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  1. Kumusta na sir Norman? I am looking for your new pageant updates.
    Ilang araw na tong post na to?
    Ingat po tayong lahat.

  2. Bcoz of Scorg’s Q & A, she is Miss Universe 2022!!!!!! Sorry @Florera @Bonguton

  3. Bcoz of Scorg’s Q & A, shebis Miss Universe 2022!!!!!! Sorry @Florera @Bonguton

  4. At a time when hospitalizations and deaths from Covid are again spiking, and when people you know have needlessly succumbed from this unseen enemy, I am reminded of the following quotes that used to hang on my corkboard. For fans of pageantry, the celebration of life’s beauty, the following are gems of wisdom to think about.

    John Donne: “Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved with mankind; therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

    Albert Pike: “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”

    Lois McMasfer Bujold: “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them”



  6. Well said…..i hope people would take this seriously and actually consider taking the vaccine and abiding the isolation and other protocol that would protect yourself and love ones from getting the virus again. Be safe and stay strong.

  7. That’s the good thing about this blog . People are on equal footing no matter where you are in life .
    For someone to preach you down is quite unnerving
    Though I have been vaccinated , I will never impose it on anyone . It’s their life , it’s their body , it’s their decision to make.

  8. So Pia got the 2 doses of the Covid-19 and booster shot, still she tested positive. That in itself clearly illustrates the inherent limitations of a vaccine against a fast mutating virus. A vaccine made not in the “traditional” manner but rather through genetic modifications. While most products in the market boast being a non-GMO. Yet here we are seeing this genetically modified vaccine being mandated and hailed as saving cure. All the while governments have been pushing for lockdowns, quarantines which practically hinders herd immunity, which should be more effective since natural immunity confers effective antibodies. Covid-19 vaccination is nothing more than a controlled exposure to a genetically modified Covid-19 which is not guaranteed to provide or superior immunity nor any sustainable antibodies.

    What the media has been downplaying is the infertility risk associated with Covid-19 vaccine. Even now CDC and big pharmaceuticals agencies refused to share full disclosure on their risk analysis for this Covid-19 vaccine.

    Sure a lot mortality and morbidity has been attributed to Covid. But if journalists are honest enough and not sensationalist, it is more than apparent that survival rate is around 99% for anyone 65 and younger who are not immunocompromised with no comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension regardless if there’s a lockdown, quarantine or not.

    Sure people are screaming wear mask, wear face-shields to curb the transmission. But is there peer-reviewed scientific data to prove its effectiveness? Fact of the matter is, if anyone wearing mask can still smell Chanel #5, that means that mask is useless again Covid-19. For the Covid-19 virus is way smaller than any particles that can activate anyones olfactory receptors.

    So Pia tested positive for Covid and symptomatic. Now it can be assured that she should now have a more effective natural immunity. Good for her.

    • It’s not that I’m an “anti-vaxxer.” The reality is with my vaccination card, I was able to see Bea’s superb performance in Eilat, then attend my daughter’s graduation at LSE in UK.

      With the recent surge of Covid cases even among those who had three Covid vaccinations, I don’t think I’ll go for the booster shot. With the risk of infertility, I’ll definitely not allow my kids to get the booster shot knowing full too well that it’s a genetically modified substance with less established long-term safety.

      I’d rather advocate for those early treatment protocols for Covid that has been utilized since August 2020 by well established healthcare institution like Yale: like the use of hydroxychloroquine, retroviral drug (Truvada), monoclonal antibody therapy.

      Would I advise anyone other than my family against Covid vaccination, masking or whatever? No. That should be an individual choice.

      Bottom line is, life’s too short to live in constant anxiety and fear of the unknown when a promising alternative is very much accessible.

  9. Samantala on the other side of the planet,

    Djokovic was spared from quarantine for the Australian open, only for his visa to be revoked later after public clamor!

    And of course, there is the case of Poblacion Girl! Hay Naku!

  10. Pia’s message is important and urgent in this time of existential threat to humanity. Despite her positive message, and the concurrence of some commenters here, there is a noticeable impudent thumbs down by some supposed to be celebrators of beauty. Covid is real as Pia reminded us. I have friends and relatives who died from this menace, and a handful are in the hospital right now fighting for their lives. If we do not like the messenger, the least that we can do as responsible members of this pageantry community is to refrain from registering our opposition to the message. I hope we all appreciate and heed what Pia said: “let’s look after one another”.

    • By simply echoing Pia’s kindhearted reminder about the perils of Covid, and expressing my thoughts on the same in honor of the memory of my friends and relatives who died from the disease, I got a number of thumbs down. Now I know why millions die from this disease. Such an unprecedented spectacle in a community dedicated to the celebration of life’s beauty!

      • @Cool Brew, thanks for the kind words. For someone who experienced grieving in silence in a far-away land upon seeing the picture of the funeral urns where your loved ones’ ashes lie, and having experienced myself the trauma of isolation for having tested positive from this disease, the least that I can do is echo the same sentiment Pia communicates so that we can minimize the number of casualties. I thought this community of celebrators of life’s beauty would be sympathetic. I feel now I am in the wrong community.

  11. very important that Pia, a well-loved and well-respected personality, posted this … this should serve as a clear lesson for everyone to take safety against this pandemic very very seriously … until we get the all clear from those who officially can say it’s all right now , take strict precautions!

  12. Napansin ko lang ‘yung laptop brand… It was one of Pia’s first big endorsement jobs, if I’m right. 🙂

    The UK must be doing something wrong with regards their SARS-CoV2 management. Ever since they got into the World Top 5, they’ve stayed… 😦

    I mean, compared to EU countries who bore the initial brunt of the pandemic like Spain & Italy who have now kept transmission down & are practically back to what they were before. I would understand BIG countries like the USA, India, & Brazil. Even Indonesia…

    (I don’t even know how our ASEAN neighbor ranks now but last I heard their Health Services were in urgent need of boosters because they were among the first countries to ‘mass-jab’ on that brand with the lower efficacy, & when the delta variant hit many health professionals got critically ill.)

    I myself am knowing of more folks within just two degrees of separation from myself who got hit. And at least one fatality. It’s scary. It’s as if the thing is closing in on me with each passing day. I wasn’t too concerned back in 2020. Now going two years into this, I am. Parang ‘not if, but when’.

    • @Flor, I think why UK is faring badly in Covid controls is, like in USA, the culture of it’s-my-right-to-do-what-I-want-and government-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do. Add to this toxicity is the fuel right-wing trolls in the social media add to the fire.

      I may sound preachy but pease don’t get the feeling that Covid is “closing in on me each passing day”. Just think positive and one way to do that is believing you still have a mission to fulfill on this earth. Just continue what you do best– spread positivity in this blog and in all communities you are involved with. One thing this pandemic thought this generation is the value of human life. We have to cherish it each day. That’s why I shake my head in disbelief when I read commenters still able to spread negativity and toxicity in a community dedicated to the celebration of beauty. Life is beautiful. It should be celebrated exuberantly daily.

  13. I’m glad Pia is on her way to recovery. This pandemic is indeed treacherous. The new variants make the 2-dose vaccine protection still vulnerable. Although asymptomatic, I’ve been through the same. Just to be sure I completely heal, I went through the motions of taking all the medications and the required isolation.

    I fully support Pia’s call not to let our guard down. We have to strictly follow health and safety protocols because the new variant Omicron spreads 4 times faster than Delta, causing exponential growth in cases. Good if one experiences the symptoms. What if one is asymptomatic and the symptoms manifest themselves when the infection is already on an advanced stage? Nothing is more terrifying than to die alone in an ICU with not even your loved ones can be by your bedside to say goodbye.

    I reiterate Pis’s call to “start 2022 right” and to “look for one another”… We only have one life. And this pandemic shows us how feeble our hold on this life can be.

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