8 comments on “Teaser: Pageantry Norms Season 7 Episode 6

  1. M(Ilo)2x organization seems loaded, given the brands they snagged to sponsor their pageant. 🙂

    (While MK is an eloquent textbook case of LGU initiative & support.)

    I think what can totally blow Regionals into the stratosphere is a catchy~memorable yet modern-sounding anthem. Like what MUP/EmpirePh got with ‘Kalawakan’ & ‘Magandang Dilag’. Honestly though, last year’s ‘P-Pop’ offering was forgettable.

    It SHOULD be in their respective vernacular! Like when Italy participates at Eurovision, they are firm on not singing in English. Nevertheless, they always manage to capture the hearts of fans. One commented, ‘every year, Italy sends the best yet never wins. It is no longer believable…’.

    (There’s this humorously naughty song in Cebuano I heard on FB some time ago that many Visayan content creators made TikTok dance videos to. It was FUN & captured a spirit of bright optimism which I believe is the magic ingredient in a hit song. Title? Hihihihh… Baka ma-block ako.)

  2. Dorothy is bubbly with good communication skills. She needs intense training ASAP because she will be the one to compete first among the three.
    Elle is the typical pageant girl. She is fit for Miss Grand International
    Bless is tall. She is fit for RHA

  3. My first time to view an episode here on the vlog. Good thing the day was relatively light for me. 🙂

    Dorothy is Mitch Gumabao x Corinne Abalos x Stefi Aberasturi facially. With Amelinckx demeanor. Whether made up or all-natural (in photo & on the stream, resp.), quite pretty. I’m sold!

    And speaking of Valentine’s, the annual purchase at Manila’s ‘Dangwa’/Dimasalang flower markets can become a SARS-Cov2 super-spreader event if precautions are not taken. If I were one of the flower vendors, I’d as early as now take orders online. Prices could be fixed to simplify~standardize, & expedite pick up, whether by couriers or by customers (themselves). Paz!

    • Blog, not vlog.

      I watched the VLOG (Pageantry Norms) here in the BLOG (normannorman.com).

      (I wonder how Benguet flower prices will be this year, considering the quite vigorous ‘Amihan’.)

    • (Cont.1)

      Please, someone tell Belle (M(Ilo)2x-Bb) to confirm with BBPO kung sa Yokohama (Kanagawa) pa rin sa December ang MI (assuming Stephen Diaz does not set Plan B/C into action…).

      Maybe they can make a brief visit to Odawara (well, I guess that would be Hannah, but Iloilo sending a rep means BBP 2022 PAGEANT will happen). Winters are mild. The castle looks really cool! There’s a natural history museum with dinosaur stuff. Plus, some other things. 🙂

  4. Elle and Bless look very classy
    Dorothy is like Rabiy. She needs some personality training

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