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  1. A lot better if she joins Binibini. Excellent siya for Miss Globe, Miss Intercon or MGI. Hindi lang siya bagay for Miss International.

  2. The appropriate age to try and retry at 22. She is a perfect wearer of Miss Taguig sash again after Katrina.

    She can always make a try in Bb. Pilipinas and back to Ms World Philippines for 5 more years if she does not get a crown or placement in MUPh.

    Again it all depends , she’s been in a relationship for a very long time so probably this Miss Universe stint will be her last before she gets married 😉 just like Jehza.

    • @ Padede Boy It makes no difference. Recall what Tito Norman posted on? That for the first time, the four (4) BIG pageants now have a Philippines National each.

      MUP, MWP, MPE, & BBP(-International). To mean the lesser titles are non-entities…

      Unless you are insinuating that MUPO ALSO take on smaller franchises… Doesn’t Mr. Jonas have Supermodel International & his own GLAM? “Ang problema sa MUP, iisa lang ang major crown. Ang daming masasayang na ganda”, you said. Did I understand correctly?

      What can we do? Apparently, MUO mismo ang gustong stand-alone sila everywhere. They did it to BPCI. They did it, as well, to Senyorita Colombia… Ba’t hindi nila magawa sa YPI*?

      (* – Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, which holds Universe, International, & Supranational)

      Thais (MUT) don’t seem to mind. From ~300, a vicious one-time cut to ~30/40. Should we?

      • @ Norman Good Sat AM, Tito.

        Go look at photos online of the diamond dove (Geopelia cuneata, of Australia). The color of the eye ring closely matches that of Katrina’s gown here… Like a rich pinky-orange.

      • Valeria is not the typical facial beauty.

        She has the spank and X factor.

        Which the two “FAR” prettier ladies lack.

        But my all time favorite Miss Colombia is Andrea Tovar. Charming and personable.

  3. Off topic: I also read an article that only top 40 will be invited to compete for MW this March, 2022. Kahit pa Kasama si Tracy sa top 40 dahil sa good performance nya fast track challenges, medyo nawalan na ng ganang manood or mag-abang ang karamihan kasi nawalan na ng excited due to postponement. Anyways, best of luck pa rin kay Tracy!

  4. Mga bakla! May announcement na Miss World na Top 40 na lang daw ang makakabalik sa Puerto Rico! Kasama na si Tracy dun because of the Fast Track Challenge!

    Si Destiny Wagner, booked na rin for the coronation of Miss Earth Puerto Rico, her second trip abroad! Ang galing din ng Miss Earth, naiiwasan nila na maging “ONE HIT WONDER” after coronation yung mga ward nila!

    Sabi naman ni Sara Duterte, mandatory ang military service for girls and boys 18 years old pag siya naging VIce! I totally agree!

    • Bat nasali na naman si inday dyan? Marami naman ayaw sa mandatory military training.

      Balik kay Ms. Llegado, sana sumali sya sa MUP, I think she can be a finalist.

      • Because it’s a provocative question,

        Asahan na ng mga beauty candidates ang tanong na, ” Do you agree to have a mandatory military training for girls and boys 18 years old and above? Why or why not? So they have to be ready,

        And just like what Ara Arida said in her interview with Boy Abunda, sa pagsagot ng tanong medio alangan sila kung ang isasagot ba nila eh yung sagot na gustong marinig ng karamihan ng tao o ang sagot na naayon sa dikta ng panahon?

      • That’s not even connected to Katrina Llegado and Miss Earth.

        You just want to interject your support for CORRUPT Sara Duterte.

        How stupid.

    • Although the topic on mandatory military training being pushed by a vice presidential aspirant with militaristic mind has no connection at all to this blogpost on Katrina Llegado, I am prompted to engage in the conversation. The Philippine Constitution is the only constitution in the world that contains in its Preamble the word “love” along with truth, justice, freedom, equality, and peace. Also, Section 2 of its Declaration of Principles states: “The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, … and adheres to the policy of peace, equally, justice, freedom, cooperation, and amity with all nations”. These makes the delusion of mandatory military training for the youth unconstitutional, as it negates the ideals of love, peace, and international friendship we Filipinos hold dear. Bringing the issue to pageantry, the answer is simply NO. Pageantry is a celebration of beauty, and no way should militarism be promoted in its platforms. As MI says: “world peace and understanding”. As MGI pointedly says: “Stop the war!”. How can one inspire the youth to be “Confidently beautiful” while toting an weapon meant to kill? How can “beauty with a purpose” resonate to the youth in a platform that promotes militarism?

      • If ever this question pops up in any pageant Q&A segment, the simple answer is: No because it is unconstitutional and anti-pageantry.

      • @Scorg dear, I was kind of impressed that you were able to cite the Constitutional provision in order to justify your points of view. But, you missed to cite the more relevant one which is cited in the same Article II of the 1987 Constitution, and that is in Sec. 4, which says:

        “4. The prime duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people. THE GOVERNMENT MAY CALL UPON THE PEOPLE to defend the State and, in the fulfillment thereof, ALL CITIZENS MAY BE REQUIRED, under conditions provided by law, TO RENDER personal, MILITARY or civil service.”

        However, that is not automatic. The government needs to pass an enabling law setting all the conditions necessary for the purpose before every citizen can be compelled to render military service.

        Sarah Duterte is running for the second highest post in the land. If ever she wins, her job is not to create and pass a law, but to wait for the President to die or vacate his office before she assumes the Presidency. As a sitting VP, I would wonder then what influence she could make in order for her to call on the lawmakers (congressmen and senators) to draft a bill requiring every citizen of 18 years of age to render military training or service and make a debate on it in the plenary.

        There is a long talk on that issue. But it is good that the LGBTQI++//xx community has risen and voice out their opinion.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL: I stumbled on this response of yours to my comment days ago. Yes that’s true, Sec.4 states: “the government may call upon the people to defend the State and, in the fulfillment thereof, all citizens may be required , under conditions provided by law, to render personal, military or civil service.” But our country is not in a state of war, nor is it under a constant threat of invasion– unlike South Korea and Israel. Although not facing the spectre of foreign invasion, Singapore being a tiny but very prosperous city-state has always been unassured about its national security. But the Philippines that “renounces war as an instrument of national policy”? What is the justification for a turning once again into a national security state?

      • Article II, Section 2 speaks about our national policy with other nations when it comes to war. The Philippines is not an aggressive nation that initiates war with another country. But, that does not abrogate the fact that as a nation, it may in its permissive sense call its citizen to do military service or training. That is part of nation-building and also a preparation in case of civil war in the country or any insurgencies happening herein.

        Scorg, it’s has always been intelligible discussing with you dear.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL: With due respects, calling all young citizens to do military training is not, and should not be, part of nation building. To me, nation building refers to efforts to promote institutions which will provide for economic well being and social equity. The country is not at war. Preparedness for civil war and internal insurgencies is the function of the existing armed forces. Nation building is best done by educating the youth to be effective agents for economic growth and social responsibility, not by teaching them how to use weapons of death and destruction.

        I view pageantry as one institution that promotes nation building. That’s why all pageant organizations’ advocacies uphold the sanctity of life: “confidently beautiful”, “beauty with a purpose”, “world peace and understanding”, “save the environment”, “stop the war”, etc.

      • We don’t have to be in a state of war for the government to call upon a citizen to render military service. Section 4 of Article II is explicit on that. The sentence also uses the helping verb “may” which means the mandate is permissive, and it’s up to the government when it will require

        As for nation-building, I think a country with well-disciplined and strong-willed citizens make up a strong republic. These characters can be learned from military trainings. That’s why I am a protagonist of the ROTC in college or para-military training for 18yo men. It shall be restored, provided there are implementing rules and safeguards in place, so that abuses would be avoided along the way.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL: We are on the same page on most things, but this time we are on opposite sides. It’s ok. The respect and civility is still there. I remember during my ROTC days, the close of each training day was like a thorn taken out of my body, and everyone in the battalion were counting the training days left for the rest of the semester. To me, the whole training is a waste of time. Did I learn anything? As far as I know, I learned discipline and responsibility from other institutions, not from the military.

    • kung hinde ka 18 years old at tatamaan niyang military service na yan, you don’t have the right to agree. Sila lang may right magcomment dyan.

    • Runners up or top 10 lang. Better kung sasali siya sa Binibini. Mananalo siya ng title.

    • Mas mainam king sasali siya sa Binibining Pilipinas. Higher chance of winning a title than in MUP.

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