time.

    • Ha, ha, ha… Yan ang gusto ko sa iyo Jonalyn, DIRETSAHAN. So bagay siya sa Miss Globe, therefore sa BPP siya sasali. At hindi sa MUP. Go, tamang-tama ka. Thanks.

      • Hello sis Paul. In my opinion, bagay din sana si Michelle sa Miss Supranational kaso hindi na pwede unless ibalik ang franchise sa BPCI or mag stand-alone ang Miss Supranational Philippines. May taglay na ganda, mabuti at magaang enerhiya itong si Michelle Dy pero sa dami ng pangmalakasang kandidata para sa iisang korona ng MUP nakakapanghinayang ang gastos pag di ka nanalo. Realtalk, kahit pa hindi aminin ng iba pero ang pinakadahilan naman talaga nila kaya sila sumali is para manalo, secondary na lang yung friendship at experience. In the end, hindi naman tayo ang mapapagod at gagastos kaya go lang ng go pag qualified pa sila at may funds para sumali. Mas malaki ang chances ni Michelle na manalo internationally pag sa BbP siya sumali kung saan nagsimula ang kanyang gorgeous mom. Have a great Friday ahead sis. Keep safe!!! ❤

  6. With this hairstyle she just needs bangs tapus she should wear sunglasses & never take them off pero give off vibes like she’s side-eyeing everyone even if you can’t see her eyes.

    In short, she should rebrand herself as Pinay Anna Wintour. That would be so dope. It would be a personality perhaps more … interesting than the muted phelgmatic vibe I’m currently getting from her.

    • Dear..that Anna Wintour thingy will..the more make her Snooty and Unapproachable!! Those shaded fashiowwn-eyeglasses will add more Alta factor but will DOWNSIZE her RELATABILITY POINTS!! SHE HAS TO OPEN-UP HER PERSONALITY,..NOT CLOSING IT.
      She should do a somewhat akin to Catriona advocacy,like visit a TONDO,MANILA- thingy project! Be close with the kids,..delve & dig deeper into her Mental Health Program,make a Public Talk about it and nurture it..those things!!.. Not on that Wintour-look!
      A Ms.Universe is not a FASHION plate..rather,an advocate and a Spokesperson of an IMG Brand!

      • @ Viggo Björn

        I was being snarky, but I guess the joke didn’t land 🙃

        Can you imagine if Michelle-Dee-as-Anna-Wintour never took off her sunglasses? Like even during evening gown & interview?

        It would be hilarious & camp asf, but, yes, she would definitely lose points with the judges & the pageant organization & the public.

        I guess, like so many other posters here, my point was that so far her personality has come across as sedate & perhaps even a little dull. Like so many of the others here, I feel she needs some fizz, some sparkle.

        Perhaps Michelle needs to beki it up a little without completely losing her refined Alta qualities.

        As you very well put it, she needs to open up her personality, not close it.


  8. Liz Uy to join MUPh 2022. 😛
    Dios ko anong ginawa nyo kay Michelle Dee?! Sabi ng sang-kabaklaan painumin lang ng energy drink wit nyo eh peg kay Liz Uy!

  9. Ok as long as you are still within the age limit, then try. However she is not my bet and her facial features are not appealing to me, eloquence yes but her face or presentation is not striking. What if she can don a bald look like the South Africans, bald and eloquent.

  10. Her Singkil dance performance was definitely not the best… Although she speaks well, I feel the need to be more inspired… If she could improve in those aspects then maybe I would root for her in her next attempt for a national crown.

  11. go go go lang Michelle Dee!!! I like her silent confidence. She needs some of her Mom’s fun disposition hihihihihi

  12. She looks like Liz Uy in the first photo, that is not a compliment.
    She’s well-spoken and tall. All she needs is proper styling and that “fire” to fight for the crown should she represent the Philippines once again.

  13. I think one commenter mentioned here before that her image is kinda “snooty” which I believe so!

    Although when she speaks that kind of adjective kinda disappear in thin air but replaced with “pedantic”.

    Una kong nakita yung teaser about her sa timeline ni Ian and nahulaan kaagad ng mga fans na siya nga yon!

    She can give it a try but she need to loosen up! She need to adapt more of the personality of her mother (Melanie MarqueZ), that is yung carefree and street smart!

  14. She needs to be more energetic, especially when speaking in public. I rewatched her when her name was called sa Top 40 (?). Walang kagana gana yung short interview nya. Parang nasurprised nga sya when the host ended his questioning, with that one simple, short question. Siguro natamlayan din yung host sa kanyang lack of energy. Look at her gaze, too. Dead!

  15. Very classy and articulate
    But she loses her femininity when dancing . Case in point , her performance at MW. Would benefit from Wynwyn’s assistance
    She also needs more energy. If she can achieve the combination of Cat ‘s and Alaiza’s pasarela
    She will be tough to beat at MUP

    Still , Ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 24, Philippines!!!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Except I doubt Bella will try at MUP again. And maybe not (yet) this year. I think she will allow her camp/team to work magic (on her), & that’s something to NOT rush.

      (For each year that passes she doesn’t jump in, demand/clamor for her grows. That’s great from a branding perspective! Who knows what high-end endorsements are being cooked as we speak…)

      25 or 26 is good. I think hindi na nila siya paaabutin ng 27 bago mag-compete. So, the next year or two will be exciting! 🙂

  16. Hawig ni Miriam Quiambao sa 2nd photo. Winning MUP from MWP is a risk, unless with the same or with a higher caliber than Catriona. But Michelle Dee will definitely a finalist if not the winner should she join MUP.

  17. Gusto ko sya at ang pinakagusto ko sa kanya ay magaling syang magdala ng damit (effortless)
    Oo gustong gusto ko sya. Ang hindi ko lang gusto ay ang mga bashers nya na gustong matalo sya pero ako ang gusto ko ay ang manalo sya at alam ko yun din ang guslo nya hahhahahha
    Kidding aside, Michelle is one of the classiest beauty queens we have around.
    I would mind her representing us at Miss Universe.

  18. Uuhhmm….

    (I was thinking BBP. I’m still convinced MUPO, committed as they are to their provincial/regional AP’s to guarantee future business, will crown a country lass to keep alive the MU brand prestige at the grassroots. Besides & I’ve said this, three pillars of TCI are BBP alumnae.)

    (I have gone ahead to assume Ms. Dy will cross over to TCI, as I’ve said before in the BBP post.)

    (Imho, if she joins MUP a silver medal finish, like Dimaranan & Ysmael, will be her best scenario.)

    Yeah. That’s it.

    (I mean no disrespect with the terms ‘country lass’ & ‘grassroots’. I use it here SIMPLY as a catch-all to refer to ‘not from NCR’.)

  19. Maganda naman si Michelle pero s’ya ‘yung tipo na kailangang may gawin pa sa mukha. Una, hindi symmetrical ang face n’ya. Medyo tabingi ang facial structure n’ya. Botox is a remedy. Then, ‘yung bridge ng ilong n’ya sa gitna, biglang taas. Kaya dapat dagdagan ng taas ang tip ng nose n’ya. Kung sa Korea n’ya ipapaayos ‘yan, magmumukhang natural ‘yan.

    Another thing, her eyes are naturally chinky. May pungay talaga. Kaya sana sa mga pictorials n’ya, iwasan na n’ya mag-smize or “-think murder” look kasi nagmumukha s’yang bangag o drinoga. Take it from me. Constructive criticism ‘yan.

    Sa totoo lang, nakikita ko si Gabbi Garcia sa kanya. Eh, bet na bet ko ding mag-MUP si Gabbi. Mas matangkad lang si Michelle kay Gabbi. Kaya ang galing magdala ng swimsuit ni Michelle. At ang skin tone n’ya is perfect!

    Bilang panghuli, may puna ako sa hairstyle na ganyan. While it looks good on Michelle, that hairstyle is not pageant-winning.

    That’s all.

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