20 comments on “Miss International Queen Philippines to be crowned on March 6, 2022

    • @ Closer2Fame That MM of theirs looks like Anita Rose Gomez, THE WAISTLINE of MPE 2021.


      I wonder how ‘Jasaan’ will fare this time. Her first attempt was, if I am right, a direct application (casting?) to the MIQO to be the Philippines rep. Puwede pala ‘yun. It’s like returning to ANTM a few seasons later, insisting to Tyra Banks that you deserve a second chance. Well, let us see.

      All the best-est to all!

  1. I hope this contest is able to find someone with the same pro-people conviction as Sassa Gurl, the new transgender calendar girl of White Castle Whisky. She literally turned a tool of women objectification into one of gay empowerment. Miss International Queen wants to promote rights and equality for the gay community? Sasha Gurl showed how to assert it without ruffling others’ feathers.

    • @ scorg Good morning, dear.

      Pansin ko, despite working for Marketing at an animal health/nutrition company (right?), mahilig ka sa alak. Familiar ka, ‘eh – whiskey, gin, wine (South African, no less), etc.

      What’s your weekly consumption (in liters) like? 🙂

      Magkakasundo tayo sa calendars. You collect, apparently. Did Tito Norman give you a copy of Telle Abello’s (GSM)? Me? Kahit those for bier & cigarettes, I’ll take! Pero lately, all I get are from pharmacies (Mercury Drug, which is actually cool as they provide a Philippines map & a lunar (phases of the moon) schedule in addition to the usual info).

      • @Flor, no I don’t drink, not even beer. Neither do I smoke. My only vice is Coke, Coke and more Coke (not even Pepsi!) despite the warning issued by my doctor on its negative effects now on my blood sugar levels. I am just a voracious reader of any subject, including wines. I don’t want to talk about my job but my position and function is higher than what you think. I also do some consulting jobs at some FMCG manufacturing companies.

        Happy Chinese New Year. The year of the Water Tiger is a year of dynamism and boldness. May this be a lucky year for all of us.

    • @ scorg Pasensiya ka na for my reducing you to a mere employee. You must be so happy. 🙂

      Familiar ka rin sa SUV’s, I think. How does the ‘British origins’ MAXUS stack up against MG? Can the former eventually become a major pageant sponsor as well? Is it China-assembled like latter?

      Kaka-YouTube, maya’t-maya kung anu-ano’ng ad lumalabas. MAXUS Philippines apparently is an Ayala undertaking (is this a good word to use?). Their (new) website is fresh as MWP, marked ‘2022’! Though their Fb page is now four (4) years old… Ang shala siguro ng wheels mo, no?

      • @Flor, well that’s what one gets from anonymity. That’s nothing compared to thumbs downs, insults and unprintables I get from negatrons and trolls that litter this blog, from pageant fanatics who ironically are hostile to its development. I guess, that’s part of the territory.

  2. ‘Oh. Ayan ‘ah. Ayos na schedule for March. Wala nang kokontra, please lang. Uhaw na tayo sa pageant. 😦

    6 – Miss International Queen Philippines
    16 – Miss World
    27 – Hiyas ng Pilipinas

    Hhhmmm. What’s with the week of the spring equinox (20)? Ba’t wala?

    Noticed also a two-month gap for international competitions. Mukhang hanggang March lahat ng pending/accrual from 2021 (should include Shannon Tampon & Shane Tormes, I guess). Ta’s, June na ulit (Miss International Queen, Man of the World).

    April ang MUP… Can we expect BBP for May (na usually naman is upon resumption from the Holy Week break)?

  3. Dapat dito sumali ang mga aspiring gay beauty queens hindi yung pinaglalaban nilang makasali sa MU, MW etc. dahil wala rin namang mangyayari tulad nung Miss Nevada na after matalo daming sinasabi.


    Are we a Narco State? Why or why not?

    Kailangan huwag shunga-shunga sagot!

    • The Final question should be: Bakit Ikaw dapat Ang manalo at bakit hindi c contestant number 1,2,3 & 4.
      Bawal manira sa kapwa contestant baka babalik sa yo Ang mga paninira mo at masabihan pang puro paepal lang Ang ginagawa🤭😃

  5. Mga sis, dahan-dahan sa pamimintas kasi baka ibalik ni Universe yan sa ibang paraan sayo or sa pamilya mo. And I thank you!!!

    • @ serge Shiela Magpale, ‘ata (?), is the very recently-crowned Queen of MisOr (day after Kuyamis).

      In-competition (for MisOr?) currently is Jasaan’s Lars Pacheco, 2nd RU to Juliana Parizcova, the last Miss Q&A. Remember that funky Manny Halasan crown? If I’m right, Tito Norman judged. 🙂

  6. Sa totoo lang mas maganda pa yung mga sumali sa Miss Gay sa aming barangay. Good luck po mga kuya este mga kafatid.

  7. Is this a transgender contest Mr. Norman?

    (Please say yes since mukhang lalake ang mga nasa photos). Lol.

    World Peace.

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