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  1. I still prefer to see girls wearing 3-inch classic stiletto rather than 5-inch heels with chunky platform.

  2. Jojo Bragais is an entrepreneur. I can see he is not only creative but aggressive, typical of most successful businessmen. I’m sure he designed this footwear with the vertically-challenged adult woman in mind, who in the Philippines averages 4′ 11 in height, in US averages 5’3″, and worldwide averages 5’3″. It is foolhardy to think that he designs footwear only for the globally statistically insignificant number of beauty queens. That’s a surefire road to bankruptcy. I’m sure he knows his market. Just like other entrepreneur, if his reading of the market is dissonant with volatile business trends, he simply reassesses, learns from the experience, and move on.

    Risk-taking is part of every successful businessmen’s journey. It’s very seldom that an entrepreneur like Jojo Bragais breaks into the international market– at a period of global economic slowdowns due to the pandemic. I wish the pageantry community builds up, not pulls down, enterprising people like him. The same wish goes to the other artists, innovators, and artisans who showcase their creative talents and skills in pageantry.

    Happy Chinese New Year to all.

      • @ scorg ‘Ay, puwede pa pala ako sa USA… 🙂

        (Pores reduced thanks to Silka (orange variant) papaya soap. Just need to do something about the melasma/dark spots. At baka makapagpa-glutathione drip na rin. PLENTY of moisturizer, as well.)

      • @Flor, you certainly qualify if your height is within the convergence point of 5’4″ for American adult woman. BTW, isn’t that also the minimum qualifying height for MUP aspirants? I am astonished at how Filipino pageant fans agonize over height measurements below 5’7″ when the average Filipino woman’s height is 4’9″.

        Yes, you may use this Jojo Bragais’ footwear for all I care. If you feel good in it, why not? Others may deride you for that, but what the heck! Does anyone still chuckle at how those tattered-look on denims (a beggar’s equally tacky signature look) has become fashionable? Fashion is fleetingly crazy, especially among the genZ and Millenials.

  3. He is a cutie , let me have coffee with him and give him honest feedback, yours included.

    He is also probably making these type of shoes just because this is what the market wants or perceive needs.

    I was interested to buy a Roman sandal for the men’s line but I also didnt like the design and fit.

    Anyway I am still happy with his success and hope he replaces the shoe sponsor of Miss Grand International, the ladies in MGI were complaining and tripping especially during the swimsuit round.

  4. Sorry, there is nothing to Brag about in this Bragais. The more apt label would have been Bra-garish. It is not only cheap looking, it is the equivalent of wearing one inch false eyelashes or three inch false fingernails. Everyone knows.

    World Peace.

  5. No matter how expensive or beautiful the gown the person is wearing, chunky platform shoes make the entire look, cheap.

  6. Still cheap but a little less cheap than the clunkier ancestor.

    Kailan natin titigilan isipin na naloloko natin ang iba at ang sarili natin na may “illusion of height” ang isang contestant na paglabas pa lang, sa paa tayo napapatingin?

    Beauty starts when we accept na “hindi nga ako katangkaran pero I can stand tall by working on my posture”.

  7. Zapatos para sa mga bonsai!

    Iisa lang naman ang design niya palagi and that is ayaw niya i-reduce yung suelas to around half an inch like that pic above na nasa 1.5 inches ang kapal! Kasi otherwise hindi niya mai-increase yung tacones!

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