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  1. @Bert on your comment/ query about my opinion on BPCI’s succession planning: If MSA retires, the person who should take the helm should be good in rebranding. BPCI is a nonprofit organization. Its revenue stream theoretically comes from donations, not from corporate sponsorships, although the distinction between a donation and a sponsorship is blurred. Nonetheless, for donations or sponsorships to come, the organization has to be a beehive of advocacy activities, not just a once-a-year crowning events. It prides itself as “The Pageant” when among all pageantry organizations its very nature as nonprofit and charitable should make social advocacy its front and center, not the the annual crowning events. This fixation on the once-a-year search for a titlist to send to its international beauty franchisors affects its operation. Its activities are wholly dependent on the schedule of its international franchisors, e.g. if its major franchise postpones its crowning event, it slows down on a wait-and-see mode. If BPCI goes on a year-round advocacy and charitable business mode, its brand elements will hew around social relevance. International franchises may come and go but BPCI’s prestige will come from the brand imagery that true beauty manifests itself in compassion and charity.

    • On your question about who could possibly take the future leadership role, among its former titlists, the only ones I can think of who have the proper education and experience in development programs are Venus Raj and Bianca Guidotti.

    • @Bert: in addition, the other big branding challenge BPCI has to contend with is the reality that its franchisors may not be similarly nonprofits and charitable institutions. Their individual claims to certain advocacies appear perfunctory and just cosmetic perceptual taglines to their trade names– not backed up by concrete sustained programs. For a franchise holder of several international pageantry labels that are not particularly known for advocacy, how to build a brand essence around beauty in compassion and charity? A sure way forward is for BPCI to focus more on social action projects frontlined by its titlists to sustain its links with its hordes of followers.

      Certainly, BPCI has been an institution in Philippine pageantry. But just like any institution, it can go down to the dustbin of history if it does not keep its relevance in this ever-changing times.

      • @Bert, you’re very much welcome. Thank God, this comment escaped the eyes of some negatrons and trolls that are pathetically trigger-happy to give their thumbs down to constructive and developmental critiques to pageantry. It perplexes me no end that in our country, fanaticism towards pageants ironically mix with disdain for pageantry development.

        I do hope BPCI takes concerns like this from as a pulse of the market they are in.

  2. Still Ahtisa, Emma and Patch are the 3 most in demand for pageant fans to rejoin the national pageants.

  3. Wag nang sumali ang mga talunan. Si atisa hindi naman maganda at ang speaking skills walay. Si magtanong pangit naman hindi rin maganda yung speaking skills nya.

    • Wat?! Ahtisa was 1st runners up in MI. She looks like a doll. Patch was top 8 in MI and just needs the right styling. The lawyer is as well intelligent. Both are very beautiful. They just to hone a bit their speaking skills.

  4. I don’t know, but I don’t feel excited about Patch Magtanong joining MU.

  5. With regards to Chantal Schmidt in reaction to a comment here, Germany has no pre law unlike in the Phils. As long as you’ve completed international standard high school, you go straight to law proper as long as you pass rigorous admissions at the University. I believe she finished international school in Cebu at the age of 18, hence now on 2nd year law proper at the age of 20. My family is also from Cebu and knows her family. Hope this helps.

  6. She looks way too complicated in that purple ensemble LOL. Her face is fierce enough as it is. Her stylists should lighten up.

    • I totally agree with you….that dress…color….and contact lenses are just too much and looked very severe on her overall appearance. This girl could never get her styling right….the first picture was good.

    • Korek. They should soften (make up) the facial features of Patch. Flor and I have also observed that pastel shades (icy/powder blue, baby pink, nile green, etc) for gowns/wardrobe suit her. Bright colors don’t look good on Patch. Right styling is badly needed.

  7. Strategize. Find the national pageant/s in which you have better chance/s of winning a title. Gayahin si Tracy Maureen Perez. Huwag nang MAKISIKSIK sa MUP dahil masyado nang MASIKIP. He, he, he…

    Ahtisa Manalo – to MWP, bagay sa Miss World
    Emma Tiglao – to MWP, bagay sa Miss Supra
    Bea Magtanong – to MUP for MU, siya lang diri
    Rabiya Mateo – to MWP, bagay sa Miss Eco-In’tl
    Pauline Amelinckx – to BPP, bagay sa Miss Globe
    Ysabella Ysmael – MWP, MPE or BPP, mamili siya
    Samantha Panlilio – pwede pa sa MPE
    Michelle Dee – bland/boring personality, huwag nang sumali
    Isabela Galleria – maghanap ng mapapangasawang gwapong Caucasian
    Bea Gomez – mag-apply bilang jail guard

    Huwag mapikon. Suggestions lang po. Good morning to all.

    • @ paul I doubt Pauline will make good on her earlier-alleged plan to try again this year, given what has happened to her home (province). Last we heard, she initiated a fund drive, distinct from the SendWave app-driven effort of MUPO.

      Here’s a few points I wish to share. If reminders, as we all know these things by now.

      1. Mdme. Julia Morley doesn’t want someone who will upstage her. And she seems not too keen on cross-overs. Besides, Mr. ALV will surely want a fresh face (says so in their Impressum), meaning one who hasn’t competed internationally or at least not in a (rival) big pageant.

      2. Anybody who goes for MWP should be open to show business &/or political advocacy. You saw that Party List ad on TV, with ALV talents/wards? Needless to say, dapat ka-partido ka.

      3. @ Fabian Reyes has a point. First Runner-up is practically a win. It is said the First Runner-up won on points, but the one who actually wins does so on ‘other factors’. They could appoint Bella for MU2022 if they wanted, as long as she’s OK with it. I think few, if any, would oppose. And I don’t think MUO would stop their franchisees…


      Ang point ko lang ay ganito. Paano ‘pag dili nanalo si Atty.? Will we again cry ‘Dimaranan was robbed’? Of course, they need to mount a pageant; they need the revenue. So, Patch will have to slug it out again & risk losing it all.

      Assuming the BBP 2019 trifecta of Magtanong-Tiglao-Galeria join in, I feel FOR NOW a ‘bookend’ scenario wherein the ‘three Mary’s’ will be sandwiched by newbies (Nationals first-timers). To wit.

      4th RU – Noob, 3rd RU – Tiglao (an improvement on Aberasturi’s finish), 2nd RU – Galeria, 1st RU – Magtanong, WINNER also a noob but more importantly she will be The Camp’s first queen. 🙂

      • Thanks a LOT Flor for your wonderful thoughts on our national pageantry and upcoming contenders. Happy New Year to you.

      • Flor Tuna, MWP may exchange hands na so wait pa tayo kung sino.

        Patch is comfortable, juggling between law firm, lovelife, and personal time. I think that she is done with pageantry, she said it before

  8. I would choose the one who is most prepared, well trained in Q and A (nanlalamon ng mic and can answer any question with conviction), well trained in pasarela and have a good attitude.
    Any of these girls who posseses the above: Michele Dee, Patch Magtanong, Ahtisa Manalo or Emma Tiglao.

    • Tiglao??? 2 times sent to lower pageants abroad but never placed. So why the clamor for the biggest? what’s the chance?

      • I think Miss Supranational is the most appropriate international pageant for Emma. Next is Reina Hispano America. So she should join MWP this year because it’s her last chance as she turns 29 this December.

      • @WillYam, What’s the problem with Tiglao??? It doesn’t matter if she had represented PH twice. The more experience in the international pageants, the more she become better, matured and confident. I agree with Paul, Supranational is best represented by Emma.

      • @ paul Emma is now 28??! Parang ang nakita ko sa TPP (they included her among their rumored applicants for MUP 2022 in their FB page), 27 pa lang siya ngayon… In any case, Tracy is 28 right now, so I guess if MW 2022 happens before December, then Emma can still be MWP.

        Hinay-hinay tayo sa World at Supra. Nakita niyo naman ang ‘qualidad’ ng Head-to-Head! I prefer Atty. Patch for Supra for this reason; August pa siya mag-28, so puwede rin siya sa MWP sumali.

        Which begs the question.


  9. I would be torn between Patch and Ahtisa if both join this year. Atty Patch fits the current MU template and if she were to be in the Top 3, I am positive she would convincingly deliver an answer that would edge out the other two. Accountant Ahtisa who matched the MI template not too long ago, and may need some work to fit the current MU template, is a sentimental favorite being a province mate. Both are homegrown beauties. Patch is a quintessential Malay beauty; Ahtisa is a mestiza who most probably descended from the Spanish illustrados in Quezon. While I wish Ahtisa considers joining MUP next year, I would not want another possible ambivalent situation– another outstanding Quezonian beauty Pats Babista may decide to join. Things will sort out if Ahtisa joins MWP this year, as the MW template appears like MI “with a purpose”.

    • @ scorg I want Pat Babista to join MPE. Together with Anne de Mesa. And our ‘peborit doktora’, Adee. 🙂

    • I agree with you Scirg, Ahthisa should look into MWP rather than MUP.

      MUP always looks for fresh aspirants.

      Will Hannah be able to compete at MI this fall? Will BBP appoint a new one when their coronation happens this year?
      Lot of question mark for me

      • @Bert, at the rate this Omicron and Delta variants ravage the world now, I am a bit pessimistic on the chances of this “No to Virtual Pageant” organization to hold an event again this year in Japan. Its target crowning event this Fall is precisely the season when cases from this cruel virus spike. Unless MI invests in benchmarking Tokyo Olympics procedures, in leveraging the latest technology and in applying a great dose of creativity in a bubble pageant, it may again go into the postponement route.

        On Ahtisa, gunning for MW crown I think is a better goal. I see MW template as MI “with a purpose”. Subject Ahtisa’s MI personality to all those standard MW challenges and develop her BWAP project– she can be our second MW titleholder.

      • @ Bert Hello, po. I hope the pigeons are well. 🙂

        May chizm tayo regarding Hannah/BBP. C/o Lavinia.

        Baka AFTER MUP, daw, mag-‘mobilize’ ang BBP. Parang towards mid-year. My point : the usual January Call for Applicants & Screening won’t materialize… yet.

        One of us commented somewhere… MGI daw ang highest crown this year. Which MAY INDICATE Hannah might be kept for the Fall. Hallelujah!

        Now, there is still no word if they’ll have a pageant, or if they’ll appoint.

        And while we’re in the groove, there is talk that MWP might have a new owner (aka, not Mr. ALV anymore). But this isn’t surprising considering his political ambitions. If he wins (& we wish him all the best), he might not be able to give the pageant the time it requires, as public service takes on a higher calling. But how soon this happens, if it does, we don’t know. Kasi tulad nung pag-alis ng Supra sa BBP, buzz occurred as early as 2017 (even Chanel Olive Thomas had to assure fans that the franchise was still with them the following year, & indeed Resham was their last titlist) pero nito na lang nangyari with Dindi. Although Mr. ALV taking the Mister as early as 2018 was a clue.

        In any case, I think Andre Sleigh is friends with Mr. Arnold ‘Mama-ru’ Mercado. Assuming Supra Filipinas stays with MWP wherever it ends up, then makibalita rin po kayo with Mr. Gerhard Von Lipinski, baka he is privy to these obviously confidential talks, IF INDEED IT IS HAPPENING.

      • @Flor Tuna yep we have to wait for possible exchange of hands at MWP.

        At times , my thought about Hannah competing at MI is worrisome. You know Hannah is a shoo-in for MI pero this pandemic is restricting movements of MI 😦

        @Scorg I have same sentiment as you toward MI and it’s mind boggling that they cannot hold pageant, virtual or not. Miss U and ME ended well so why can’t they?

    • Have you ever thought about this @Scorg – If Madam retires, who succeeds BBP mgmt?

      Ano kaya ang succession planning ng BBP?

  10. Not to be pedantic but something doesn’t add up for Chantal Schmitz. I read somewhere that she’s 20 years old, and she’s a law student. With K-12 in place in the Philippines, that doesn’t make sense, age-wise. An undergraduate degree holder should be at least 21 years old in the Philippines. Make this make sense.

  11. If MUPh decides to crown someone who has already competed in the nationals, it would be Michelle Dee for me. She is a total package and I want a classy Filipina who will battle it out at Miss Universe.
    Emma Tiglao – overrated (the nose is out of this world in a bad way)
    Patricia Magtanong – overrated (without the law degree, she is a very plain jane)
    Ahtisa Manalo – I like her too (judging from her MI performance, she would do wee at MU or MW)
    Isabela Galeria – a good choice too for MU

    • Agree with Michelle. Tall, articulate, experienced, Malay-looking [for a change]).

      Some candid observations:

      > I do not understand the hype on Patch Magtanong. She looks like a young Pops Fernandez. And that is not a compliment. Lol. The only thing going for her is she’s a lawyer, and we’ve sent lawyers in the past who didn’t even place.

      >. Ahtisa’s face looks too “flat and rounded” to me. I am reminded me of a Pekingese dog.

      >. Emma T. – yeah that nose is distracting. And is she intelligent ba? (Honest question)

      > Isabela Galeria as far as I am concerned, can join other prestigious Class B pageants. There is an on going pageant by the Robinson’s group of companies. If she wins, she will be Ms. Isabela Robinson’s Galeria. Lol.

      > VVV can join again. She has an interesting face. Tall too and with genuine advocacy on cultural heritage ek ek preservation.

      > Chantal Schm…Schmidt…Shchm… whatever.. looks kinda manly. I hope she is indeed 5’10 as corrected by someone below. A certain commenter’s blood pressure will rise again if Chantal wins because she is “Caucasian looking, with Caucasian last name”.

      > Steffie A is beautiful. But can intelligence, articulateness and genuineness in one’s answer be taught? Me thinks it’s either you have it, or you don’t.

      Going by the two year stint of MUP, I think they will look for someone relatively unknown (like the past two queens Ra-Bea) as a winner.

      Beauty is already a given and vey subjective. So I won’t say that MUP should look for someone beautiful. What they should look for is someone tall, articulate and “natural”.

      World Peace.

  12. If Patch joins this year, she will be the girl to beat at least for me. She should never let up in her preparation otherwise she could be dislodged from the top by equally stunning girls like Chantal Schmidt.

    • So far in the last two editions, there’s always the girl to beat that seems to fizzle out of momentum and replaced by a dark horse at the end.

      Let this be a word of caution to the repeaters and popular candidates.

    • Patch Magtanong will always be Bb. Pilipinas-International 2019. Read between the lines pls…and I thank you!

  13. Hi Sir Norman. I believe its Schmidt instead of Schmitz and shes 5’10. Shes on second year law proper at the University of Hamburg but finished international school at Cebu.

      • @ Norman Tito, kailangan ang kunin ng MUPO, ‘yung fully available, ha. Sabihin mo kay Voltaire.

        Kasi, tulad nito. Nag-aaral pa pala. Alala mo noon? I asked you about Nicole Minano? Ta’s, sabi mo nag-aaral pa? Kaya, ‘yun. Nito na lang (last year) nakasali… But she did well, semi-finalizing. Siguro, one more try at pageantry for her. Or, appoint; for sure, Col. Ricardo Nolasco (+) will be happy.

        Speaking of Origin wards, you featured Diana Mackey last year. MAUNA NA SIYA. Let Chantal finish studies… She’s abraod, mahirap. ‘Eh, si Patch dito lang (naman) sa ‘Pinas nag-aral, kaya sisiw lang. But even then, nag-take muna siya ng Board before jumping into BBP.

        (Naalala ko tuloy si Phoebe… Liong. But that’s another matter/story/post, no?)

      • (Cont.) O’, Tito. ‘Eto na ‘yung magandang possible line-up para ma-kompleto Region 3 sa MUP.

        Tarlac – Jasmine Omay (reunite sila ni Emma from Midori Clark, lolz)
        Pampanga – Emma Tiglao
        Nueva Ecija – Diana Mackey
        Bataan – Bea Patch Magtanong
        Bulacan – take this sash; be its AP. Jeslyn Santos is your town mate (Hagonoy), no? Madali na siguro makahanap! Si Arianne Viardo, kung puwede pa. 🙂
        Zambales – Comes to mind Olongapo City. Maybe Alex Faith Garcia knows someone?
        Aurora – ‘Yung nag-back out dati, si Princess Laureano ba ‘yun? Baka gusto bumalik…

      • @ jaretwrightlover Honga, pala. Si Joanna Rabe ng Zambales. 🙂

        I also get confused. Chanique Rabe of Namibia is the reigning Supranational.

        ‘Pampanga’ alone can be loaded! Emma, Cyrille, & Angela Robson pala (‘Angeles City’?).

        Sino nga pala ‘yung ‘Angeles City’ last year? Si Mirj Hipolito ba? 2020 was Cole Silvernale.

  14. If I had to choose just one girl for MUP, it would be Bella Ysmael
    If Jonas and Shamcey were in their right mind , they would elect Bella to be this yr’s MUP

  15. ‘Sus! Talaga bang seryoso din si Emma?… 🙂

    G. OK ako kay Patch mag-cross over BASTA (SABAY) SASALI DIN SINA EMMA AT GALERIA.

    It will be a BBP 2019 reunion~showdown~bloodbath. I WANT ALL THREE TO FINAL 5; ‘yung last two slots na lang ang pag-aawayan nung iba (including Ms. Schmidt, here).

    Basta, Galeria will be MUP-Charity, to succeed VVV in the function/s. Kahit wala nang SUV na premyo sa mananalo, basta may kawanggawa sa mga nasalanta ng bagyong Odette na sigurado matagal pa ang iindahing pagsubok sa muling-pagbangon.

    (Emma can be KF’s flagship at MUP 2022… Tito Norman, post soon on The Camp’s bets, please. And how’s Keylyn Trajano’s bid coming along?)

    • (Cont.)

      Everything considered, I’m now really grooving unto Emma.

      I’m not a fan of ‘mic mukbang’. I prefer an economy of words. Be able to give strong arguments in a down-to-earth manner, too. I think preachy oratory & rhetoric are boring if not outright off-putting. After all, who wants a MU who talks like a world-weary retiree. 🙂

      Emma, pageantry-wise, is very seasoned, probably at par with Maureen Montagne. And if Aberasturi was the best KF could give last year, I believe Tiglao can do better. Besides, with an awarded television network as her employer, she can be assured of illustrious backing at least in the Nationals.

      KF, field Emma this year!

  16. Bea Patricia Magtanong is a wolf dressed as a sheep! She “WAS” my bet and not Gazini in Binibini! But that changes everything after my encounter with her in Instagram!

    Kung siya rin naman magsusuot ng Philippine sash sa MU, wish ko maputol na lang streak ng Filipinas!

    Bash me if you want if you are a BIG FAN of her! This is a free world after all!

  17. This is Patricia Magtanong’s last chance since she is turning 28 this April… I hope her BF Josh Cordoves would be more than supportive.

  18. Patch ‘s facial features are very strong . They need to sweeten them up . She can be fierce with her presentation but her face should be ‘beautiful ‘ Ala Cat. Sandu, and Demi. I have seen her look sweet and gentle . They need to stick to that kind of make up if they want her to do well at MU .

  19. ok if Bea Magtanong joins in 2022 , Ahtisa Manalo should wait until 2023 … she can train more and she has time … But my real bet is on Michelle Dee !

    • Michelle Dee is almost the total package but she is in great need of hardcore modern Ballet trainning… Her singkil dance moves is a complete disgrace and utter failure!

      • no dancing talent needed in MU … if not Michelle Dee , my other bet is Emma Tiglao before/over Bea Magtanong …

      • Happy New Year to all! I’m back.

        Bea Patricia Magtanong – MUP 2022
        Ahtisa Manalo – MWP 2022
        Emma Tiglao – Miss Supra Phil. 2022
        Samantha Panlilio – pwede pa sa Miss Phil. Earth
        Ysabella Ysmael – pwede sa Binibining Pilipinas
        Michelle Dee – bland personality, huwag nang sumali
        Isabella Galeria – maghanap ng gwapong Caucasian
        Gazini Ganados – magtayo ng carenderia sa Talisay
        Bea Gomez – mag-apply bilang jail guard

        Huwag mapikon. Suggestions lang po. He, he, he…

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