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  1. @Ana Winter-Lund and @Closer to Fame on their verbal skirmish below:

    Hello to you both. This is a post dedicated to Faith da Silva. It is significant that the da Silva name means “forest”. Faith biblically means “assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. The symbolic meaning now of Faith da Silva is conviction of the forest unseen. Before getting lost in the forest due to our fixation on the trees, we all forget that we have a God-given inner compass, our true North Star. Forget about social media and other harbingers of fake news and disinformation; does our inner voice assure us that our dreams and aspirations as a people will sincerely and faithfully be served by aspiring leaders? From the country’s true historical and cultural lens, are the people we are fighting about indeed the right “trees” that should be the country’s economic and moral guardrails? It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

    From now on, I will have a mental tattoo of Faith da Silva, the purveyor of conviction on the “forest” unseen. That conviction will be guided by my inner moral compass.

    • “Purveyor” and “harbinger” are words meant for use in specific situations. Just sharing. 🕊️

      • @charlotte york: thank you for sharing your thoughts on the use of the words “harnigeer” and “purveyor”. You’re correct. I may have used the word extemporaneously without thinking of the nuances of the words. “Harbinger” simply means “messenger” but has the sense of foretelling. I just realized now what you meant by the appropriateness of using the word in this situation. “Messenger” should have been the appropriate word to refer to “fake news”. I used he word “purveyor” in its generic meaning of “someone who spreads, repeats or sells something”. It’s just that today, the word is mostly used to refer to lies and misinformation, giving the word a negative nuance. But thanks for putting these to my attention. Even if comments here are written impromptu, there is no excuse for using words that might communicate something else.

  2. She is 5’6 . I read on her interview when she was linked w Clint bondad.she was 18 back then baka tumangkad pa. I like her pia kind of beauty

  3. Sino dito ang bet na bet si Sarah Duterte na maging VP? Baka aayawan mo na s’ya kasi ayaw n’ya sa pageants lalo na sa barangay level. Haha! I just read that on FB of an online news portal, lahat ng nag-comment hate na s’ya. Aliw!

    That’s all.

    • LIES! Really Miss Ana?!! 🙄

      Sarah Duterte is actually a very good supporter of pageantry.. 1st of all, the annual Mutya ng Davao would not even exist without the good blessing of the Duterte family… And recently, inday Sarah’s whole entourage was actually very supportive of Steffi Aberasturi’s bid for MUPh… And let us not forget that President Duterte was completely instrumental in allowing the Miss Universe 2016 to be held here in the Philippines with the financial support of his best bud, Chavit Singson! Reminiscent of how our former 1st Lady and former “Muse of Manila”, Imelda Romualdez Marcos was very supportive of pageantry in our country. 🤨

      • You may look for the news article circulating online about Sarah Duterte’s statement about that.

        Regarding the Miss Universe 2016, Duterte was off-hand about the pageant and did not even allow our government to spend a centavo for that. DOT Sec. Wanda Teo was the one who pushed it, and she had to look for private individuals to finance the holding of the pageant here. As far as I know, Duterte has never been that close to Chavit. He in fact avoided Chavit, and had given Atong Ang more privilege to do gambling in the country.

        That’s all.

      • Seriously C2F? It’s already Year 2022 and you are still a DDS? How consistent! Nagtalunan na ang mga DDS to support BBM na tinawag ni Digong na nagku-cocaine. Obvious naman sa blind item n’ya na si BBM ang tinutukoy n’ya. Kakaloka.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana

        Really?! The biased mainstream media is your reference?! You are lucky that the Blogger is on your side… You obviously have no idea what you are talking about specially when it comes to history, politics & even geography based on your interpretation of the PDu30’s Blind Item.. LOL 😅… I would love to educate you about what I know 1st hand but it seems useless since you obviously made-up your mind. Let’s just wait for the results of this upcoming elections cause I already have an idea who’s winning… And no amount of black propaganda & “divine intervention” from the Catholic Church, Western Media, the CIA , and all the other puppet-masters of your candidate could change that. 😏

      • Dear C2F,

        I dare you don’t dare me about politics, history and what have you. Based on your response, the shallowness is extant. You obviously got them from Tiktok and FB, which are purely conjecture and created by propagandists and apologists of you-know-who. Now, how would you know your history from your teachers then?

        That’s all.


      • @Ana

        LOL @ “Shallow” and “FB & Tiktok” and yet here you are spreading LIES on this blog… I highly suggest that you stop being a hypocrite and practice what you preach. 😁 You totaly have no idea what you are talking about, how cabinet members are apointed by the president nor who you are talking to but fortunately, no amount of your smear campaign could change the results of the upcoming elections goodluck!

      • Spot on these two things you said:

        1. “…how cabinet members are apointed by the president…”

        Very funny. Duterte’s administration has been the butt of joke and so irritating because most of its cabinet members or those appointed in key positions in the government were just picked because they said good words about Duterte or helped him in his Presidential campaign. Mocha Uson? Jimmy Bondoc? And the greatest blunder of them all is the DOH Sec Duque’s inefficiency in managing our health system vis-a-vis the billions of pesos unsettled amount audited by COA.

        2. “…no amount of your smear campaign could change the results of the upcoming elections goodluck!”

        Are you implying that Marcos and Duterte are gonna rig the upcoming national elections because the two, both hunger powers this country has ever had, have the ability to do magic on the counting because of “predetermined result of the election?”

        Maghunos dili ka, manong. Ako pa ang sinasabihan mong hindi alam ang pinasasabi, eh, ‘yang mga statement mo ay fallacious.

        BBMers and DDS talaga are shallow.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana

        You are mocking PDu30 and yet you are voting for some1 of lower caliber AKA Leni Lugaw?!… Puhlease!… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        And now you are putting words in my mouth?! Why would they Rig the elections like what Leni and PNoy did through Smartmatic?! When its obviously Marcos-Du30 who is way more popular… Anyway, one thing is for sure… their supporters are not Indian, Arab, Vietnamese troll farms.. 🤣🤣🤣

        Why am I even replying to you.. 🤣🤣🤣

      • No. I am a pro-Philippines because I love my country. I will only vote for a candidate whose integrity and credibility have not been tainted, and I will study hard whose candidates have good platforms come campaign period and election time. But, added factors are educational and personal background. Therefore, I will only choose the best after the campaign period.

        That’s all.

      • C2F, you abviously are too fanatic of the two plunderers of this country, DDS/BBM. Don’t you ever tell me that you have “studied” about your bet based on the revisionist videos on FB and TikTok, thus, you have decided this early on who you are gonna choose come election time?

        Kapag ang mga kagaya mong bobotante ang pipili ng mga iluluklok sa gobyerno, na masyadong mabababaw mag-isip at bano sa history, kawawa talaga ang bansa natin.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana

        Plunderer?! As if the Puppet-masters of Leni are as clean as a whistle?!.. Kumusta Hacienda Luisita? Kumusta Mendiola Massacre??? Kumusta yung mga BILLIONS WORTH of GOVERNMENT SHARES & PUBLIC OWNERSHIP OF MAJOR CORPORATIONS, CONGLOMERATES & PUBLIC UTILITIES( Ex. Phil Airlines, Maynilad, Petron, SLEX, MERALCO, around 2 dozen Powerplants, ETC.) that was invested by the MARCOS ADMIN but was PRIVATIZED by the Post-Marcos admins through CORY AQUINO’S PRIVATIZATION LAW?! Mababawi ba yun ni LENI mula sa mga Amo nya?! O patuloy paring maghihirap ang mga sambayanang Pilipino dahil puro talamak ang kaBOBOHAN sa ECONOMICS at HISTORY?! 🤣🤣🤣 ARAL ARAL MUNA PAG MAY TIME!!! Hirap kumausap sa mga BOBO, MANGMANG at IGNORANTE!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Her dad is serving life for ‘raping ‘ a fourteen yr old ?
    Doesn’t sound like the punishment is justifiable
    He needs a good lawyer
    There must be a way Around it

  5. Pia W. II. Puedeng puede. Join na sya Kay Mama J or Mama R. Attend personality development courses, speech training, beauty with a purpose projects.
    When fully equipped Saka mag join BbPilipinas MWP MUP👍

  6. Agree with everyone she has that Pia W vibe all over her. Whatever she intends to do, she is beautiful and has a bright future.

    As a GMA artists, she might end up at MWP.

  7. She is in the same Starstruck batch as Ivana Alawi(sabay pa sila naeliminate sa Top22). Eventual winner is another stunner, Klea Pineda and one of the runner-up is another beautiful lady, Arra San Agustin. Liezel Lopez(the female villain in Voltes V) is also from this batch, as well as ex-beauty queen Koreen Medina. Mukhang may kakabog sa achievements ng Starstruck Batch 1 girls (Jennylyn, Yasmien, Nadine, Katrina, Cristine).

  8. She has a similar vibe to Pia Wurtzbach,even her mannerisms…Ingatan nya ang image nya coz that might tarnish her future budding career– both in Modelling,Showbiz and Pageantry.

  9. me think pwede siya… meron siyang appeal at lean bearing, lalong gaganda pag naayusan at make up… pang MI ala kyle verzosa..✨🥂

  10. Yeah, why not? She looks good and, with proper pageant grooming and training, she can do well in an international pageant. Sadly though, she has been linked to a sexagenarian actor with whom she co-stars in a daily soap, and that issue may haunt her once she gets into pageantry.

    Who I want pageant scouts to entice joining pageants is Pamela Prinster. This girl has that striking beauty that can definitely standout on an international pageant stage. She speaks well too.

    Another girl that I wish to be trained by pageant and style experts is Krizzaleen Mae Valencia. She has big potential in Miss Universe. I see Miriam Quiambao in her.

    That’s all.

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