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  1. She looks older than her actual age in the video.
    There are fresher prettier faces who are taller and fitter competing in national pageants this year making her chances to win a major crown slimmer and slimmer.
    Good luck to her.

  2. Hindi sya mukhang 5’7″… mas mukha syang 5’5″ which I think is her real height. BbP 2022 is waving for her… Intercontinental or Globe.

      • @ Roxie Mademoiselle, congratulations po on your appointment to National Directorship!


        We eagerly await your leadership, the direction you will point us to.

      • Roxie, 5’8″ or 5’9″ si Gazini. You can check her coronation with Cat. Matangkad lang ng kaunti si Cat kay Gazini.
        So I think 5’5″ lang si Paulina. O sige 5’6″ na…

      • @ms tissa i will watch the coronation night pag na watch mo na na ms bohol nasa youtube yun
        I’m pointing out magka height sila 2 gazini and amelincx both 5’7 Kaya maliit tingnan yun isa dahil sa body proportions

  3. I dont know Pauline but the only crown she should go for is Miss International. She will not do well at MW other than head to head.

  4. squarish ang body. kung alam naman na ganito bakit hindi magproper attire? even catriona is gearing towards square kaya lang long legged talaga. remember international tilt ang target. dapat things like this should have already been resolved. Maganda naman sya but she needs to tone up. nagrereflect yan sa handlers.

    • @ renato both her 5’7 and cat 5’91/2 have same body type but the 2.5 inches diff takes it toll that’s why I’m on fence of her joining Binibini. W mwp she will surely bag supra ph or mwp . Will rock supra chat or head to head

    • Wala namang problema sa height ni Pauline. For a Filipina with a 5’7″ height, that’s enviable! Pero her body needs work para magmukha s’yang matangkad. Look at Kathleen Paton, she is only 5’5″ and yet mas mukha s’yang matangkad kay Pauline. Mahaba tingnan ang mga biyas n’ya. Samantalang si Pauline, mukhang teenager na chubby parang Chantal Umali nung araw who loved to eat hotdog than sitting beside his crush, Carlo.

      C’mon, after nung MUP hindi man lang s’ya nag-effort to tone down hanggang ngayon na may plan pala s’yang sumali muli sa pageant. She is lacking determination in that department. Nanghihinayang ako sa kanya. Ang ganda kasi n’ya, eh. Natalo nga n’ya si Gazini sa Miss Bohol pageant, so bakit imposible sa kanyang manalo ng MUP?

      It’s not too late. There is no such thing as big boned person. If you don’t have much calorie intake, papayat kang talaga.

      That’s all.

  5. Is MUP no longer her option, seriously Tito Norms?

    Oh well, I think that’s a good decision. Body-wise, Pauline is not prepared. She would just risk her chances at MUP then, for there are girls who have holistically prepared for the pageant and can eat her alive there.

    I really love Pauline’s unaltered beauty. She is effortlessly pretty. I think if she is seriously aiming for a crown, she can get it. She just has to work hard toning her body down. Binibining Pilipinas-International is likely waving at her. Good luck, girl.

    That’s all.

  6. Amelincx is a true 5’7 but looks chunky . Julia Morley doesn’t care about body proportions so I’m leaning she joins mwp surely she will be mwp or supra ph. Aces sya w excellent comm skills plus a beautiful face. Si megan 5’7 din .di mahigpit si julia sa height plus likeable pa aura ni amelincx

    W Binibini ang mi gusto matangkad si angkol nawat gusto din matangkad sexy

  7. Well, it was sort/kind of floated back in 2020 that she would try again in two years’ time. So, not surprised. Only that I was concerned if perhaps Hurricane Raj, in pummeling Bohol, may have prompted a reconsideration. Apparently not. Puhon. 🙂

    (@ Cool Brew would be happy, I guess.)

    The first attempt – Mutya Pilipinas – was actually OK. Hindi lang natuloy ‘yung international pageant assignments nila ni Kesha.

    If BBP, (The)Globe. And if MWP, Supranational. I look forward to her Head-2-Head in either.

    I saw, again, that Isabel Preysler-ish vibe. How appropriate! I was thinking to listen to some Enrique Iglesias today.

    • (Cont.)

      Questions pertaining to lack of tone… Malay natin, luma na ‘yung video. 🙂

      According to a YouTube local channel on pageantry, MWP is May & BBP is July. Next month ang submission of applications sa BBP…?… I guess joining the latter will give more time…

      … Kung May ang MWP, ibig sabihin dapat by April ay tapos na laban ng reigning queens. Still no word for Martinez, Rebortera, & Arceo; unless i-virtual, I guess it’s good as ‘sorry na lang’. 😦

      (Ano ba ‘yang Mutinational??!! Hindi na nga nailaban si Duday, pati ba si Doc Shai mabibitin din?)

      PS. As per latest post on Step del Valle,…………………………. Uhmm,………………….. Shucks.

  8. I would love to see her again the National MW or International really suits her. But if I have wishful thinking go for MW, if Bininbini will not choose Miss International Philippines this year.

  9. I don’t know.

    She looks matured and fleshy (I am being kind here. Lol) in that video. I thought it was cherry pie picache. As Miranda Priestly would say “not wonderful yet”.

    Question, it the first photo for an antigen swab test promo? Lol.

    Wisdom is also knowing when to quit already.

    World Peace.

  10. Bb Pilipinas 2022 is shaping up beauty studded this early – if reports of past Bb strong contenders and crossovers not to mention new fresh faces are to be believed. Not bad and it seems Bb is still the Philippine pageant to beat even after losing the much coveted Miss Universe and Supranational Phils franchises. Iba na ang time tested not to mention well oiled organization talaga. Good luck to all beauty aspirants – may it Bb , MUP, MEP , Mutya etc.

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