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  1. So Hannah Arnold will relinquish her Bb crown in July , and then compete in Dec for MI2022 ? … kind of convoluted … however, if this is true , Hannah should pass her Bb crown in July to Karen Mendoza

      • I think it would be better if Katrina Llegado joins BPP this year rather than MUP. Better chances of winning for her.

    • Joy Barcoma, Megan Campbell, Anne de Mesa, Asha Gutierrez, Danica Dilla, Ann Palmares, and Riana Pangindian should try BPP this year.

  2. Flor may pagkakamali ang isang pageant annoucement. They have corrected it – supranational to grand international.

  3. Latest: Karen Laurie Mendoza is joining Binibini once again this year as an independent candidate.

    Bagay siya for Miss International.

    • @ paul Good evening, ‘Dong. Kunbanwa!

      1) So, MGI is retained at BBP. Yeah, it is. @ Fabian Reyes asked about it before, if it is true Angkol doesn’t charge BPCI for it. So KUNG totoo nga ‘yon, aarte ka pa ba? Of course not. And Mr. Itsaragrisil said in an interview how much he respects ‘Stella’ & would never think of ‘breaking her heart”. How sweet, no? 🙂

      2) ‘Independent’ means neither A&Q nor KF. BAKA TCI… @ Bert shared my sentiments. I’m not sure if the comment is still (down) here… Go see/check.

      • Flor I think the problem is many Filipino pageant fans are always OVERREACTING to angkol and his MGI. Chill2x lang para si angkol kalmado rin.

      • @ paul Good Tue AM.

        If you noticed, he has not sullied MW & MI yet. At least not directly.

        His most volatile is reserved for MGI’s ‘co-tier’ – Earth & recently Supranational. It’s as if he’s systematically annihilating the flank so he can focus on the forward charge to the top. Maybe he likes to read books on warfare?

        Malas niya lang, matapang si Andre…

        ‘You can’t put a crown on a clown & have a king’, said Gerhard’s Creative Director. Aba! Guerrahin ba naman si Chanique, ‘eh walang sinabi ‘yung bata about MGI. And like a true knight, he comes to sleigh the aggressor.

        But, really. The best way to deal with trolls is to totally ignore them. Left with no fuel to fan their flame, they’ll burn out before long. 🙂

        Angkol thrives kasi pinapatulan natin. Stop checking his soc med altogether. Tingnan natin… 😦

        (As in Z-E-R-O views, shares, & comments. It could make him re-evaluate his approach. I mean, who in his or her right mind wants to make more enemies? Unless he’s a brilliant tactician, so much that we are unable to see what as early as now he already knows will surely happen.)

    • @ paul Poor Supranational… Napasa-pasa na sila. Mutya, then Binibini, then MWP, & now…???

      Baka hindi sila masayang walang apparently kinalalabasan ng titlists nila sa ‘Pinas. I mean, what of Mutya Datul? And look how Chanel, Eden, Jehza, Denver, Marco, Moll, Resham, & AR have but faded into obscurity… 😦

      (I’ll bet even Pajares will be all but forgotten before long. At least si Adajar, nakapag-PBB.)

      The thing is, right now for an international pageant brand to prosper in Philippines a linkage to show business is necessary. With TV channels (2 & 7, primarily) now driving the ‘artista’ advance, Supra org needs to find a group in the country who can launch queens (& kings) into television.

      Your comment dovetails nicely with earlier allegations that MWP might have a new owner, ostensibly due to Mr. ALV’s political aspirations. In such a scenario, the lower titles could understandably get nervous… But, I wonder now if Eco-International will stick with MWP come what may, kasi I recall noon na may nag-comment dito na close sina Mr. ALV at Dr. Rezk, so he would, out of courtesy, properly endorse her to that new owner, IF TRUE. Tama lang naman…

      But returning to your concerns. Supranational? I say they seize the opportunity to finally establish their Philippines stand-alone entity. Yes, it’s scary, as not a few of us have said before that the brand will be difficult to push as it does not command yet the kind of psychological recall the way MU does, so making attracting sponsors/advertisers a hard sell. But it’s also true that throughout history some of the most successful companies were born in times of crisis. They persisted, & triumphed in due course. If they do, they’ll beat Angkol (who will probably take longer) to it!

      • Thanks so much Flor for taking your precious time & energy to explain in details the current issues, concerns and developments in our national pageanty. Appreciate it a lot.

    • Wala sa BPP list ang MGI title. Bakit?

      At meron silang sinasabi na another title to be confirmed pa?

  4. Flor sa tingin mo saan bagay na national pageant ang schoolmate mo na si Bethany Talbot? Thanks.

    • Gusto kong mag-try muli sa BPP sina April May Short ng Zambonga City at Karen Laurie Mendoza ng Iloilo City.

    • Naku! Pina-follow ko sa IG yan dahil nga sobrang ganda! Isang make up artist panay ang post ng mga finish product niya and then nakita ko yang babaeng yan, without a doubt, sabi ko, beauty queen material! Pati Siobhan Moylan!

      Puede siya sa MGI!

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Kaya lang, hindi naman ‘ata siya gusto ni Angkol. Pa’no na?… 😦

        Imho, he prefers the dusky-&-petite typical (?) Pinay look. It may be his philosophy is, “huwag ako padadalhan ng halfie, marami niyan dito sa amin… If I want pretty Eurasian, Thailand plenty & tall”.

        Nadiskaril kasi si Laurrie du’n sa BEWILDERING question ni Mr. Abunda.

        When is it not OK not to be OK?

        (I now have a satisfactory answer to that – WHEN YOU ARE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Lolz?)

        (No intention to troll & ignite a political debate. Disclaimer. Domo arigatou gozaimasu.)

  5. ‘Pre-event activity’ ang Flores de Mayo. So, June na nga, malamang.

    After last year’s lone representation by Pair, I wonder who will raise the Cebu banner considering heavyweights are currently with other tourneys (Alforque & Godinez at Hiyas, Borromeo w/ MUP).

    Tito, what about that Miss Cebu (put together by Philip Rodriguez)? When are they crowning, po?

    I guess it’s somewhat safe to assume Hannah will be retained for the Japanese winter. I imagine this 2022 edition proclaiming a Final 3 – ‘Binibining Pilipinas’ & her two Runners-up – who will subsequently be given their respective assignments (Grand, Intercon, THE Globe) by appointment.

    I also think TCI will make their first move here (considering two of their pillars are BbP alumnae)!

    (Yep. NOT yet at MUP. I think they will be very discreet.)

    • Mukhang ganun na nga sa TCI but let’s see how it unfolds. Kung ma move rin nang venue ang MI at ma hold ang pageant nila earlier eh the better 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • @ Bert Hello! Good morning.

        If I were a newbie camp, I’d be careful to not jump in to MUP & see first if the organization will open the ‘door’ to those who have come before me. In other words, I would like to see either a KF or The Camp girl win. 🙂

        That ‘moving of venue & date’ of MI 2022 may correspond to their ‘Plan B/C’. Pero sige. Huwag na natin pangunahan. Let’s await their decision.

        (Pero kung ako lang, I think… PAMPANGA might be a great host. Or, Pangasinan. Plan soon, pls.)

      • @ paul Maayong aga, Dude!

        I think Ilene de Vera is over-aged everywhere… Like (Wynona) Buot. 😦

        (Kung ako lang, gusto ko sana sina Alannis Binoya, Agatha Romero, & oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-her-name-but-I-remember-her-face-na-ka-batch-nina-Agatha… May kaunting hawig kay Fatima Bisan.)

        Bethany Talbot? Kung T-A-L-L, MUST BBP. Kung not tall, MWP siguro… Baka i-semifinalize lang ‘yang batang ‘yan sa MUP. Kung MPE, baka Air at best.

        Karen Laurrie now has extensive pageantry in her bag, with participation in Bb. Cebu, Miss Ilo(2x), & BBP. I’d rather someone appoint her. If she crosses over to KF, will they let her attempt the back-to-back at Aura International? Or, will MAIP* have their own Nationals (kasi they put out the draft/brief of their crown not long after Alex Faith Garcia’s win in Turkiyah)?

        (* – Miss Aura International Philippines, apparently yet another stand-alone franchisee/licensee.)

        April Short, I’d rather she first avail of her prize in Italy for joining that modelling pageant. That RoccoBarocco stint/internship. If this will serve as fuel~inspiration for her next move, G.

        I EXPECT CELESTE CORTESI TO SASH UP FOR MUP. The residency should be enough by now.

      • Celeste Cortesi pwede siya sa Miss World Philippines.

        Tito Norman please reminds CC na magpakabait siya. Thanks.

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