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  1. I am not going to judge the ladies by a set of photos from the pageant night. I’d like to see a minimal make up portrait.

    Tito Norms, please tell the organizers to get rid of those hideous crowns. SIZE does not matter, it’s about the overall design, aesthetics and fit that’s important. My gosh those are soooooo horrible. hihihihih

    • @ 4M Which reminds me. Annabelle McDonnell’s face on PN’s was too made up. 😦

      I agree with you on the crown. ‘Yung latest crown ng Mouawad for MUT (I forgot the name na…), mala-basket din pero unlike any we’ve seen lately.

  2. Para lang silang mga Saleslady ng SM!

    Pero dapat maraming magaganda sa Iloilo kasi mga Ilonga sila!

    Yung corona nung katabi ni Karen Laurie parang headgear ng Chinese Dragon, yung malikot magsayaw pag Chinese New Year!

    • @ miss tissa Parang magka-height lang… Look at their photo together (above).

      The winners slightly stoop during crowning, so maybe that’s why they look short(er)…

      • Nope mas mababa sya ng at least 1inch kay Rabiya. The photo above shows she was crowned already. Picture taking na nga e.
        Pero good luck na lang if palarin sya sa MUP.

  3. Congratulations, first of all.

    I didn’t see the MK (MisOr) production. But if this was similar, I can say our Regionals are, indeed, on a Nationals level! I was watching this & I thought (to myself), “Miss Brazil CNB is even more spare~spartan”. 🙂

    I just felt the host in all-black had a few gaffes in his spiel. Otherwise, good job, boys.

    Two (2) hours for the Ocho Ultimo seemed too much. But I wasn’t bored at all. The show was put together well enough so that it kept you engaged throughout. Bravo!

    Pasado kay @ Fabian Reyes ang nanalo. Pretty face, sweet voice, calm demeanor, conviction of speech, & fair skin. Should easily improve on Kesha Ramachandran’s finish.

    First Runner-up was familiar (to me). Turns out, she was in MPE 2020 Top 10. I like her evening dress most. Symmetrical & lean silhouette with top-to-bottom fringe, like Thato Mosehle’s at Supra.

    (I didn’t like that they turned the fans on during the Gown. The trains became tough to control!)

    ‘Heartfelt beauty’ ang Impressum ng M(Ilo)2x. Even the Good Mayor mentioned it. And speaking of the Mayor, it’s great the ENTIRE province came together – the Congresswoman, the Governor, the City (Iloilo, as host) Mayor, & City of Roxas (seafood on their logo/emblem/seal/coat-of-arms).

    Shala ang sponsors – Panay News, Philippine Foremost Milling, Manila Bulletin, Converge, etc.

    Competitors came together. Globe & Smart (loved that Gigalife ad!), Coca-Cola & Pepsi, SM & Megaworld (Emperador, & I think they just opened a ‘liquor museum’ there), McDonald’s & Jollibee.

    My fave questions were those of La Paz (who are your pandemic heroes?), Batuan (how to convince ‘non-vaxers’ to change their mind?), & the winner’s.

    ‘Pav-eeey-yah’ pala pronunciation ng ‘Pavia’. I’ve been saying it wrong all along, pala. 😦

    • (Cont.)

      For that matter, that this organization took the ‘Iloilo’ sash for MUP 2022 makes me wonder if like back in 2020 a second ‘Iloilo’ (fielded apparently by an internal party/group to MUPO, in reference to Kim Crizaldo ‘Province’ who was a Mercator muse to begin with) will complement the ‘city’ (Rabiya in 2020 & Kesha last year, both products of this pageant being featured).

      Just thinking out loud.

      Interestingly, ‘MisOr’s’ 2020 rep, Carol Veronilla, wasn’t a Miss Kuyamis alum but a Miss CDO if I recall correctly. So, last year’s Chella Falconer is technically the first time MKO participated in MUP.

      VV (Vincy Vacalares) was ‘Cagayan de Oro’. Kung sa bagay, autonomous ang city- sa provincial- government… Did we have a ‘Benguet’ back in 2020 to ‘Baguio City’ (Bea Maynigo)?

      I am saying this because MUPO has that HUCC scheme for selecting AP’s. That’s why we have this. Now, we see how it comes into play. Pampadagdag/pamparami ng candidates!

    • Lolabels owa naman ang pronunciation mo sa Pavia. Sabagay old school ka naman galing. Hahaha. Peace🤪🤪🤪🤪✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

      • @ Chezka Hello, dear.

        No. The candidate from ‘Pah-veeh-yah’ herself said so. Watch again… UNLESS, pa-slang ang peg niya.

        In any case, what is important is that we understand, & agree on what is referred to.

        Oh, btw. UNLESS there’s also a ‘Roxas City’ in Iloilo, then that’s Capiz… But the seafood on the city’s coat-of-arms suggests it’s the latter. The neighboring province. PANAY is Iloilo (Kesha), Aklan (Telle Abello), Antique (Noy Campos), & Capiz (maybe one of the ladies this year has roots there, kaya nakakuha ng support from outside Iloilo).

    • (Cont.2) OK. Credits to YouTube channel ‘Jay Jay Trumpeta’ for the Question Round ‘mano y mano’ between Miss Kuyamis & Miss Iloilo.

      I will give that round to… Iloilo. 🙂

      Though two different aspects of the SARS-Cov2 pandemic were asked (its effect on the tourism sector & the right to decline vaccination to Annabelle & Dorothy, respectively), I realize now MisOr’s ‘eager-beaver mic mukbang’ approach championed by Cinderella & McDonnell might be an earful at the MU/MUP judging table. It may help to shorten/tighten, to deliver more concisely. 🙂

      In this regard, the ones that come to mind are the performances of Dimaranan & Porxild at Supra. That being said, it works in Poland because Europeans, in general, are turned off by lengthy monologues in English. By Europeans, I mean to exclude the UK. STILL, if the oratories of recent Brit reps to the BIG4 are any indication, kahit sila they prefer to keep it short & sweet!

    • ‘Eto pala dapat ang Cont.2

      ‘Amalgamate’. To combine or bring together. The word will be Dorothy Gemillan’s pageantry legacy.

      (I learn so much from these ladies! Before this, the only other time I heard the word was in ‘Philippine Amalgamated Specialists, Inc.’, which was or perhaps still is the Philippines licensee for the ‘Crayola’ brand of crayons.)

      Looking forward to hearing more about/from her!

  4. Wow, may kanya-kanyang assignment na ang mga winners kung saang national pageant sila sasabak. Pero di ako napa-wow ng mga crowns kasi ang masyadong malalaki na parang basket na naman! Bakit parang usong-uso sa Phil. pageants (local or national) ang basket-type crowns?

    • @ Adrienne That basket shape is to emulate the ‘coronito’ of the Sto. Nino, veneration for whom remains strong in the Central Visayas. I think. Because the Good Mayor (here) mentions…

  5. Miss Kuyamis and Miss Iloilo winners should be sent first to Mutya Pilipinas, Miss Earth Philippines, Hiyas ng Pilipinas and the like. They SHOULD ACQUIRE wide range of pageant experiences before joining MWP, BPP and MUP.

    • Norman, honestly speaking, bumaba ang quality ng winners sa recent Miss Kuyamis at Miss Iloilo pageants.

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