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  1. So luuv this Ingenue-ness in Bethany!
    Parang unperturbed new warrior freshly- picked for the Pageant battle!–walang dalang extra baggage or Hindi masyadong aral ang demeanor unlike mga beteranang Contesera na medyo pageant-patty-betita na ang arrive even when interviewed.
    I remember the giddiness i had during mg PEYUP years at Diliman seeing Sara Jane Paez and Benjie Paras together jogging around the Sunken Garden!! Loving Bethany now more,knowing she is also an athletic ISKA!!

  2. Bethany is a super beauty. If given proper and rigid pageant training, she can definitely bring home another Alpha crown for the country. I understand she is in Aces & Queens’ roster of crown hopefuls for 2022, and so I trust that her mentors can ascertain how determined she is to clinch an international crown for the country.

    Much as I would want to see her compete in MWP and eventually win the top crown, I thought her caliber could give the country another MU crown and would not be wasted if she competes in Miss World. Ah, I can’t wait to see her transformation from being a campus athlete cum commercial model to a pageant girl. I am 100% sure she will turn a goddess every pageant enthusiast adores.

    With Rina Maier now in the circle, I won’t wonder if bloodbath comes into fruition in MUP 2022.

    That’s all.

  3. If she is interested in pageantry she should start training asap. She is beautiful, sexy and tall to begin with.
    I love her first name – Bethany (from a bible place where Martha, Mary and Lazarus lived).
    Good luck girl, I am looking forward to see you in MUP in the future.

  4. Hers is an overall credential and beauty that cuts across almost every pageant prototype.

    But I can see her potential at MWP or MUP if she really wants the big crown. WIth the rumored Michelle Dee joining MUP, I think Bethany would be good to try our MWP then do MUP in the future.

  5. Wow a bi-racial polyglot raised in the Philippines, an Athlete at the University of the Philippines, currently does modeling & has 320K followers on Tiktok… that is like THE formula of an international winner.. I hope she gets more runway and Q&A trainnings ASAP… She could potentialy be our next Miss Universe!

    • Yup, marami siyang katangiang maganda. Hindi lang sa mukha kundi pati sa personalidad. Salamat.

  6. O diba? Ang ganda niya!

    Marami pang naka-reserva! Bet ko din sila,

    Adela-Mae Marshall
    Sabina Gonzales

    Puro mga low profile pero nakakasilaw ang kagandahan!

    Yung shupit bahay natin may bet na pinagkakaguluhan ng mga laitino!

    Si Manita Farmer!

    • Very pretty Serge. And she has other other very good qualities – comm skills, modelling experiences, athleticism, etc. We should watch out for this lady. Thanks.

  7. High hopes on this girl. Fresh faced. Pretty. Athletic. Tall. And definitely can converse in English. Look at her shapely butt on the second pic. She would definitely look good in swimsuit.

    Interesting names being featured thus far. From Tampon, Paton, Talbot.

    Wag sana ma-ngamote si Bethany Talbot. Baka sya maging Talbot ng Kamote. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Don’t us! Ang talbos ng kamote, masustansiya. 🙂

      Kung may lupain kang bakante, tamnan mo ng kamote, malunggay, saging (saba), niyog, & guava. Buhay ka na nu’n.

      For protein, either grow beans of some sort or raise either tilapia or chicken (organic & free-range).

      The farm waste can go to support a vermiculture. Ask help from your nearest Agriculture Station.

      • Tama ka Flor. Very sustainable living.

        Kay Bethany na tayo Flor. Parang hindi na interesado si Patch to join once more.

      • @ paul All indications were pointing to a non-participation scenario for Atty. It’s not her fault; in fact, it now appears everything is coming together for her (career, love, others, ganu’n), which could only be a good thing. We only wish & want for her all the best things. It was a great run at MI. 🙂

      • Flor dito na ang tugon ko sa reply mo sa baba. Yup, i took the natsci 1 & 2 because we belong to the same era of taking (similar) GE courses. Not like now na parang carenderia, point2x your favorite GE courses (like Physics for Pedestrians).

        Dumami na ang buildings sa Science Complex. They have transferred some of the engineering units there. Less na ang damo.

        I would be very happy for Patch if she chooses love and career over pageantry. Many younger girls like Bethany are on the line.

        Gerry Diaz is powerful. How much more kung magsanib pwersa sila ni Tito Norman. Very powerful…

        Good evening to you Flor.

      • @ paul Good Mon PM, Dong.

        Oo nga. The last time I was in UPD, the new building of the geodetic engineering department had just opened. And right across the street from NIGS. I guess the move will free up the Engineering Complex further in the campus. 🙂

        Were you able to catch Lavinia’s live updates yesterday evening? Seems there’s LOTS of inter-camp movement.

        1. The Camp, DAW, might lie low this year. To date, wala pang balita kung sinong ginu-groom nila, ‘eh Screening month na ngayon. BELLA YSMAEL HAS TRANSFERRED TO A&Q.

        2. There’s ~4/5 who transferred from A&Q to TCI. But imo, it’s safe to say @ 4M’s (above) ‘chicken’ is among them. After all, wasn’t her mother an ‘alaga’ of one of the pillars?

        3. A former ReinaHispanoFilipinas queen is set to join MUP 2022. Guess who? Pero A&Q pa rin ‘ata siya…

        I think this will be a good time for KF to give it their best shot at MUP. Habang pilay ang mga kalaban. Btw, do support Shannon Tampon at her Miss Elite quest. If she does well, it can set the tone for Hiyas ng Pilipinas, which holds the Philippines franchise for 2022 (Shannon was appointed for the 2021 edition, voting for which has begun… All the best!)

      • Flor I think The Camp should NOT limit its beauties to MUP. They should expand to BPP, MWP or even MPE.

        It’s a good move for Bella Ysmael to A&C. Those who transferred to TPI – good luck! Michelle needs repackaging/rebranding if she wants to win MUP. Follow what Cat did (the transformation to being energetic, bubbly, full of life, etc.).

        Katrina Llegado should rather join BPP than MUP this year. Top 5 lang siya sa MUP (at most). I am supportive to Sharon Tampon and excited on her international pageant journey.

    • Hi Flor.

      If Shanon Tampon will win Hiyas ng Pilipinas like what you are wishing for, will her title be “Hiyas sa Tampon?” Lol.

      World Peace.

    • I delightfully squirmed in utter laughter with your Talbot ng Kamote Thomas!

  8. Para din syang softer version ni Sabrina Artadi, Bb.Pilipinas International 1985.

  9. ..she has this MEGAN YOUNG aura!! ..or a face reminiscent of a Priscilla Mereilles!!.. a Strong Crown contender! ..with her young age and the type of Beauty, the World of Pageantry is hers to conquer!

      • I think so. She said her first commercial shoot was for Creamsilk way back when she was still in high school.

        Our community is excited for her pageant journey.

    • (cont.)

      Well, for that matter, ‘Betania talbotae’ sounds like a really cool scientific name. But for what? Animal or plant? Tell me what you like. 🙂

      DALI-IIIII!… I-ha-hype natin. We can conceptualize the beast.

      • Yes! my dear. Plant or animal basta schoolmate mo, supportive ako.

        Ngayon lang ulit ako na-excite sa national pageantry since Patch Magtanong.

    • (cont.1)

      If animal, either bird of prey (owl or hawk) or waterfowl (duck or heron).

      If mineral, ‘betanite’… (We’ll let the folks at NIGS* figure out the elemental composition).

      If vegetable, a… FERN. 🙂

      * – National Institute of Geological Sciences

      • Bongga ka talaga Flor. Iba na talaga pag taga-College og Science. Thanks my dear. Happy Sunday to you.

      • @ paul ‘Uy! Don’t me. Malay natin. Sa NIGS niya ma-meet ang kanyang panghabambuhay.


        Naalala ko tuloy, sabi ko noon about Bethany in reply to a comment about her in a relatively recent post, that she is like ‘a flower that broke through the snow’.

        I once knew someone in the country’s horticultural circles na nakatapos ng Fine Arts pero hindi ko maalala kung UP or UST. Guy was (at that time) based in Laguna (with wife-y & daughter/son) & came to Manila to give lectures on the use & interpretation of botanical Latin. I thought it was amusing how someone that trained formally in the arts eventually takes on a life in the sciences.

        Anyway, ‘anthos’ is ‘flower’ & ‘niveus’ is ‘snow’, so maybe if he is reading this he can come up with something more dramatic/impactful than a funny little duck or semi-boring fern. 😦

        The one word I learned from him is ‘praetermissus’ (-‘a’ instead of ‘-us’ if you want feminine), to mean ‘overlooked’. As when you are stunned how or why folks could have missed one so striking.

      • Wow! Thanks for sharing your botanical kaalaman Flor. Maganda ba ang karanasam mo sa taga-NIGS? He, he, he…

      • @ paul Karanasan ko sa NIGS? Well, I had a geology course early on, a freshman block general education type of approach. I don’t know kung naabutan mo ‘yung ‘Nat Sci’ course series, parang ganu’n pero that one is for non-Science majors.

        I enjoyed my Geo class. Exempted pa ako sa Finals; I made the minimum mark for exemption. 🙂

        UPD has changed so much! I wouldn’t be able to recognize it now. The Science Complex alone…

        (I had more interaction with NIGS’ neighbors – MSI & IESM. I wonder if Bethany even knows these. Alam mo naman Diliman campus. Kung wala kang klase sa anumang kolehiyo, hindi mo natutunton unless sadyain mo. OR, kung magkaibang college kayo ni mahal…)

        (‘Ay, speaking of mahal. Regarding kay Atty. ulit, may napanood ako, hindi ko lang maalala kung si Lavinia or Adam Genato, na ayaw ‘ata ni Josh na mag-pageant ulit si Patch. Maybe they want to marry before long… In any case, it’s love month so we wish all couples endless affection & warmth.)

        Back to the subject of this post.

        Gerry Diaz was apparently the one who facilitated Bethany’s ‘welcome’ into A&Q. If he can do for her what he did for Maureen Wroblewitz, then it’s possible her joining a major Nationals is part of a ‘career movement’ (recall that Wrob had just signed a contract with channel 2 when buzz of her entry into MUP was floated); it’s clear Ms. Talbot is handled by a competent agent (who got her those two brand endorsement jobs we just mentioned), & that will require someone with gravitas to carve out some sort of representation arrangement as far as pageantry is concerned. Hence, our guy from BDO.

        Moral of the lesson : ‘pag si Sir Gerry ang gumalaw sa baso, ‘di biru-biro. BIG deal ‘yan!

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