14 comments on “In search for the Phenomenal Palaweña

  1. Yung Padpad lang ang pasado sa akin, facial wise. Ang iba, ang lalapad ng fez, ang layo sa golden ratio.

  2. Aviona Dass looks Gorg…
    Very symetrical features….
    If only she’s a couple of inch taller…

  3. Gallardo and Aviona Dass for me– by these photos alone… We’ll never really know how one looks up close and personal…and hopefully— Tall and Good body proportion.

  4. The blogger said “one of the 14 wide-eyed contenders..”.

    The more apt description will be “one of the 14 wide-faced contenders…”. Lol. I was wondering if the photos were done in Landscape mode since ang lalapad ng face ng karamihan. Oh well, less make up and less photo enhancements please for us to see who in Palawan is Palaban.

    World Peace.

  5. Oh, this looks to be a promising selection! 🙂

    Hopefully, we can see them bare-faced. THIS IS WHY THE ‘CASTING’ CHALLENGE IS CRUCIAL.

    I recall that map Tito made last year, showing how the 100-Selection was distributed over the archipelago. Roughly, equal number of Visayans & Mindanao-on, with Luzon dominating but half just from the NCR. We’ve had two Visayans win. Will another part of the country get it this time?

    There was a Palawena floated last year as a potential National-ee. I hope she’s in this batch. But just basing on this photo matrix, I’ll go with ‘Indigenous Peoples’ for now (#14, hope she’s >/= 5’5″).

    • (Cont.) Note, too, how the font of the pageant mimics quite closely the official ‘look’ of MU’s.

      I wonder if that means anything as far as licensing is concerned. This AP should be a BIG shot!

    • (Cont.1) Oh, OK. So, ‘Palawan’ (province) ‘to. In the event camps like A&Q or KF field a Palawena, that’ll have to be some other sash… ‘Puerto Princesa City’, ‘Coron’, ‘Busuanga’, etc.

      Hindi aligned ang AP scheme with pageant camps’ dispatch… Or will that be like ‘DKI Djakarta 1, 2, 3, 4, etc…’?

      I assume HUCC sashes cost more than not-HUCC… For that matter, halimbawa ‘etong AP na ‘to, kung willing to pay naman siya, can she/he field her/his Top 3? Bahala na siya sa sashing. 🙂

  6. Not all ladies are cut for MU, though. So a broader competition in the provincial where girls can be sent to compete for various National titles is still preferable IMO.

    Marian Padpad looks familiar. A beautiful morena with an islander vibe!

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