7 comments on “Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu finally arrives in NYC

  1. she looks like a beautiful actress … does not have that aura of a MU queen , I have not had her as the winner until …. there were only three of them ; I can’t wait for Great Britain to finally have a winner at MU , they deserve to score this point !

  2. Nagkaron seguro to ng visa issues kaya hindi agad nakatapak sa New York?

    Kasi si Iris after manalo dito sa Filipinas, derecho sila sa US Embassy kahit na visa waiver country ang France dahil work visa ang kailangan niya dun.

      • Keribels lang actually ang beauty niya para saken?

        She has a video at MU na walang make up, I believe, promoting the product of Olivia Quido and regular Indian beauty siya. We have a lot Nurses na fair-skinned from Uttar Pradesh na mas maganda pa sa kanya!

        I already commented here before na ang lacking sa mga Filipina candidates is the “conviction” on their statement! Nandun na yung gist sa statement but the way it was delivered is weak! And during MU, yang si Harnaaz, she showed confidence in her statement although yung content ng sagot is still a cliche!

        Hindi rin ako impress sa Master’s Degree niya at 21, experience is still everything than a bunch of theories!

    • She briefly lived in the UK as a child. Her mother is a gynecologist educated in the west. Harnaaz I think academically is very good. Remember, Reita Faris their first miss world is a doctor and was educated I’m King’s College London. Their latest me is also a doctor. Dito sa atin I only think of Karen Ibasco or Margie Moran na winner na may bigating academic background. Aishwarya was an Architecture student, Priyanka is preparing for university when she won miss India, same with Sushmita at 18. Lara has a degree in Economics. Diana Hayden is only a high school graduate yet she won miss world 1997, and she is very eloquent. I do not expect that here in the Philippines. Maybe Maggie Wilson in 2007 Given the proper training that we have today.

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