11 comments on “Coming Soon: Kathleen Paton for Miss Eco International 2022

  1. Miss Teen International 2017 — Winner
    Miss Manila 2018 —- Winner
    Miss Eco Philippines 2021 – Miss Eco International 2022 (? )

    Definitely she will follow the footstep of Cynthia Thomalla, the first Philippine representative to win the crown. Ms. Kathleen is talented, beautiful and tall 5′ 5″.

  2. In my own opinion, this is a classic example of “wasted girls” who deserve to be in top tier pageants. Quality over quantity. Dami titles ng MWP, pero puro minor and forgettable nmn. Nasasayang sila.

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon After a win (2017, Thomalla) & two silver finishes afterwards (c/o of Montagne & Day), I wonder what MEco-Intl organization still needs to do to be memorable in these parts. 🙂

      With all due respects.

      I think that what happens is that once we win, we expect the pageant to get better, production- & prize-wise. But some brands prefer to stay manageable by sticking to the basics. And they might prefer to no longer bother with post-pageant activities; that’s their prerogative & there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Yes, the SARS-Cov2 situation mismanagement last year (wherein a few candidates were alleged to have gotten sick) was unfortunate. But the teen edition last November (?) seemed to have proceeded without a hitch. So, perhaps the organization finally got its footing, & that’s great!

      Only one girl ever goes to a BIG. The rest, we will still have to support, anyway. So, spread the joy.

    • If I may correct you, she is a winner for this pageant. Just look at her; she seems overqualified for this pageant , don’t you think? Well, sana things will go smoothly na this time kasi its very unfortunate that Kelley Day went thru COVID19 issue right?

      • She looks stunning. Mga ganyang styling at make up ang hinahanap ko sa kanya during mwp. no to bun please! i hope kung gaano ka ganda styling ng reps natin during photshoot ay ganoon din sa competition. because being stunning in photos is not the criteria. example si bea. her profile pic on her mu bio is so stunning and also ung look and ung styling nya sa isang photoshoot na naka gold gown sya that pic was also used on congratulating post sa mu fb page.

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