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  1. The girls in brown and white .. plus the one in jeans have the best back features . The rest look ‘baduy’
    The girl in jeans, could it be Emma Tiglao?

    • Nanghula si Adam Genato. Sinabi niya kasama rito sina Michelle Dee, Joanna Rabe, Corinne Abalos, Isabella Galeria, Pauline Amelinckx, Chella Facloner, etc.

      • Thank you , Mr Paul
        Chela stills so puny . She needs to work out first then join

    • i dont think so if si emma nga yung naka jeans. hirap sya kilalanin. ung nasa left ni Blue na naka brown. thats chela falconer.

      • i appreciate chela too. ung pasarela nalang talaga. projection. she doesnt need unnecessary movements and hand gestures. Pero i hope mag mwp muna sya or bbp. para mas sure ang crown.

  2. And the journey begins…. with the behind! And why not? It is observed that Asians have the leanest butt in the world. So why not start the selection with the shapeliest butt? It’s then going to be beauty, brains, and behind… smart move!

    • So we can now irreverently modify the cliche “putting your best foot forward” as “butting your best butt forward” (or backward depending on your sense of direction).

  3. Chella Falconer
    Corrine Abalos
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Mari Isabela Galeria
    Joanna Rabe
    Pauline Amelinckx
    Frankie Russell
    Maria Gigante

    • @ riverrobles Don’t you think Frankie Russell & Michelle Arceo (Miss Environment International Philippines 2021, of MWP 2021 pageant) look the same? 🙂

      • Hey @Flor Tula, nice to chat again .

        Honestly I don’t but I have a reason and it was because of the photos of Franki from the cancelled Miss Universe UAE, it really sets her apart from Michelle Arceo.

        For the latter, when I first saw Michelle in TV , I saw in her a young Almira Muhlach. So I already had the ageless beauty of Almira to associate with Michelle. I still believe she should have a better placement, Kathleen Paton was not her best in that Miss World Philippines finals.

  4. Auntie N, Good morning. Bakit parang di nyo po isinasali Ang Miss Earth Philippines na salihan ng A&Q candidates. Ano pong dahilan🤭

  5. my older sis is 5’10 and hindi ganyan ang tindig ng 5’10 5’11 na merlie. 5’9 only tallest sa group na to
    5’10-511 na babae caroline subijano , sara jane paez
    even catriona gray is listed 5’9 1/2 in mwp
    anjame magbitang is only 5’9 1/2 same as cat gray

    • Diba 27 ang napili nila. 22 lang ung nasa pic. so it is possible na ung pinakamatangkad ay wala pa dyan. read carefully. hinde naman sinabi na nasa pic ang 5’10 o 5’11.

  6. I am excited who these girls are. From this group, shall emerge the country’s next international beauty titleholder. Good luck to all these girls.

  7. If my guess is right, Galeria, Amelinckx, and Rabe are there.

    Steffi is rumored to do an MJ, but this time from KF to Aces.

  8. @Ana- Hello there! I remember you when I spotted Pauline.

    She is giving it another try.

    I really agree with you in the earlier post that she, even Galeria and the other repeaters, must offer something “new” to the table.

  9. Jusko San 5″11 at 5″10 dyan. Mag 10 years na akong nanonood ng miss Venezuela yun talaga ang totoong 5″10 at 5″11. Baka 5″9 +2 lang yan. Kaloka.

    • Diba 27 ang napili nila. 22 lang ung nasa pic. so it is possible na ung pinakamatangkad ay wala pa dyan. read carefully. hinde naman sinabi na nasa pic ang 5’10 o 5’11.

  10. People have been clamoring for some way we can groom our pageant girls from a very young age
    Bella’s family did just that .
    Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 25, Philippines !!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Did you see that breeding/cultivation in the Panlillio scion (MGrandPhil2021)?

      We will see if the Borromeo (earlier post on the ex-Miss Millennial) has it. At MUP 2022. 🙂

      So, your primary criterion is CLASS. We should consult with you. You see it. We can’t… 😦

      (But CLASS has not so much to do with wealth or education as it does with CHARACTER. Even a poor farmer’s daughter can have CHARACTER. This is what the pageant org/staff see! Bonus na lang kung makita natin. We were lucky with the Ysmael; she was spitting it out all the time.)

      • IMO class has nothing to do with social status but it’s innate.
        It’s not something that is acquired but something that is born with.
        Most of the time, it is in the way someone has been raised.
        Venus Raj has always been very classy in the way she speaks and in her over all demeanor despite growing up poor.

  11. Some thoughts:

    > I don’t seem to see 5’10” or a 5’11” girls in the photo.

    > The girl in blue, padded butt? Silicone-injected? Or just a case of overextending the arc? It is just not pleasing and natural looking.

    >. The floral, dowdy looking attires of the two girls in the middle.

    > The visible, wide leg gap of the one in jeans. (Honest question: are wide leg gaps bad?)

    > Thank goodness they are not wearing those chunky shoes pageant girls are fond of wearing.

    I hope the expectations built up by the blogger about this “harves” (pretty, smart, articulate, tall, intelligent) will be near the reality.

    Yes, we can’t help but nitpick if we are just given crumbs (in this case, back shots) to analyze.

    World Peace.

    • Diba 27 ang napili nila. 22 lang ung nasa pic. so it is possible na ung pinakamatangkad ay wala pa dyan. read carefully. hinde naman sinabi na nasa pic ang 5’10 o 5’11.

      • @ jed ‘Ay, thank you for saying so! Good Thur morning.


      • I am sorry for your stupidity Jed. You should be the one reading carefully MY comment. “I don’t seem to see a 5’10” or 5’11” IN THE PHOTO”. Think before you click dummy!

        If the blogger would say a statement like “a good harvest o 5’10” and 5’11” girls” and will post a photo that does NOT INCLUDE any of them, then you should not blame the readers if it will be misinterpreted.

        World Peace.

  12. In a beauty pageant, mas importante ang “street smart” than “academically smart”!

    Yung naka-Azul sa harap ang medio may bearing saken na feeling ko prepared!

    With the way she dress and the way she cross her leg and the way she aligned her shoulder and the way she position her hair, mukhang lalaban na! We just have to wait kung maganda yung communication skill niya and how she deliver her thought! Naintriga tuloy ako kung sino ‘tong bilat na’to!

    First time ko nakita si Brazil and Puerto Rico sa MGI sa pre-arrival, I knew pu-puesto yung dalawa and yun na nga nangyari! The same thing nung nakita ko rampa ni Miss Namibia sa Miss Supra! The rest is history sa mga na-comment ko na rin dito na malalaglag sa pageant!

  13. Her, front (floor) row, in black dress short skirt long sleeves, fourth (4th) from left. When a woman is confident enough to bare that much leg, she must be scrutinized. Tito, individual feature(s) please.

    As in a class photo, the shorter ones are on the platform at the back. They will be the ones for MWP & MUP, I reckon.

    I wonder, as well, if they are all new faces/recruits. ‘Harvest’ daw. So, dapat lahat sariwa.

    ‘Impressive academic credentials,… Achievers in their respective fields’. Bigatin, but also mabigat ang dating. Sounds very contrived, skewing towards intimidating/domineering. Ayaw nina Angkol & Mdme. Julia ng ganyan! Kahit ‘ata MI & Dr. Rezk (Eco-Int.), prefer someone less cloying. But for MU & ME, should be no problem (and even then, the camp still won’t be fielding to the latter).

  14. From these girls will come our future pride. I just hope that sheer determination to win the hurdles of pageantry is their stronghold.

    I also expect a holistic training by the Aces & Queens. They should make each facet essential. But, for the girls whose waterloo is pasarela or QnA, they should focus more on that. Also, most of the girls’ weakness is their body. Most of them are bodily unprepared once fielded. I wish to see an Ariela Arida bod in Miss Universe, please. The shoulders must be prominent and the arms must be well-toned. No monayish face. Go get an aesthetic clinic that can sponsor thermage, if necessary.

    In the meantime, KF’s mantra seems to be “save the best for last”. I admire the consistency in its team. You would not read any breakaway of its members. They are low key, but look at the girls they train! Hips don’t lie, baby. Sway it here, sway it there. Their pasarela training is something Nawat adores. But fierceness of KF girls can also stun the MU stage. Aim high, KF!

    That’s all.

    • @Madam Ana you are right na dpat holistic ang training ng mga candidate. Para naman mas malaki ang chancw nilabg manalo ng crown. Sayang din kc if luluwas pa sila ng Manila para magtrain tapos di din sila matitrain ng todo. Nakakaexcite na ngayon palang madam Ana. Sana magaganda din ang mga ilalaban ng KF.

      • Let’s wait and see, hunnie bunny. I am all for it. After all, beauty pageant boot camps bring excitement to the world of pageantry. Thus, pageant organizations should recognize their efforts and contributions. Why not give them a prize as well if their mentees win the pageant?

        Also, if I were to head a pageant camp, I would start doing marketing by getting sponsorships here and there. They should lunch a website whereon they could flash their mentees’ portfolios. From there, they could have premium for the girls they are training once they get sponsors. Presumably, they would have the girl sign an agency-talent agreement or sign with the AP’s a training agreement for a fee.

        That’s all.

  15. Norman marami pa ring members ang aces & queens. Hindi naman pala nag-iisa si Gerry Diaz. He, he, he…

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