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  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!! Pakirefer naman po sila sa mas magaling na cosmetic dentist dito sa Pilipinas para mas close to natural yung veneers. Pag minsan kasi nakakasira pa yung veneers instead na nakakadagdag sa ganda. Thank you po! ❤

  2. Crowns of the runners-up are way better than the winner’s. It’s just like a basket. Anyways, congratulations to the victor! She’s so gorgeous with or without crown.

  3. I just can’t help but wonder, is the meaning of Kuyamis “Crowns so big and garish to complement the big teeth and garishness of the gowns?” =)

    World Peace.

  4. Congratulations to the winners and organizers of Miss Kuyamis 2022. Congratulations as well to the LGU leaders. They were able to pull it off at the nick of time when some provinces of the Philippines were placed on alert level 3. It takes perseverance of the organizers and political will of LGU leaders to mount a pageant during this challenging time.

  5. On the topmost photo, the first three girls from left to right have obviously pristine white big veneers. I rather find the second and fourth runners-up more naturally beautiful.

    What’s really mind-boggling is the video circulating on some FB pageant pages that shows a fire on the Miss Kuyamis pageant stage. I find that incident unsafe to the girls. Tito Norms, could you explain about that incident?

    At any rate, considering the successful staging of Miss Kuyamis in that hometown in Misamis albeit the Omicron scare, why not MUPO also eye staging of its pageant in that place? I think Miss Kuyamis has staged its pageant uninterruptedly during pandemic and that’s commendable.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund This was either in Villanueva or Gingoog. I can’t remember. Not CDO per se.

    • The “small fire” happened when the fireworks got mixed with the confettis. A group of security people rushed to kill the same.

  6. Tito, I think you should schedule the Screening right after 01–02-2022 (the Lunar New Year). Specifically, begin 02-02-2022, then up to 04-02-2022 (three days, Wed to Fri). You want to release the Roster on Sat, 05-02-2022? Or, the following Monday (07-02-2022) na? 🙂

    Bakit ‘Salamatsa9’? Does that mean Gov. Yevgeni served three terms of three years each? In the olden times, ‘9’ was the number reserved for the (Chinese) Emperor. It was seen as ‘perfect’; draw a square of three dots on each side & you’ll understand… The last dot sits neatly at the center. This was depicted on imperial doors & gates as a motif. Also, I think the number was reserved for him so that in the entire kingdom only he can acquire/purchase/collect items in nine’s. So for example, a peasant/servant could only ever buy eight or ten kilos of rice. Or a wall of nine meters height was for the temple… Gets niyo?

    Darn. None of my favorites made the Cinco Ultimo. 😦

    Congratulations to all.

    • (Cont.)

      I’m not sure who that is. The Runner-up second from right, to ‘eager beaver’ McDonnell’s left.

      She reminded me of Nguyen Tuong San, MI-Vietnam 2019 & Top 8 (Speech Round) finisher (together with Atty. Magtanong).

      But with a Teresita Ssen petite charm. I hope Atty. Saclot (also) assigns her somewhere. 🙂

    • @ mikama1 Of course, po. She bagged ‘Best in Swim’. 🙂

      (Or what MI used to refer to as ‘Perfect Body’ subtitle. The last recipient was Evelyn Namatovu.)

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