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  1. May mga kumakalat sa kabilang kwarto😂 na for formality sake nalang
    Sa marso. At mga nakatakdang manalo ay yung isa sa mga nag positive
    Kaya ipinagpaliban nila yung coronation night. Pero yung momentum ng kalahi
    Natin nung Last year ay nasa top ten sya sabi sabi pero yung kabilang kwarto eh nagsasabi
    Na gustong gusto daw yung kalahi natin ng mga puertorican kasi napaka bait daw yang ang
    Sabi sabi.

  2. Faith is the light like a star in the sky
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    Hope and peace in the world we all belong Love Love Love we will share together Love Love forever we are one

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    Reach reach for the sky

    One World One Dream
    Let us share our hearts together all as one In a place where we join in harmony
    One World One Dream
    Let us celebrate the powers of our heroes Who’ll rise with strength and pride
    Light the Passion Share the Dream all as one

      • Hello sis!!! Happy Sunday!!! How are you? Based sa performance niya last year, napakaimpressive. Honestly, ang unang ramdam ko talaga eh magiging clapper siya pero nung mapanood ko na yung H2H and BWAP niya, grabehan na talaga ang laban. Nakakatuwang isipin at iimagine na si Tracy ang nakasuot ng blue crown pero alam naman natin si Madam JM. 2nd princess ang nakikita ko for Tracy unless base sa performance at desisyon ng mga judges, unless maiba ang galaw ng mga planeta at bituin. Take care always sis!!! ❤

      • ***2nd princess ang nakikita ko for Tracy base sa performance at desisyon ng mga judges…

      • Maraming salamat Jonalyn. I would be very happy if Tracy will be proclaimed as the 2nd princess. Ty ulit.

  3. The Olympics Winter 2022 is now ongoing in Beijing China , the one and only city in history to have hosted a Summer and a Winter Olympics … it just makes me wonder, when will China be hosting MU?

    & how about India , 1.1B people ( China with 1.3B people ) , I just wonder when will India be able to host an Olympics , let alone a Miss Universe pageant … ?

      • yes they did , Miss Greece won … but they have not yet hosted MU … maybe they don’t want it , not even put a bid for hosting it … or maybe MU has never approached ‘India host committee’ yet …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Hello. I was wanting to comment on your observation. Now, in one word, kasi ayaw ko na preachy ang arrive…

      Connections. The right ones. Not just any contact person in those countries.

      Case in point is TPN, the new/current MUT franchisee. Dito mismo sa blog back in 2018 when MU was done at IMPACT, was a photo of Paula Shugart & Demi-Leigh with PM Prayuth Chan-ocha. To pull off something like that requires the ‘c’ word above.

  4. Will Julia Morley crown an almost 30 years old???? Hmmmm I do not think so. Pero we’ll see. She’ll be the olderst miss world in case.

  5. Top 3 or winner cya at this time 😊
    Lalong magagalit Ang Bekedom Kay Lola Julia kpag top 10 n nman Ang Pinas🤭😆

  6. It is mostly common knowledge, very highly likely , 95% certain that MWorg has already chosen a winner … the March show is just that , a show , and a chance to recoup some business cost …

    I hope the stars have written out Tracy’s name in the skies , and will be manifested in March ….

  7. Good Luck Tracy!

    Doesn’t she remind you of a prettier, younger Alma Concepcion?

    World Peace.

    • @ charlotte york That’s possibly why she wore it here & now. 🙂

      That being said, hindi rin tayo matutuwa if her OOTD’s are boring~lifeless~uninspired.

      (I suddenly feel excited for Montagne & Cinderella! Once Europe warms up enough in the weeks to come, they can return to their parent organizations & take us on a tour there, showing finally the wardrobe they surely have been preparing over the winter.)

      (I like Tracy’s look here. A golden-yellow to shame any gaudy marine creature in our coral reefs. AND THE TOGS.)

  8. Partida! Hindi pa glamshot photo yan ha! Pero ang registration niya sa camera eh napaka-angelic! Mahirap lang umasa kay JM pero pekang-peka naman na way ahead na si Tracy sa mga co-candidates niya!

  9. Oh, my gas! Next month, si Paton din, right? 🙂

    Of the 2021 MWP queens, Pajares, Vera, & Austria are done. ALL PLACED. Brava!

    What of Martinez (that tourism pageant in Lebanon) & Arceo (Environment Intl.)? May Multinational nga ba? Nakalimutan ko na. 😦

    Sino nga ba ‘yung 2nd Princess na pumalit kay Ganiel? Was this her first Nationals?

    (I feel sad for Pangindian. She may no longer have the chance to compete internationally. At least she ends the pageantry with her highest placement. Why not make her a ‘pageant pillar’, too?)

    • Flor how old na ba si Pangindian? Pwede pa siya sa Miss Globe. Why not BPP for last hurrah?

      • @ paul Good aga. Thanks for reminding me that Janelle Lewis is the 2nd Princess.

        I think Riana already participated at BBP. Her first Nationals, ‘ata. Like Karen Laurrie, appoint pls!

        Dr. Shaila Rebortera is Multinational, I remember na… Sigh. 😦

        I hope Paton & Tracy will be given a joint Send-Off. A ‘repeat’ for the latter. A first in Philippines pageantry? 🙂

  10. I wish her hair color was jet black.
    Meztizas with black hair are beautiful.
    As a pageant fan, I appreciate her efforts both in her advocacy and in fighting for the crown.
    Best of luck to her 🤞

    • @ Pats Like Baby K’s BLACK in ‘Roma-Bangkok’. See her blonde in ‘Playa’ some four years later.

      • Have you watched her press conference? Tracy was an effective communicator. She was very engaging and spontaneous with her answers. Blessed with radiant attitude, full of positive vibes and very relatable, qualities that JM are looking for her MW titlist.

    • BPP contenders who should crossover to MWP tjis year – Sharon Tampon, Erica Quinn, Carina Carino, Jashmin Dimaculangan, Noriza Valerio, Graciella Lehmann, Alexandra Rosales, Micca Rosal, and Patricia Babista.

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