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    • @ bong700

      Kung karanasan rin lang, win a Regionals instead. Even a Municipal (like Miss Paranaque which began last Monday) or Scholastic (Miss SCUAA). Or, even via the Festival route (Aliwan) 🙂

      Si Auntie N mo, maghuhurado sa Mutya ti Atimonan this Sun, 6-2. Baka makahabol ka pa, dear.

      Speaking of AFDQ, Jasmine Omay & Alana Rhedey, please! Dean Balogal is at HiyasP atm…

      (I know who should try for MWP. She is so pretty I likened to her an Arabic poem in the past. Yup, she won her… virtually in 2020. From Mindanao. Rhedey was also a candidate. Omay was her Runner-up. Also very pretty was last year’s rep from Naga City, a hotelier & plus-size ‘ata.)

      (And speaking of MWP, may Joy Barcoma be granted her second shot. At MUP. Not vaccine, which she surely already got.)

  1. Oh, my goodness. There it goes again. Those three (golden) spheres afloat…


    Oh, btw. Pati Miss France, no more height (& age?!) ceiling/barrier. Is MUO obliging franchisees?

    Bakit ko biglang naisip si Jash Dimaculangan? Guys, OK lang sa inyong ‘Albay’ siya? 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      @ paul You want your Binibini from Padada (DavSur) to be able to join MUP? Ask Mr. Jonas to also adjust the age ceiling (similar to what Miss France just did). Otherwise, her only other good option might be to try at The Miss Canada Globe (taking advantage of her Canadian passport) in which case she represents not us if she wins. But if she does, Montagne may crown her this year.


      (We are, of course, talking about Justine Felizarta. Luis Portelles being Canadian, you understand why he’s supportive of her.)

      • I mean, tinanggal mo na rin lang ang height barrier, why not widen the age bracket, too? I assume MUO would be very understanding/flexible. Sexuality nga (Angela Ponce & our Bea Luigi), non-issue na. Pati body shape (Anchilee & Siera), nauna na.

        Everybody was young once. Everyone will get old. Doesn’t get more universal than that. It’s TIME.

        This one move alone can mean those ‘strong’ ones who aged out without getting the chance to step into the Nationals even once can finally join the brew. Conversely, I recall MW-Malta 2021 at the Head-to-Head in Puerto Rico, as well as MW-Iceland. Both in their teens, but already wise!

        Speaking of great girls in their teens, I wondered back when Chesli Kryst reigned as MUSA if her junior Kayleigh Garris could come to the country. I’m positive many pageant fans would be thrilled. Visit lang, do the pageant media rounds, & maybe even join Tito at some judging gigs! ‘Yun nga lang, nag-aviso ang CDC* nila na huwag pupunta sa ‘Pinas… Sigh. 😦

        (* – Centers for Disease Control)

      • It’s a great idea Flor if Justine will join the Canadian national pageant for Miss Globe. I am excited for her and thrilled to see Maureen crowning her. Thanks my dear.

      • Erratum. MW-Bosnia (not Malta) at the Head-to-Head Challenge. Was that The Hilton Gran Reserva?

        But Malta is very pretty! 🙂

      • @FLORera, utang na buot dun ka sumali sa patimpalak para sa age group mu! Taff 3 ka na dun. Ilampaso mo ang stiffest katunggali mo na ma epal at simberguenza ang ugali😀😀😀😀. Crush her to the bones. Para kayong 2 ni BONGuton ang last 2 gurls standing. Pag sya manalo, take it without a grain of salt. Wag mo hablutin ang korona sa head nya dear. Baka maputol ulo nya. Peace

  2. May I just suggest na dagdagan pa nila ng additional row for passport details for those who have “dual citizenship” para malaman na nila kung magkakaroon ng conflict of interest yung applicant. We don’t want another Samantha Lo incident, right?

    It’s a good thing na pati pala “verbal agreement” kino-collect na nila yung details kasi applicable yon sa mga “pageant camps” diba?

    So maliwanag naman pala sa mga applicant kung ano yung dapat nilang isulat para di na magkaroon pa ng aberya pag nanalo sila kaya minsan tuloy mapapanganga ka na lang na in the middle of the competition biglang merong candidate na omitted na from the list!

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