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  1. THE FUTURE OF PHILIPPINE PAGEANTRY GOES TO THE HALFIES. He, he, he… Panoorin nyo ang YT vlogs ng ating biracial families (e.g. swiss miss, chona & her kids, half asian adventure, etc.) Kaya ikaw Flor mag-asawa ka na ng Caucasian.

    Happy New Year to all!

  2. Ok here is my two cents on the discussion about halfies:
    I don’t mind if we are being represented to the world stage by half-bred Filipino women as long as they deserve to be one and not being favored over pure blooded filipinas.
    One thing more, even if they were born outside of the country but were raised in the Philippines since (at least childhood) then that’s fine with me i.e. Pia W.
    My issue is to those halfies who were born and totally raised abroad and just come to the Philippines for the purpose of joining “Miss Philippines” I mean who gave them the right to represent a country which they know nothing about?

  3. Mas bobo ka. Look at your comment. You are implying that Filipinas have pudgy nose and middling height. Ikaw ata nagveverbal diarrhea. And don’t get me with Catriona’s attitude. She’s a SNOBBBBB. a major one. Very Australian values and character. She loves to burn bridges.

    • Baks, mali ka naman talaga kaya stop na ipapahiya mo lang sarili mo sa bawat depensa mo. Magandang araw! ❤

  4. Catriona Gray , a Filipino beauty from the Philippines !
    Donot let others think otherwise .
    Iris and Demi are Caucasian
    Zosi is black
    Catriona Pia and Megan are all Filipinos

    • Finally. Someone with sense and simplicity to explain something that needs no explanation.

      You are indeed Fab!

      World Peace.

    • Catriona Gray’s dad – From Scotland originally, immigrated to Cairns, Queensland Au. Obviously CAUCASIAN.
      Megan Young’s dad- From Virginia, USA CAUCASIAN
      Pia Wurtzbach’s dad- From Stuttgart Germany, obviously CAUCASIAN.
      Pia uses her EU German passport when she travels. Even though her relationship with her father is not great, she is still thankful for the passport 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  5. when will she be a judge in MU ?? .. . I hope during the 75th anniversary 2026 and hopefully Pinas will be the host !

  6. Happy birthday Catriona. You may not fit my idea of a perfect Filipina rep to the MU stage, physique-wise, (as I prefer brown beauties over Caucasian-looking stereotypes), but your core values are more Filipino than most. You proved it splendidly when you sided with demonstrators in Manila, even at the risk of being red-tagged. That’s when I saw authentic compassion and inner courage in the right places, the sterling Miss Universe spirit that kept burning even after your reign. I wish you more blessings in your future endeavours.

      • @AWL, sincerely greeting Cat who has given honors to the country is the least that we can do. Some people cannot seem to realize that in the multidimensionality of beauty, some dimensions may not be entirely appealing to you but other dimensions are absolutely outstanding. As a personal preference, I go for brown beauties, the bronze goddess looks that represent the great majority of Filipinos. But that is just one of the dimensions of beauty. The core values and intelligence, the inner beauty, are just as important, if not more important because they do not fade in time and make them eternally socially relevant. And Cat, as well as Pia and Megan absolutely radiate with their inner glow. That differential advantage made them win their respective crowns, and made them win the respect and adulation of Filipinos.

        I agree with you that Cat’s grit is exemplary. I must add that her inner courage and deep compassion to marginalized sectors are Filipino traits that will certainly propel her to greatness beyond her MU reign.

    • Can you just simply adore her? Eh kay Pia na Team Ahas and Kweens wala ka mamang side comment na eme eme. Geez. Reeks of bias amp.

  7. Happy Birthday Catriona!!! God bless you more and more!!!!!!!!! 🎂❤🎁🎈

  8. Pretty, intelligent, singer, songwriter, model, artist, and Miss Universe. She is one in a billion.

  9. Happy birthday, Queen!

    Catriona’s grit as beauty queen should be a barometer by any Pinay pageant girl who wishes to become Miss Universe. If that quality is absent in any MUP rep, I wouldn’t expect high of our rep.

    That’s all.

  10. Happy Birthday to this Caucasian-not-Malay-looking-not-of-Filipino-mould-of-middling-height-pudgy-nose-brown-skin beauty queen who brought so much honor and remains to be the best MU in recent history. Thank you for representing the Philippines well : in your clothes, in your speech, in your demeanor and mostly in your heart.

    World Peace.

    • Maxine Medina, Mirriam Quiambao, Bea Gomez, Lia Andrea Ramos, Maricar Balagtas and so on. OA. Maraming matangkad at magandang Pinay. Hayok na hayok kayo sa mga mestiza. Nagtatanning bed galore naman.

      • Happy New Year Namrata.

        Ang bobo mo. Lol.

        Nowhere in my post did I say i do not like those ladies. In fact I so adore them. In my opinion, Maxine has the prettiest face among all our recent queens. Next time, bring something substantial to the discussion table before coming out with your verbal diarrhea. Lol.

        World Peace.

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