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  1. Kung showbusiness, she’ll be the sweet, conniving contravida. Lol. Or who knows, another MariMar or Maria del Barrio.

    • Angkol Fabs may problem sa packaging and branding ang alaga mo kung gusto PA niyang maging beauty queen.

      Hindi ito pwede sa BPP. Ayaw ni SMA ng ganitong image. Allergic siya rito. Remember the cases of Maria Isabel Lopez, Juliana Palermo and Sandra Seifert.

      Wala na ring market ang mga sexy star ngayon even among big movie companies, unlike in the 70s to the 90s. Unless gusto niyang maging adult content creator under the “just for fans or only fans” labels. Bumabaha ang porn materials sa social media. People do not watch sexy movies anymore.

      • I think ALV is also not interested in managing sexy stars. Una wala ngang market. And he is fielding wholesome talents for the GMA market. Second, papasok na siya sa pulitika.

        Same with MPE. I do not think they are interested with this kind of beauty aspirant. Hindi ba siya maarte? Okay. Lang ba sa kanya magtanim ng mga puno sa mga mapuputik na area ng Pilipinas? He, he, he…

      • @ paul ‘Ay, naku. Umamin ka. Ba’t alam mo? Kaninong onlyfans ang sinusubaybayan mo??!! 😦

        Did you see Boy Abunda’s series on the 2022 presidential candidates? In one question, he brought up that Filipinos spend the most time on Pornhub, with the French & Japanese for the Top 3.

        Here’s my – toots! – on the matter :

        1) Baka naman incremental lang ‘yung lead natin. Say for example, 13.32 min, 11.59 min, & 11.06 min for those nationalities respectively. Kung sa bagay, that ~one-minute lead is no joke dahil sa isang minuto MARAMING puwede maganap sa isang sexy flick. And bear in mind, baka pahapyaw-hapyaw lang ‘yan, say 3 min, then 4 min, then 3 min again… ‘Di tuloy-tuloy. Alam mo naman Pinoy, walang pasensiya. ‘Yung ‘tokis’ (dialogue), linalaktawan (fast forward) to get to the ‘action’. Parang ‘fast dating’ online.

        2) Nakita ko ‘yan dati. I went to this company for an appointment. Siyempre, ‘pagdating diretso sa Guard House para mag-log-in at mag-iwan ng ID before ‘kuya Guard’ informs your contact that you’ve arrived. One time, I waited before going in kasi susunduin daw ako ni contact person du’n; strict ‘ata ang security at bawal na palakad-lakad lang ang outsiders unescorted/unaccompanied by an employee (there). Anyway, while seated I heard, well you know… ‘Yun pala, sina kuya Guard were whiling away the idle hours watching things on their devices (malakas Internet signal nila du’n). So, we might get the impression Filipinos DELIBERATELY set aside time for such content when just maybe ay pampalipas-oras lang kung nababagot.

        3) There must be something there, considering we are in the company of the French & Japanese. 🙂

        In short, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. It’s not as if we’ve become a nation of sex offenders anymore than we are thought to be a ‘narco’ state. And as for the lovely lady discussed in this post, know that she & her OFW sibling are working to provide for two younger ones, so I am quite confident she won’t do anything that might compromise their family’s name.

      • @ paul


        MPE won’t like her? I doubt… Biracial beauty Sandra Seifert, you just mentioned. 🙂

        ‘Magtanim ng punla sa putikan’ is mangrove, right? ‘Ay! Madali pa nga ‘yan. No need to dig. Just push the seed/seedling into the soft estuary mud. Mag-sunscreen lang beforehand, kasi mainit.

        Naalala ko tuloy si CC. She referred to the ‘juice’ of the pipes, meaning the untreated (back then) sewage/sludge released into the waters around Boracay. You know CC? Nope. Not the French fashion label. But like SS, she was also biracial & was a MPE. Hope she downloads that form*.

        (* – the latest post, on MUP. It’s time she finally gives it a go. Hopefully, her camp supports her.)

      • Maraming salamat Flor sa iyong mga ibinahaging kaalaman. Ikaw na talaga ang diwata ng diliman.

        Flor i cannot afford paying for “only fans or just for fans.” He, he, he… Maayong hapon my dear.

    • @ 4M MWP & BBP are channels 7 & 2, respectively, for the anticipated show business phase?

      (Or, channel 7 if she tries MUP again, given Rabiya has now a TV series there with Sen. Revilla, Jr.?)

  2. I prefer a black hair. She’s beautiful she can be both a beauty queen and artista. How tall is she?

  3. One of the prettiest faces during MUP 2021.
    She’s a good public speaker as well.
    She clearly lacked finesse in the swimsuit and evening gown portion though.
    Stick to pageantry and train more. Dye her hair a darker color too.
    Gagawin lang siyang generic sexy star if she entered showbiz.

    • Very good observations. I hope the Chella’s teams is reading the comments here. Thanks.

  4. Chella is both beauty queen and movie/TV star material. Since pageantry and showbiz are related, she does not have to choose between the two, she can pursue both. Gone are the days when pageantry is the stepping stone to one’s entry to showbiz or vice versa. When she can pursue both, why not? If she really finds it hard to pursue both fields, then she should choose the one where she thrives better. It is about finding her niche in the society and setting her priority in life.

    • correction: When she can pursue both at the same time
      if she really finds it hard to pursue both fields at the same time

  5. OMG. Chelsea Meritt is dead. Now ko lang nabasa sa Philstar. Naku, siguro dapat na magpa-psychiatrist ng mga MU winners especially those who cannot handle the pressure. RIP Chelsea

    • I agree with you even the sexy route are filled by title holders and runner-ups, Miss Universe runner-up Ariela, Miss International Kylie and Cindy of Miss Tourism Queen going the sexy route, then there are also the title holders of Miss Earth and Miss Asia Pacific International being second wives.

      I prefer her to be a newscaster or a serious host.

      The revelation to me was Cindy Miranda, it is as if she didnt even aged and she was hot, her acting was also good, better than Kylie.

      Janela Joy Cuaton is a better sultry siren, she has big boobs and huge lips, morena and cute ass to boot.

  6. Very beautiful. I suggest BbPilipinas Ang salihan nya kasi mas Bahay sya Doon ngayon. Kapag Nakakuha sya ng crown, she can join again after 2-3 yrs sa MUP dahil Bata pa nman sya at mas prepared na syang talunin Ang mga mahaderang latinas😆 hihihihi.
    OR join showbiz and prepare herself to join BbPilipinas after 2 yrs(24 yo). After 2 yrs again ay join na nman cya sa MUP kasi mas magaling na sya that time(26yo). Hihihihi

  7. I believe she has a better chances of becoming a Celebrity through the modeling and acting route in social media…

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