14 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2022: The Most Interactive Edition Ever

  1. when will the delegates for MUP2022 be unveiled ? … am excited to see who they are going to be…

  2. There are no subscriptions in Kumu, however there’s an option in which you could drop “virtual gifts” dun sa streamer which is may bayad. Buying coins in exchange for Virtual Gifts can go from 49 pesos to 4990 pesos. Discretion mo naman if you would give them or not.

  3. Congratulations to MUPH and Kumu for renewing ties. They had a productive partnership during last year’s MUP event. I wish they will have a productive partnership for many years to come.

    • @ serge KUMU, ba, last year? Kaya nga nag-ganito, a Press Launch of sorts, to announce the new partnership.

      Last year was that NFT thing & SendWave. Ta’s, of course, ‘yung app nila, na from 2020 pa ‘ata.

      • @ Norman Tito, magagamit niyo na po ang KUMU niyo. I recall in a PN’s episode you sharing with your guests that you just got one for yourself, po. 🙂

        (Now, we await @ THOMAS’ take on ‘KUMU’. Sir, please don’t disappoint us. We here all live on your wit.)

  4. Let’s admit it. This is another pakulo para kumita. Pa-iba2x ang tactic nila and it seems not succeeding ang previous plans. Yan napapala ng walang integrity na org. KADIRI.

  5. Is this another way to make the public pay a monthly fee to watch MUP???
    And how much is it gonna cost ?

    • @ Fabian Reyes Hindi naman siguro aabot ng 50 USD, an amount one would pay for onlyfans.

      Pero, ALL IN na ‘yon… Hihihihhh. 🙂

      I’m having connectivity issues right now, am unable to watch the video beyond Shamcey’s turn. She reminds us to not use honesty as a convenient excuse to be brutal/cruel.

      SI VOLTAIRE, NASA ‘NEW.. YOEWWK’! Mag-meet up kayo, dali-iii!

      Chubby guy from KUMU in black, tama ba ako ‘Tormes’ ang surname? Related kaya kay Shane?

      • Ayan na naman sa fake advocacy about bullying. Mga members ng team nila mismong nambully kay Catriona at iba pang shundidate like Alaiza. Mga dep*tang exploiter ng nangyari kay Cheslie. Sugal at gala pa more mga bekle.

    • as tito norman said. kumu is free. no subscription. if im not mistaken. Kumu will be used for selection process of delegates upto official candidates. Kumu will not definitely use for finals streaming of MUP. Sa voting lang siguro for selection process. parang same yata last year ang system but this time with kumu partnership. wala pang masyadong malinaw how is the process maybe pag meron ng Top 100 or ilan mang ist cut ay malaman na ang system.

      • @ jed So, sa madaling salita, paramihan ng ‘gift’ na malilikom. For example, the top 30 or so candidates with the most ‘gifts’ will make the Finale Roster…

        But, again like what I said last year, tulad nina Kuyamis at Iloilo na kitang-kita naman ang effort at expense towards crowning a worthy rep, will MUPO now tell me that if Dorothy & Annabelle (assuming she will be the one to wear the ‘MisOr’ sash) are unable to bring in enough ‘business’ for the duration of the social streaming service, sorry na lang? 😦

        It’s like paying to get in!

        Anyway, OK. Let’s see how it all pans out.

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