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  1. If she weren’t CCP chairperson, Margie Moran would be a better representative for the arts. 👑💐🙋🏼

  2. Philippine politics 🤮
    Filipino politicians 🤮🤮🤮
    The country should’ve stayed a territory of the U.S.
    Malamang mas progressive na Pilipinas ngayon like former Brit colony HK.

    • @ Lemontree Michelle (& her Panlillio beau) is pregnant/anticipating & has formed/joined the party list bandwagon as well?

      Huling-huli na ‘ko sa news… 😦

  3. @Flor, on your concern below on Shamcey entering politics:

    Pageantry is a platform for empowerment advocacies. When aspirants talk about skills training, livelihood and income-generating projects for the jobless youth and women, PWDs, and urban and rural poor, their community intervention is in the realm of economics. When aspirants talk about self-help, informal education, team building, and leadership education for the out-of-school, single parents, senior citizens, and other marginalized sectors, their community intervention is in the realm of politics. Anything dealing with the distribution of the country’s finite resources is economics. Anything dealing with the distribution of power over the country’s finite resources is politics. In other words, pageantry is patently a platform to advance economic and political concerns in communities. Shamcey’s bid for a Partylist post, to my mind, is simply bringing pageantry’s empowerment advocacies to a bigger platform—the Philippine Congress.

  4. Keribels sa gusto niya!

    Basta ang mahalaga,

    Bongbong Marcos will be the next President of the Philippines, and

    Sarah Duterte is the next Vice President!


      • DESPERATE ClaiRe IbbeTson will brush his teeth to clean his filthy lying mouth.

    • That would be good news for bpci. Wether eobredo or Marcos wins, they’re still allied with whoever. Irene Marcos being married to an Araneta and the Roxases being from LP. Win win Araneta group 😂

      • “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it” (Churchill). As I write this, I am learning from the news that the Philippines drops further in the Corruption Index, lowest since 2012. We are ranked 117 out of 180 countries. And this comes under an administration whose campaign promise was to eradicate corruption! I fear for our country if the offspring of corrupt regimes will again reign over the hapless powerless masses.

    • Halaka namana… Seryoso ka sa BBM and sara? Lalo tayong lulugmok in another six years. Kailangan natin ng pagbabago. Sana naman nagbabasa kayo ng history at current events. myGod! #letlenilead

      • let leni leave

        im supporting “war on drugs” of prrd … yung ayaw sa kanya, alam na..

      • 6 years… NO drug lords in jail… NO drug lords executed.

        MORE drugs flowing from China… MORE CORRUPTIONS.

        Thousands of extra judicial KILLINGS.

        These are the accomplishments of CORRUPT Rodrigo Duterte.

      • galit si nunyabis, kaya alam na🤣😁

        basta ako ang nakikita ko mga developments roads and bridges at dolomite at marami pa… matagal n issue n yung lupain sa luisita n maibigay sa magsasaka, ang ginawa pinag mamasacre sila… but noong umupo n si prrd saka nkamit ng mgsasaka ang tagumpay dahil ni resolve ni prrd at na award sa mga farmers… kaya masaya ako sa mga magsasaka💪🏾✨

    • Ginuo ko. Si aling clara. kaya hindi nananalo sa patimpalak ng kagandahan. Jurassic pala ang lola mu!!!! Lolabels the geriatric ward is waiting for you po.

  5. If this is the Partylist that will advance the interests of pageantry, entertainment and events management businesses– and their backward and forward linkages in fashion, textile, cosmetics, beauty-health-fitness-wellness services, photography/ videography, and App development– I would support it. We know pageantry, entertainment and live events were almost crippled by this pandemic. It’s sad that just when we are on the verge of development of pageantry as an industry, and our beauties and artists are getting international recognition, the pandemic presented formidable roadblock. Pageantry and entertainment industries (live or virtual) need a boost to make them significant contributors to economic development. Can this Partylist be the booster? I am confident that with Shamcey as the Nominee, the Partylist may yet be the architect of the future of pageantry, events and entertainment industries.

  6. I wonder if Shamcey and her family are into small-scale textile industry as well. I have not read an info about her relating to textile. Oh well, si Mikee Arroyo nga, ni-represent n’ya ang mga security guards at tricycle drivers via Ang Galing Pinoy Party List kahit mukha lang s’yang security guard or tricycle driver.

    Party list system is a very good political platform if only the real marginalized sectors are represented by those who actually belong to such sectors. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know the real problems for which such sectors need to be heard and represented.

    As an architect board topnotcher, Shamcey could do better in a government office in which her expertise can be well exploited. DPWH perhaps or Urban Planning and Development if there is such office as that?

    That’s all.

  7. I admire Shamcey. She embodies the ideal of MUP. The sectors mentioned above are underrepresented in Congress. It is high time that their voices be heard in Congress

  8. This is either a boost for both the MUPO and the fashion sector or a major conflict of interest.

    It is a good thing that there is a huge overlap between the Philippine pageantry and everything that ARTE wants to represent.

    But when it comes to priority, which will come first? MUPO or ARTE which also supposedly represent all other pageant orgs and people from different beauty camps, network of designers, and the media (mainstream or not) that promote and sometimes criticize them.

    Another COI is that she will be a public servant and her vote in the congress will shape policies. She needs to be transparent with any dealings she will have with sponsors and investors. As the National Director of MUPO, I think it will be difficult.

    I hope she thought about this before she wear yet another hat.

  9. Oh, ‘eto ‘yung sinasabi ni @ scorg…

    (We can only select one party list group when we go to vote, no?)

    Well, I guess the aforementioned sectors have been marginalized significantly.

    If the group wins, will Mdme. Shamcey retain/still hold on to her Directorship at MUPO?

    • (Cont.)

      So if her party list organization gets that seat in Congress, she effectively becomes a politician & EVERYTHING that connotes… Hhhmmm.

      Which also means ma-pu-pulitika na rin siya. Inevitable. Comes with the territory. But, malay natin it will turn out well & a source of great fulfillment for her. Won’t know unless we try. Happy trails, po!

      Tito, yaman rin lang nasa paksa tayo, if I’m not mistaken a few of our recent pageant personalities are gunning for elective positions in the executive functions at the local government level. When will you feature them? And for that matter, will their appearance in the blog translate to a paid campaign advertisement? Ano bang kasunduan niyo ni wordpress?

    • For partylist representatives, you are allowed to choose only 1 among 100+ groups, before you vote please remember that the list is not in alphabetical order(others are confused because they use the same acronyms or words), so you must remember the number of that organization you’re voting for.

      • @ riverrobles Oh, thank you!

        Kaya pala ang laging palatandaan, ‘yung numero nila…

        (I saw recently a van upon which was painted – or was it a huge decal? – the personality & number of the party list organization for which he was the figure head. Guy’s a lawyer, apparently, & is based in southern Luzon. That’s all I’ll say.)

        I remember that national election when this whole party list thing was launched. I was totally clueless; I didn’t know which to vote for. After quickly skimming the options, I decided upon the innocuous-sounding ‘Mindanao Farmers’ Party’. In hindsight, perhaps I should have chosen something else. They didn’t win, as far as I know. ‘Ay, ambot!)

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