13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Hannah!

  1. I wish she can compete this year at MI. She has a very good chance of winning the MI crown.

    • We all want her compete at MI; she is one of those reps that we can confidently say that she will make it to the semis.

      Its just MI’s conservative approach to postpone its event twice instead of doing it virtually or shortening its live telecast

  2. Happy birthday to a lovely queen. I love Hannah and her classy and very composed demeanor. However if she’s already 26, she’ll be too old for the Japan-based Miss International which organization prefers their winners relatively young (not just young-looking) at the time of crowning. The odds are against her now because MI’s oldest winners in history are Miss Thailand, the current titleholder, and Miss Japan (MI 2012), who were both only 25 then. The oldest among previous Philippine winners is Kylie who was 24 (others being Bea – 23, Lara – 22, Melanie – 15, Aurora – 21, and Gemma – 21). The way she’s made up here even emphasizes her maturity and curvy physique; although that’s not a bad thing for other pageants that prefer their ladies looking empowered and not coy, but not for MI. I hope she’ll get appointed to other BPCI franchises soon. Just in case MI won’t push through again this year (Japan’s COVID surges are cyclical), I won’t mind if she represents us at Miss Grand. They better decide much earlier because Hannah needs major personality recalculation for MGI (rebranding if you will as MGI is poles apart from MI) and very intensive training in walking and projection with that extra oomph. Just sharing a serious thought.

    • @ Beth Hello, there…. (I know someone named Beth, too).


      Simple lang ang MGI – basta gusto ka ni Angkol. And if the current titleholder from Vietnam being a MI alumna (Ahtisa’s 2018 batch) is any comfort, then Hannah, if ever is redirected, can simply be herself.

      Come to think of it, BPCI has not sent their top girl to Grand ever. If such is the gesture he is awaiting, would we refuse? Pero sige. Just send Hannah to… Will Yokohama (Kanagawa) still host?

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