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  1. I remember how a prominent social media personality interviewed a recent MU candidate, insensitively digging into her ‘failures” during her recent pageant performance. As cherry on the top, he even delved into her most personal of matters, her recent breakup. The candidate broke down before us in social media. Isn’t that a clear signal to look after her mental health instead of drilling her for answers. I guess that crosses the line, when one refuses to accept that it’s not okay to be use a candidate for one’s own ends. Boy, that was a cringe worthy moment. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Even other celebrities he interviewed about her performance veered away from his scrutiny.

  2. There maybe some social media trolling .
    But I think it’s superfluous to assume that was the reason for the suicide of. A very smart and empowered woman
    Her last instagram post points to a more personal issue
    We will know more

  3. Academic studies and journals tell us the scary reality of social media as a direct cause of rising suicide rates. How? Cyberbullying. Cyberbullies use online platforms to lurk out their victims. The side effects of social media’s dark side has left many people mentally and emotionally wounded, even causing some deaths. A study by a scholar Dr.Sherri Gordon (https://www.verywellfamily.com/what-are-the-effects-of-cyberbullying) dissects the side effects of cyberbullying as “feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and vulnerable”. Dr. Gordon elaborates on how unresolved feelings of cyberbullying often lead people to commit suicide as they felt ‘it was the only way to escape the pain’. Another authority on the subject, Dr. Ajit Shah, writing an academic article on “The Relationship between General Population Suicide Rates and the Internet: A Cross‐National Study” examines the correlation among suicide rates with the frequency of Internet usage using data from the World Health Organization. The study concluded that the frequency of online activity is indeed correlated with suicide rates in both genders.

  4. Trolling and bullying in social media have adverse effect in one’s mental health specially to those who already are weak and fragile mentally.
    Only bullies and trolls themselves would disagree to this.
    As Pia said “think before you click”.

  5. i read somewhere that her mom is pushing her to practice law. Shes having constant argument ng mother nya and she has been talking to her for a while. social media is not good if you dont know how to control it. if your life is out for everyone to see then control it. i believe her insta is open for everyone i just checked. she should have just limit it to her own friends and fans. And, always think that even if you think your life is at worst condition, always remember that there’s always someone living in hell of misery at this point of your life. sometimes, i do think very depressed but i always look the other positive side of my life. i always think of the poor people in africa. One picture of a child taking a shower of a urine of an animal bcoz they dont have water. then i think that my life is still okay no matter what negativity i encounter. i always pray and thank God.

  6. A scholarly research published on Wiley Online Library, titled “Association between Social Media Use and Depression among U.S. Young Adults” had the following conclusions: social media use is significantly associated with increased depression. Given the increasing prevalence of social media and the high rates of suicides associated with depression worldwide, this study assessed the correlation between depression and social media use across multiple social media platforms in a large, nationally representative sample of American young adults.

    Just sharing…

    • BTW, in an article in a US newspaper, it was revealed that she was trolled online: “My challenge of the status quo has certainly caught the attention of the trolls,” she said, adding that she’s had to delete comments on social media due to negative comments about her appearance. That’s the deadly link between suicide, mental health, depression and trolls.

  7. I am in shock to hear this. It goes to show that no matter how perfect life looks on the surface, there is always that internal struggle that is not seen.

    Do not assume that your friends or family members are OK just because he or she is calm. Always reach out and ask “how are you doing?”. You just never know what kind of answer you might get.

    RIP Chelsie. Whatever you were going through, you are now at peace.

  8. I lost a dearest good friend of Suicide last year. It came out of nowhere without a tinge of warning. Mental illness is a terrible battle dealing the adjustment of life exigencies. People suffering depression described this awful battle as “ You don’t want to Die but You don’t want to Live.” No one knows that every soul is fighting their own battle, so be kind always. We can be a good proponent by reaching out those in need our helping hand. May she rest peacefully without pain and suffering.

  9. I am still in shock, she was just a correspondent on the last Miss Universe edition, having friendly banter with Carson Kressly. Oh my it is just January 2022, just the day before Chinese New Year and already a sad news in pageantry. My heart goes out to all the people who knew her dearly, sympathies to all.

  10. In every beauty pageant we would hear a candidate speak about an advocacy: MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS. And now we got a shocking news that a girl from the same glamorous circle was not spared with the alarming illness in our society, a brilliant young lawyer from North Carolina and a very promising TV presenter, Cheslie Kryst.

    Watching Cheslie in the latest edition of Miss Universe, one couldn’t decipher if she was battling her inner demon because she looked so calm, unbothered and carefree. It only means one thing, depression hits stealthily. It won’t come to us when we are at our jolly moments with family, friends, and acquaintances or when we are on top of something we are at.

    Loneliness, problems, anxiety, and what have you are the culprit. If these are only being shared by someone dealing with these at his o her lowest form, he or she could be helped, understood and taken care.

    Always reach out to our family and friends if we are dealing heavily within. Professional help might be costly nowadays but there are support groups who lend free hours to assist us in our mental burdens.

    I just dunno why this government does not come out a program about mental health. Filipinos badly need this besides financial aid.

    That’s all.

  11. Someone immediately concluding social media is the culprit ???
    I mean really …
    She hardly gets bashed online … if at all

    • Naunahan mo ko FR. Haha. I completely agree with you.

      I was about to say the same thing — ang daming assumera dito sa blog na eto. Know it all — when there is no reason yet released by the family (or if there will ever be one). Lol.

      Preaching and proselytizing – with matching beating of the chests and caterwauling about the evils of social media. Someone quick to quote the Bible, and another one gleefully turning the topic at hand about her. Hahaha. Pathetic.

      World Peace.

  12. What a sad way to start the Year of the Tiger! It seems that the toxic social media has its first victim in the person of the beautiful intelligent Cheslie. We are witnessing now the horrendous damage that trolls and bashers can inflict on one’s mental health– even celebrities are not spared! While the entire pageantry community prays that may she rest in peace, I convey to all trolls and negatrons the Biblical injunction: “let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth but only what is helpful for building others up…” (Ephesians 4:29).

  13. Rest in Peace Cheslie.

    Just goes to prove that no one can really tell what is going on with anybody’s personal life. Behind the facade of beauty, youth, fame and accomplishments, the workings of people’s internal demons can not be underestimated.

    This reminds me of the fate of seemingly “accomplished people” who went the same route: Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Robbin Williams. And in our shore, ALLEGEDLY (remains hush hush and NOT confirmed, the mysterious deaths of – Joel Tantongco, Carlos Celdran, Clinton Palanca).

    The difference is that these people were all middle aged / seniors compared to Cheslie. It is easy to speculate the reason for Chelsie’s decision to take her own life : “bashing, social media pressure, the young being snowflakes” … and other modern day triggers. But the truth is, mental health problems can strike anyone.

    What is that saying again? “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

    Therefore, In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

    World Peace.

  14. So sad. Sana nagvacation n lang sya. Stay with family and friends or ask professional help😔
    Rest in peace my dear 🙏

  15. Karamihan naman ng suicide is cause by depression and or disorientation!

    Kaya dapat kilala mo ang sarili mo!

    And huwag din join ng join ng social media dahil mabibingi ka sa dami ng background noise na wala naman maiko-contribute sa buhay mo! Yung both IG and FB account ko all intended to get update on politics and pageantry! Wapakels ako sa buhay ng mga former classmate ko or officemate dahil wala naman silang magagawa saken kung purdoy or may sakit ako!

    Kapag mahina ang loob mo or sensitive ka masiado, stay away from social media!

    Compared 5 years when I joined here na napipikon ako sa mga nagdi-disagree saken, ngayon QUEEEVERRRR! Isa lang ang iniisip ko, Hindi convertible to cash ang thumbs up or down or purita mirasol or nuknukan ng pangit ang bashers ko!

  16. RIP Cheslie! Ingatan po natin ang ating mental health…it is our command center. Kaya pag feeling down talk to someone you trust whom you think will not judge you, seek help from mental health professionals, go to nature, read books about mindfulneds, practice meditation for atleast 20 mins/day, and get closer to God. ❤

  17. I hope this would serve as a reminder to Pinoy pageant fans that trolling and bullying can affect an individual’s mental health.
    Sad to say that while Filipinos are the most passionate fans, they as well the meanest ones in pageantry.
    I have read an article stating that Chelsie had a difficult time dealing with trolls.
    So sad!

  18. Nobody knows what a person is going through except that person alone. With this incident, mental health advocacy should be highlighted even more in whatever platform available(pageantry for example). One should find someone to talk to or seek help from a family member, friend, or even from a professional ( psychiatrist or clinical psychologist) when feeling down. . Life is beautiful and worth living.

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