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  1. photoshopped photo , very obvious … but she does not need it, girl has good looks

  2. Beautiful face. But yes, unfortunate name. Is there a chance her name can be changed to say,….Sharon Tampon? Lol.

    World Peace.

  3. Hay! Finally, matutuloy siya. 🙂

    Great example of tenacity. Made the BBP roster only on the third attempt.

    Didn’t place. Yet, fate apparently found a way to get her on the international stage. Hang in there!

    • (Cont.)

      (I can’t help but think those making a case of the surname are the same ones who seem unable to get over Rabiya’s ‘procedure’. I really hope ‘mema’ lang ‘yung fixation nila. Kasi, otherwise it may reflect on them…)

      (Anyway, OT. I just realized a subject universal yet to date never been asked in pageantry Q&A – death. What are the candidates’ views? What can they advise young people about it? Or, are they indifferent to it & if so why? I recall Alannis Morrisette singing in ‘Thank You’ to ‘not equate death with stopping’. Then I saw how ‘La Mort’ was depicted in a recent video of the spring-summer collection of a world-renowned fashion label. It didn’t look too morbid at all. Unless siguro tuluyan nang nasakop ng kadiliman ang pananaw mo sa mga things-things… Happy Saturday, wordpress!)

      • Valar morghulis. We simply have to accept the inevitable. It does not matter if it comes early or late. Live each life as it comes, and live it to the fullest, for we only live once.

    • (Cont.1)

      And while we’re at it, what fate awaits an Italian woman named ‘Toribia Titti’ when she visits the country for the first time (la prima volta)?

      (I did not check if ‘titti’ actually means anything in Italian. There, however, is a ‘tutto’ & a ‘tutti’.)

      I imagine that just as she clears Immigration at one of our international airports, the immigration officer who rendered her service might secretly/discreetly stifle a giggle… You get the picture.

      Then there’s that now all-too-familiar joke with Ilocanos about the surname (yup, to them it was!) ‘Prekprek’. Of course, the ‘e’ is pronounced ‘uh’. I learned this ‘funny’ from Ilocanos. 🙂

  4. Shanon Jumaylh Tampon 5′ 5″ Bb. Pilipinas 2021 – Unplaced

    She will going to bring home the crown. Good luck Miss Philippines!

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