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  1. If she can lose some weight, then Naelah can stringly compete in MUP …. & also Bb

  2. I think this is now possible… live presentation with live audience in a closed venue. It just happened yesterday in the Philippine Arena. So we are almost there!

    • @ miss tissa Is that the political campaign launch of a Prez.~Veep tandem? Philippine Arena…

      (In fer, I like their senatorial line-up. Hihihihhh.)

      (Hanggang dito na lang, po, ‘to. So as not to be misconstrued as trolling-&-what-have-you.)

      Well, since we are in the MPE post, Notice that EMPLOYMENT (‘jobs’/’trabajo’) is the dominant agenda in most, if not all, political campaigns atm. As always, the ENVIRONMENT is low-priority. Work/’lavoro’ is crucial, as MANY lost livelihood to this pandemic. But just as global lock downs gave Mother Nature time to literally & figuratively catch her breath, hopefully the green agenda can also be re-advanced eventually, for as we embark on a new way of doing things may it also involve how we relate daily to our own planet.

  3. MPE and ME are two of my favorite pageants because of their realistic and timeless advocacy.
    I love watching the eco videos.
    I even enjoyed watching the past two virtual finals as if I have travelled to all of the contestants’ home countries.

    • @JustPassingBy, same here, except that I wish ME’s care-for-environment advocacy drills down deeper into the gut issues of climate change. ME is a global franchise. Therefore, it should think global. I wish it should have a segment like MW’s BWAP, and whatever local environmental advocacy project presented by the top candidates, are supported and promoted. The ME projects barely scratch the surface, for instance, on existing, evolving and emerging diseases and pests/parasites due to climate change. Even if it focuses on tree planting or urban gardening alone, I wish it goes beyond individual or local level but find ways that the projects are scaled up nationally and even internationally. ME can do it more effectively and efficiently if it partners with the many international environment advocates– UN agencies, governments, international NGOs, universities, research institutions, and even private business. I think ME has the most relevant advocacy among the top international pageants. But through the years, it seems it has not capitalized on the many opportunities presented by the external environment to reengineer itself to be THE PAGEANT worth benchmarking on.

      • I agree Scorg.
        ME has yet to harness its full potential to be the biggest and impactful beauty pageant in the the world by being proactive about environmental issues and by partnering with international organizations (NGOs & governmental) of similar causes.
        Me thinks that if Miss Earth were owned by Miss Earth USA, it could explode into the most prestigious and and revered beauty pageant in the whole wide world.
        I wonder what’s the ultimate vision of Carousel Productions for this very timely and relevant beauty pageant (to my country which is the Philippines – Pia W. hehehehe)

      • @JustPassingBY, same sentiments here. I am very proud that or homegrown global beauty pageant seemingly struck gold in its timely and relevant advocacy. But I am a bit disappointed at how slow the organizers have been in seizing the opportunities staring in their faces from the global clamor for a clean planet and the worldwide call for climate change action. UN agencies, governments, NGOs, the academe, research institutions, civil societies, and now private businesses, are just there to partner with. They are rich sources of impactful programs to collaborate with, not to mention funding support. This is not wishful thinking but I’d love to see the day when tasks as simple as ushering delegates, or rendering secretarial duties, to international Climate Change meetings, are done by our titlists. I’d love to see the day when a ME titlist gets to address UN general assembly on environmental issues. If that happens, it will certainly be a jaw dropping moment for all the other beauty pageants.

      • Yes Scorg, Lindsey Coffie could have been the perfect one to speak to the UN assembly about climate change and other environmental issues that affect such.
        Endless opportunity for Miss Earth that can be tapped and utilized to elevate its cause as well as its popularity

  4. “ME loves Fauna”. What about Flora? @Flor may not like it! But seriously, does it connote no-to-animal-testing advocacy of a famous organic and/or natural cosmetic brand?

    • @ scorg Good morning there… 🙂

      Parang alam ko ‘yang brand na tinutumbok mo. Is it British?

      May mas modernong alternatibo sa animal testing using ‘cell lines’, pero medyo may kamahalan ‘ata ang teknolohiyang ‘yan, so only the more well-off pharmaceutical-&-cosmetics companies would be able to adopt it. You probably know more on the subject.

      I want to get OT, kasi when it comes to things African ikaw naaalala ko.

      I just saw the introduction video of the Nigerian delegate to an international pageant set for a 17 March finale in Thailand. BEACH (Nigeria) IS GORGEOUS! Flat-out as far as the eye can see. The only other similar recent beach intro video was that of Kirsten Delavin (was it Masbate?), where she was on horseback. Unobstructed & tranquil view for 180 degrees. SPLENDID ISOLATION.

      The country has 206 million population (said the candidate)? Tama ba? ‘Eh, ang land area naman? Are they as densely-packed as we are? But I recall you saying before that it’s ’emerging economy’.

      With humanity exploding everywhere, such vast~beautiful natural voids are getting fewer. And pressure on wildlife grows. Time may come that only those species we care for/about would be the only ones to avoid extinction, animal or plant. 😦

      • @Flor, the cosmetics brand I am talking about is– yes– British! That’s true: the Nigerian population is over 200 million, the largest in Africa. And the land area is around 4 times that of the Philippines. I am not sure about the “gorgeous” beach you are talking about because most of Nigerian coastlines are covered by mangroves and dotted by offshore oil drillings. I think other than Seychelles, Mauritius, and Zanzibar (Tanzania) which are tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, there are no other beaches that approximate the white-sand paradises in the Philippines.

      • Hi to both
        Nigeria actually has beautiful beaches. Just in the outskirts of its chaotic capital Lagos, you can find more than 20 nice and clean beach resorts along its Atlantic coast considering that these are city beaches full of apple bottom bitches hehehe. I wish we had city beaches along Manila Bay as well. You may also find the best beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Though nothing compares to the beaches in South East Asia, they are respectable just like our own Laiya, Batangas beaches.

      • @JustPasingBy, the few beach resorts in Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire are along what is called Bight of Benin (or Benin Bay?). But the beaches that get to avoid mangroves and oil rigs are a far cry from the pristine white sands in the Philippines, plus, the water that gets very deep immediately is not good for snorkling and diving (let alone the fact that there are very few coral formations). Going further west towards the Atlantic Ocean, some countries like Senegal and Liberia has budding surfing destinations. There is an island nation off the coast of Senegal called Cape Verde, but I have not seen yet its beaches. I suspect they are white because it’s very arid, like an extension of Sahara Desert in the Atlantic Ocean. But its people are a very pleasant mix of Portuguese and Africans, that if only they are as passionate about beaucons as they are with football would certainly give our global beauty titlists a run for their money. The outlying islands and islets in East AFrica (in the Indian Ocean) are where the tropical paradise are– Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius, Zanzibar.

      • Seychelles and Mauritius are very exorbitant destinations.
        Cape Verde or Cabo Verde attracts European tourists and yes they have beautiful beaches with sugary fine sands. As I’ve seen in pictures and travel vlogs, the country’s topography is similar to Namibia’s. Well, Namibia is Anglophone with some German Creole while Cabo is Portuguese with that Jamaican twang.
        By the way, are you based in Africa? It’s my favorite continent by far; very diverse in terms ot culture, food and language (French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish even German aside from the widely spoken dialects like Swahili and Afrikaan). I miss it.
        Sad to say that most Filipinos have so many misconceptions about it
        that when we say Africa, we tend to think only of famine, poverty and crime.

  5. i am excited about this year’s MPE coronation. Finally, a live event for MPE, if this is true.

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