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  1. Mabilis lang ‘yan, lest we know it April na. I miss the old gigs of the pioneering MUP. It was really refreshing when the girls walked their way at the BGC High Street and exhilarating when they were introduced to the press at the Manila Hotel.

    I just wish that MUP opts to hold the pre-pageant as well as the pageant proper at Okada Manila. It’s about time that MUP is felt here in Manila because pink peso is here. For sure many pageant lovers would troop to Okada and watch the pageant.

    Another wish is– big stage and high LED backdrop design. I think having such a fabulous pageant stage makes MUP more exciting to watch. It is bragging to be a prestigious pageant, so the expectation now is to at least match the MUT pageant stage at hindi ‘yung parang sa studio lang ng Mastershowman TV Show ni Kuya Germs. If Binibining Pilipinas was held in Smart Araneta, why can MUP not be held here in the Metro as well?

    I am looking forward to see more stunning girls. It shall be quality than quantity. At ‘yung lagi kong ini-imagine na sana ay may bumulagang Miriam Quiambao beauty sa screening. I consider Miriam as the most elegant and physically perfect beauty queen we’ve ever sent in MU. Her pasarela is standout and her Pinay facial beauty is portrait-worthy.

    That’s all.

    • True. Even Reina Hispano Americana (RHA) had an excellent LED backdrop on stage.

      • @ charlotte york Speaking of RHA, how did Reinado Internacional del Cafe go? I know Ruffa Nava was unable to go. But just the same, maybe in the next edition we can… 🙂

      • @Flor_Tula, fortunately the pageant is on YouTube. Asia was represented by Hong Kong and Japan. Some candidates spoke in English. They still have the foot high crowns. Venezuela won.

        We have no business being in that pageant. Lol. Many of our local pageants are better in terms of styling, production and quality of candidates.

      • @ charlotte york Thanks for the feedback.

        In that case, I have to disagree. We HAVE to be at that contest PRECISELY as you just said – we can outclass at that level. 🙂

        I understand it’s a modest affair. But at least it’s been around for a while & has global name recall.

        KF can maybe send next time kung puwede pa age-wise, Bellatrix Tan or last year’s ‘last Bb’, #45 from Sultan Kudarat.

        And here I go again. Hindi ko na naman maalala pangalan… 😦

  2. Mabuti nang screening system. I don’t like the old system na per city. Paano kung hindi maganda??? France at USA lang ang may karapatan dahil maraming dyosa sa kanila. Even miss Venezuela do is casting, then assign the place nalang later on kahit hindi sila taga doon.

  3. Kung xi fa tsai!

    Screening for an Initial 100, or the 30/40-Roster? When will it be announced who made it?

    (Ooohhh, I wonder what those three spheres mean… Hint on new design element of the ‘Filipina’?)

    Tito, when will MPU* be known, po? (* – Miss Palawan Universe)

    And then occurred to me, puwede ba ‘yung an AP field more than 1 candidate from her/his regional casting/pageant (basta fully paid siya for the corresponding sashes)? Halimbawa, ‘nung 2019 may regional search ‘yung franchisee ng isang male National. From their Final 5, tatlo (3) ang ipinadala sa Manila, the winner & two Runners-up (not necessarily the Top 3) but they were given individual sashes once here.

    Or, for example can Annabelle, Vanessa, & Vea be the MK contingent to MUP 2022? Kasi, hindi pa naman ‘ata sinasabi kung aling Nationals ang sasalihan nila. Like last time, Atty. Saclot said they would field reps for Millennial, World, & Earth. Only the latter two – Dannah Tempra & Kathryn Tan-Guipetacio, resp. – ang natuloy dahil nga walang pageant ang Eat Bulaga this time. 🙂

    • @flor. Few days ago you were talking about DEATH as a possible pageant question, then 2 days after Cheslie, committed suicide. Are you clairvoyant? or was it just pure coincidence?

    • correction: 2 days after, Cheslie committed suicide
      addendum: I even replied to you “Valar morghulis”. Baka may 3rd eye ka Flor. I have goosebumps

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