18 comments on “Steffi Aberasturi is now engaged

  1. she could have been our second Miss Supranational , unless there is a chance she will join BbP …

  2. Perfect for Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International, remember how Thais like her to win Miss Universe PH

  3. Karl arcenas and matteo guidecelli are first cousins. I remember matteo supporting a binibini candidate Mia Arcenas

  4. I know many will not be on my side if I say that age is slowly catching up with her and showing its signs. She is still very beautiful though and comparably well-spoken. I would personally wish she could give her best work at Miss Supranational or Miss Universe. Just that I think the trend is shifting towards younger winners with more focus on physical attributes – pageants just won’t declare it lang. 🤫

  5. Congratulations to the newly-engaged couple. The right time is now if Steffi wants pageantry another try. Marriage can wait. She can marry right after completing her reign if she wiins.

  6. Engage pa lang naman pala,

    Marami pang puede mangyari!

    Utang na loob, Steffi! Ibalato mo na samin ang Miss Grand International!

  7. Many questions / observations swirling around my mind:

    1. Is this a birthday or a proposal event? And it seems the cake is for a toddler boy…hmmm.

    2. Bakit naka yapak si guy? Lol. Mukhang concrete / cement naman ang floor at hindi bermuda grass.

    3. Bakit maluwag ang engagement ring sa daliri ni Steffie?

    4. Uso pa pala ang ganyang karaoke machine, di hulog ng pera para tumugtog?

    5. She looks so ordinary (but still pretty pa rin naman) without make up.

    6. Can someone enlighten me why we say “congratulations” to they guy, and “good luck” to the girl? Lol. (See their cake above).

    7. Finally, with this engagement, don’t anymore participate in any pageant. This is more important than any crown.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS

      2. Kaya nga… Parang ‘yung venue, may outdoor pool… Talagang set up. 🙂

      5. Which means Steffi is REALLY pretty.

      6. Baliktad. ‘Yung ‘congratulations’ ang nakatapat kay Steffi.

      (I like guy’s shirt. Ngayon ko lang napansin; akala ko pure white, may pink pinstripes pala.)

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sige na nga! Patulan na kita…’Di ko matiis. Pasensya na sa couple for this OT.

      Kanino mo naman nasagap ‘yan? Du’n sa tsismosong former rep nila sa Mister (beep!)?… 😦

      OK. Granted Resham has Indonesian roots & has accumulated sufficient residency in Jakarta, given how conservative YPI is, I wonder how they would tackle such a situation – a sash jumper (meaning, from ‘Philippines’ to ‘Indonesia’)!

      And if she gets ‘Puteri Lingkungan’ (like Jihane), she’ll be like McGarry who went to Intercon twice.

      It’s clear, IF THIS IS TRUE, that she is aiming to go to MU. She does not want to take a chance at MUP. Kung sa bagay,…

      So, she’ll be like Ganiel. ‘MWP or nothing’. Very risky move. But if she nails it, WOW CONGRATS.

  8. Best wishes!

    (Praveenar Singh moves. If I’m not mistaken, the Indian Thai couple also were both in all-white when they engaged… Btw, is she & her fiance Sikh? Which means they adhere to a diet type…)

    WAIT A MINUTE. Bakit ganyan? Birthday, tapos… Set up? Whose birthday was it? Judging from the cake, a young one’s. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      @ Ivan & @ Closer2Fame are giving contradictory statements on the guy… What’s going on? 😦

  9. Wala nay future sa (singles/unmarried) pageantry. He, he, he… Sa Mrs. World or Mrs. Universe na lang.

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