12 comments on “Something is boiling at the 70th Miss World.

  1. My take on this issue:

    1. Since this involves government fund, I suppose this project went through bidding process. Why did the Municipality of Rio Grande award the project to an entity with no financial capability to carry out the project. Was the Municipality of Rio Grande not prudent enough in checking the financial and logistical capacities of bidding entities?

    2. Possible reasons for terminating the subcontract, in this case between Reignite and BWAP L3C
    A. Reignite is short of fund
    B. Reignite loses its trust in BWAP L3C

    3. This is a very serious problem which MWO should solve ASAP considering MW finals is nearing.

    • @ serge As per first point, maybe state procurement laws/guidelines are not very stringent?

      (But we need to be careful, too, not to rush to conclusions. We don’t know the whole story.)

      Needless to say, a Puerto Rico (anywhere else in the country, no thanks to this) hosting is no longer feasible for the most part. Imho, Mdme. JM just needs to return to home base & hold the pageant as before, in the UK. Iraos~itawid na lang! What Step del Valle does not need now is more drama.

  2. So kaya pala ganun na lang ka disorganized yung logistics nila during the pre-pageant activities!

    Let me guess, kung sa Miss Earth nangyari yan, curse to death na mga pageant admins sa IG, si Nawat at Global Beauties sa pagkondena!

    Pero dahil Miss World yan at ang may-ari eh isang puting hamster siempre palalampasin na lang and will let it die like a natural death!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson White hamster, Mademoiselle?

      Palaisipan… 🙂

      Well, we are now in general agreement that MEO was the wisest of all. Bravo to them! That recent assembly of four Earth queens in the flesh – Espin of Ecuador, Wagner of Belize, Pimentel of P.R., & Coffey of the USA – was a branding coup de grace! Only MSA last year was better.

  3. Maiging malaman muna natin ang mga bagay bagay mula sa kanilang spokesperson djto sa Pilipinas na si Paul. O Paula ano na? Kakaloka. Ha ha ha Ikaw yata ang nagpapamalas sa mga hina-hype mo. Ha ha ha. Aalatin pa ang super push mo na si Tracy Perez sa pangarap niyang korona.

  4. Dios Mio.

    As Shakespeare would have said, something is rotten in the state of Puerto Rico. A messy edition indeed.

    And yes, crowning someone with a huge fans following like the Philippines will be a good move to cover the stench.

    Question is do we want our Tracy Perez be associated with this edition , and from Tracy Perez be Trashy Perish? Lol.

    Good Luck Tracy!

    World Peace.

  5. Daming drama ng pageant ni Lola Julia!!!! I feel bad for the winner- so much negative publicity to deal with indirectly. Me thinks crowing Tracy would be good publicity for her… hihihih

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