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  1. Outstanding credentials, achievements & pedigree..
    With all that money and yet she still went the “organic all-natural look” route? That is so passé in Pageantry…

  2. Kung may PANLILIO na sumali sa pageantry,

    May BORROMEO din na pantapat!

    Nagkalat sa kaka-repost sa mga FB Pageant Page mga video ng bakla na nagma-marcha to the tune of “Commander” by Kelly Rowland using the choreography used at MU 2010! Response sa platform ni Sarah Duterte for military training! Nakakatuwa sila!

  3. It seems there is a consensus among pageant commenters here that Nicole is not yet “ripe” for MUP. Sumali muna siya sa ibang pageants like MPE, Mutya or Hiyas. Pwede pa sa MWP.

  4. OMG. Why is Winnie Cordero joining a pageant at her age?

    Just no. Please. Lol.

    World Peace.

  5. The title & tone of the post says it all. She IS joining. She will be fielded. Origin will take the ‘Cebu City’ sash & Mr. Sven Chua will be the AP apparently.

    This now makes three (3) confirmed participants for MUP 2022. The earlier were the new Kuyamis & Iloilo queens.

    Feb na next week, start ng Screening. We should begin feeling mobilizations… Maayong buntag, Tito! Will you be part of the Selection Committee, po? Or, will Voltaire again sift through the applicants on his own? Sino po ‘yung na-mention dun sa isang post niyo last year na sumalang sa kanya pero hindi nasama sa 100-Roster? Parang former Millennial… Was it Jaoud or Robson?

    I will assume Joanna Rabe will be the ‘unfinished business’. Zambales. Unless, Galeria/Sorsogon.

    Honga pala. Now that Mendajar & Salud (lawyer) have ‘initiated’ a new camp, sino na lang ang natira sa A&Q? That Gerry guy from BDO… ‘Ay, why don’t you devote a PN’s episode to that new team put together at KF? ‘Yung fi-neature niyo dati as a post… With Naelah, Roxy, Karen, & Precious Lara.


      • @ Norman Tito, naalala ko tuloy ‘yung taga-PROMEDIA na ‘Cebu’ sash din last year, ‘yung Chiara Alix Lim… Steffi was ‘province’, Bea was ‘city’, ano nga ba ‘yung kay Chiara? ‘Toledo City’ ba siya? Or ‘Carcar City’?

        Two years back, Tracy was ‘city’, Apriel was ‘province’, & Lou was ‘Mandaue City’.

        HAS MUPO ALLOTTED THREE (3) SASHES FOR THE PROVINCE ANNUALLY? Three AP’s ito? They agree among themselves whose turn comes up? Or, MUPO dictates whose turn it is, po? Or can the province field more (or less) at their discretion? I mean, ideally any pageant organization would welcome a maximum number of participants but maybe, too, practicalities come into play & perhaps it’s also to have a more level playing field by not letting any one province dominate (for example Laguna, Bulacan, or Pampanga, any one of which can easily send at least five (5) bets at any time due to the sheer number of HUCC’s in their respective jurisdiction)… Could you ask Voltaire to clarify this?

        Oh, kitams??!! Si, ano, pa pala. Si Darren Jane Genobisa… Or, siya ‘yung ‘Carcar City’?

        Bu-ang! 😦

    • She can join any pageant, but I don’t see her winning the top crown.
      For MUP, I still prefer an experienced candidate who is in the level of Catriona and Pia.

  6. Join Muna sa BbPilipinas then MWP last Ang MUP cguro nman matransform na sya as MU beauty after 5 years. Bata pa nman sya.

    • This! Kanina ko pa iniisip itong title na ito. Bagay ang beauty n’ya sa title na ‘yan.. Thanks, JH.

      If I am not mistaken, s’ya din ba ‘yung nag-back out before sa BbP and instead chose to join Miss Millennial Philippines?

      That’s all.

  7. OT: As stated by K below, yes, Steffi has already been engaged. Thus, her premium as the MUP bet for some becomes grayish. But of course, as I am consistently uttering, Steffi is not the type who can best represent us in MU. Her communication skills is wanting. She’s just good at emoting on cam like Gazini. We need a total package in MU.

    That’s all.

  8. Dili pang universe ang beauty. Sori jud. Common kaayo sa mga Chinese enclave not only in the Philippines but as well as in Singapore, Malaysia ug Indonesia. Ang MU Singapore ug MU Malaysia naka-learn na ug lesson. Mga Indian descent na ilang ginapada sa MU kay kulang sa beauty kadaghanan sa mga Chinese ang roots.

    Bagay sa Miss Chinatown or Miss Chinese Intetnational. Pwede pod siya sa Mutya Pilipinas, Hiyas ng Pilipinas ug MPE.

  9. I just want to give an honest opinion on this beauty.

    Nicole Borromeo might have several titles in her cap, but I don’t find her stunning or outstanding successor of Bea. For one, she’s lacking wow factor and, for another, she looks plane jane.

    There are more stunning girls that have shown interest in joining MUP. Since Bea Patricia Magtanong and Pauline Amelinckx seem not keen in joining MUP again, I hope Rina Maier is serious and determined enough to clinch the MUP crown. She is super stunning and has that par Nadia Ferreira vibe.

    That’s all.

    • I agree Ana. She is cute, but she does not have that “it” factor just like when I first saw Bea and even Rabiya.

      Isn’t Pauline joining? I saw that tito Gerry accompanied her in a dental clinic lately. I thought A&Q is preparing her for this edition.

      As to Steffi, I don’t think a year or two can improve her comm skills to be at par with MU standards. I wish her the best in her future endeavors. ❤️

      • Nicole looks like Priscila Almeda, very neat celebrity dresser. In fact, I don’t see a beauty queen aura in her. Her body is not well toned as well.

        I haven’t read any update about Pauline Amelinckx if she is really gunning yet for another MUP bout. Pauline has classic and Hollywood glam beauty and has once bested Gazini Ganados in Miss Bohol beauty pageant. Thus, I don’t expect any need to debate on her winning MUP, too. She deserves to be our next MUP. The thing is, like Scorg has highlighted in one of her comments here, Pauline needs a new branding or menu to offer on the table so as to give a strong comeback. Yes, she is eloquent, no doubt about that, but body wise and preparation wise, she needs to be edgier this time around.

        I couldn’t agree more on your comment about Steffi.

        That’s all.

  10. I can see Nicole joining MWP instead.

    Sorry for the OT. Steffi got engaged.

    Can she still join MUP?

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