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  1. Eager beaver McDonnell reminds me of someone… I can’t recall kung foreign actress or bq. But the cultured demeanor & voice quality are the same. Oh, my goodness! Epic memory fail. 😦

    • (Cont.)

      Alam ko na kung sino. Kaya pala hindi ko maalala; she was neither actress (at first) nor bq.

      She was a model. But in order to not jinx Annabelle, I will withhold the identity. Suffice it to say that the lady is in philanthropy & joins the MANY women who do justice to her country as CONSISTENTLY having some of the most beautiful women of all time. Clue as to the country? One such fine lass joined two (2) alpha pageants recently, one in which she finished in the top ranks. 🙂

    • (Cont.1)

      Viewing now the Question Round at MK 2022 c/o Luis Portelles.

      1) Annabelle – This was the ‘eager beaver’ approach at Miss Millennial? OK, kasi hindi ko nasubaybayan ‘yon… My verdict : Cinderella does it better.


      ‘Comfort the afflicted, & afflict the comfortable… Miss Intercontinental is a woman of style & substance”, her turns at BBP 2020 & MIntercon, resp. It’s not so much about these memorable quotes. Parang over-all, mas pulido ang logic flow niya; I don’t recall feeling left wanting…

      McDonnell mentioned five (5) things : vaccine & health services inequity, MisOr being an inclusive province, the tourism value (beautiful beaches), the humanity (in the farmers’ eyes), & that she believes she is the one… It felt FORCED, as if she railroaded all these ideas running through her head at that time into some kind of cohesion, but threading them it was unclear what bound them.

      I think she needs to learn to discipline her mind to just choose one aspect, the one that resonates most with her & develop that. Teach her to not feel obliged to use up the entire time allotted. It may help to use the first three to five seconds to more or less formulate what she wants to REALLY share. This might be nerves that are getting to her. She may require exercises to calm the heart.

      2) Vea – A bit better than Annabelle in that she just focused on the importance of the mental state of those working in the tourism sector (honga naman!). Improve lang sa delivery. If she’s the one MKO will assign to MPE (as Tito said in his earlier post) & LIKE THIS, kaunting polish na lang.

      3) Jimema – Now, that was a memorized response. If she is assigned to BBP (again, based on Tito’s assignments), it will depend on how Mr. Boy Abunda feels about memorized/prepared lines.

      4) Nycee – I agree with the vlogger (the Cuban). At least she attempted a save. That shows STEEL. Now, kung ma-assign sa Poland, what will be the best way to tackle the Suprachat? Kasi, it’s not unreasonable to think she might again ‘get lost along the way’. How to increase the tensile strength of steel? Wouldn’t adding more carbon make it more brittle? So, something else…

      (Tulad na lang ng ‘sustainable tourism’. That, in itself, can be an entire pageant advocacy! Kahit ‘yun lang, puwede na.)

      5) Vanessa – Annabelle x Jimema. Plenty of points, too, but at least the threading sounded just a bit more cohesive. Nycee thanked the tourism workers; Vanessa said they were ‘great’. Both were gracious enough to DIRECTLY address~acknowledge them.

      (That candidates give credit to their pageant organization for its efforts towards contributing to the recovery of the local economy, tourism in this case, recalls Alisa Manyenok’s own turn at the ME 2019 Finale, wherein she asks all who care about Mother Earth to also support MEO. Bravo!)


      So, based on this Question Round, I would rank from highest to lowest Dulay, Bautista, McDonnell, Lampad, & Tempra.

      (Tama pa rin kami ni @ Ana Winter-Lund. Vanessa might be better at MUP. I like her impromptu-ness.)

    • (Cont.2)

      I just remembered. One of us commented that among the Final 5, it was Vanessa & Vea that had NO veneers. Imagine that. Does having the procedure mess up your brain? Hihihihh… Joke! 🙂

  2. who is more facially beautiful ?

    -Gazini or Zozibini ?

    who is more facially beautiful ?

    -Andrea or Rabiya ?

    Honest answer/(opinion), it’s Gazini and Rabiya but Zozibini & Andrea are both well-deserving victors!

  3. After watching PN, these are my proposed pageant assignments for MK 2022 winners
    Mc Donnel- MUP
    – she has very good communication skills
    Tempra- BbP
    – she could win BbP-Grand or BbP Intercon
    Dulay- MWP
    – she can play piano. She could reach the semifinal stage of MW by winning the talent competetion
    Lampad- MnP
    – her physical appearance resembles that of Ilene de Vera
    Bautista- MPE
    – she has an older sister who is MP-Fire titleholder . Her sister can coach her how to excel in MPE competetion

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