14 comments on “Catching up with Tracy Maureen Perez

  1. I hope and pray that she makes it to the TOP 5 so she could slay the Q&A and win!

  2. (Alejandra Conde bears semblance to ’90’s Spanish top model Ester Canadas… Just saying.)

  3. She is looking good. I hope she continues to charm lola Julia during coronation night so she can win the crown.

    The lowest placement I see of her is top 5 at this point. But all bets are still off.

    • Indeed Serge, she looks great and ready for the title. Thanks. Let us continue to support her MW journey.

  4. Will Julia Morley be enthused to give her the 2nd MW crown ? … if you really think about it that way, you might say it’s not gonna happen , but miracles do happen …

    • I would be very happy even if JM will give her the 2nd princess title. This is a very competitive batch.

  5. Finally a press con! The report from Rappler last December 2021 was really misleading because it says after the postponement of the finals, Tracy left Puerto Rico to be back in the Philippines.


    Then there was the CNN interview of ALV that Tracy will stay in the USA ‘probably’ until January 2022.

    It is good to see you Tracy! Keep it up!

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